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Visiting the Forgotten Truths of Druid Lineage Wisdom and Original Creation Magick

By: Natalie Viglione

Journey with me to explore the forgotten Wisdom of the Druids, and uncover the mysteries of this primordial spiritual lineage. Who were they? What did they stand for? Let’s together explore the missing truths of the origins of the Druid lineage, as well as what this lineage (later becoming Celtic-Druids) held sacred and were protecting.

Let's explore memories of the TRUE secrets around Druids that you will rarely find today and what we can glean from the primordial wisdom held by these Sacred Warriors.



Who were, and are, the Druids? For we haven’t left... Venture forth with me into the mystic realm of the Druid Lineages. While the word “druid” is shadowed by sacrificial rites to low and vile false gods, were they, in truth, the bearers of truth, wisdom, and magick? This lineage, connected to the Merlins' revered lineage, carries the radiant torch of love and primordial wisdom. Let us now embark on a voyage through the veils of time once again as we often do here at Awakening Magick and wind into the depths of the essence of truth surrounding the Druids, the ancestral lineage, and the profound wisdom that flows within those of kindred blood; this ancient wisdom dances in harmony with the ever-evolving cosmos and helps us innerstand the time we’re in RIGHT NOW.

Please move with me into the Eternal Now, and close your eyes for a brief moment, if you’d like. Now, imagine that we're gathering around the eternal flames of the Sacred Fire once again so that we can bask in its radiant glow, for it illuminates not only the night sky but also our souls. In this enchanted space, we are transported to primordial times, where tales of wonder and magick were woven into the very fabric of existence. The warmth of the fire caresses our spirits, beckoning us to share stories of our journeys and quests.

Many of us are remembering, and powerfully reclaiming, how to return to living in our True Form, as not only a transparent, vulnerable, and authentic human, but more so to speak and show up as our soul stream of consciousness. We are ancient, eternal, and a part of the infinte GodSource of Original Creation and the Trinity that Flows from this Primeval Essence of All That Is. We are the seekers. And as a beautiful Drui of the Celtic Druid Temple in Ireland Con Connor has stated,

“This is the seeker as warrior stalking truth like the hunter stalking prey. You must hold focus on what resonates or feels good in your heart as you eliminate system control conditioning bit by bit every day.”


- Con Connor

And this has been the journey for many of us since we were birthed into this realm, and others are awakening to this truth more and more every day.

I know that anyone here listening to this will already know Druids are not what they’ve been portrayed as “evil” … but we are to share these truths out loud for more to know and for us to share!

For as long as I can remember, I knew in my Sacred Heart, that I am a Druid. I am a pagan of the olde. I know the truth because I hold the keys in my DNA, in my causal energetic body, from my Higher Selves, within this Avatar Being. I held these keys even as a kid and I wasn’t born into a family that could grasp this. I often was called a pagan in a nasty way, and I would reply with, “thank you.”

Now what would make a young girl say thank you to something that was meant to be a spit of anger upon me? I didn’t know then, but I sure do now! I just KNEW. I KNEW it in the depths of my being, but I wasn’t so great at speaking this truth at that time. I wasn’t so great at innerstanding my power of that truth. I didn’t innerstand that the Sacred Bond that I held was unbreakable, even though many have tried to break it over time. The persecution wounds didn’t end in this timeline, but they’ve shifted, and we all come to realize that most of those who persecute us in these ways of IGNORance (ignoring the truth) are often people who we’ve known well, perhaps even in our so-called “blood.” And when you’re a kid or a teen, these kinds of words don’t flow easily, or at least they didn’t for me, because we’re often scared to say the truth we feel within. That’s not the case with ALL indigos-starseeds and the Cosmic Wanderers, but I would bet it is that way for the majority of us.

This is a hurdle and just part of the journey. Our quests will be riddled with so much of that, and we must endure through. In fact, you wouldn’t have EVER heard me say those words in front of a big audience before I realized some years ago now that we must speak our truths. We hold ancient wisdom, nay, make that primordial wisdom because that is what WISDOM KEEPERS do.

I am going to be speaking from, as I always do, my soul stream of consciousness, from all dimensions, and from the remembering within me is connected into this being, Gaia, and I know timelines, I remember them as memories. And this is the way it must be here forward; we must speak from our memories because the inversions and distortions of truths are everywhere in books, the internet land, etc. But when you’re attached to the Primeval Truth of Original Creation, you feel the truth no matter what, be it a book, something on the internet, videos … we must use these primordial discernment tools we hold within us.

I remember, as my own ancestor, and from the reclamation of the Avatar Being I represent, that I spent many incarnations within this aspect of Druid. Some would say “priestess” but the words priest and priestess have, as many things, been inverted so I would rather use a word that is more revealing of the truth – Druid. I was always in female form and I carried the aspect of the Female Goddess-Warrior lineage. In fact, Druid had been used indifferently of both sexes. And I am using the primordial meaning of a Sacred Warrior; one who serves as a Guardian Protector. I fell in love with Humanity, and vowed to always protect and serve Earth-Tara-Gaia, and the Mother of Dragons, Tiamat, the World Soul, as well as the Cosmic Mother. This has been a tattered love affair though, for there has been so much suffering.

There was a timeline rebellion in which other dimensional non-human forces claimed “ownership” of Earth, and humans. This included a desired takeover of the planetary Being and the resources it holds. This faction began secretly infiltrating and taking over, and this is the structure of what you see today... you’ll see these factions in all positions of supposed “power” all over this world. Yet, these beings also send in evil sorcery from other realms, so it’s a multifaceted approach. And this had begun the genocidal agendas to eradicate many aspects, including the Druid lineages, and beings incarnate that held Grail Wisdom within their very DNA and are the keepers of the blue flame. This reaches into other timelines because there was at one time the timeline of Gaia, before a great fall. I know many of you resonate and were there too. Many of these groups during the genocide fled and went into many areas, including original Israelites that went into Ireland, Scotland, Wales, etc. just to try to survive. This is a genocide of tens of thousands of years ago, and then it continued again thereafter. The druids were hunted down, and in many ways, are still to this day but in new ways.

As I speak these words, chills wash over my being, and tears come to my eyes. The suffering has been so deep that I didn’t incarnate for thousands of years again. I feel that this essence observed, but it took many, many generations to heal. The reason why I know this: One day years ago, I was doing yoga and meditating under a tree on the grass feeling the Sun shining down on me. I asked” “show me who I am” and then all the previous versions of how I’ve come through in this specific stream within this realm of Earth-Tara-Gaia, lined up behind my left shoulder, representative of the Divine Feminine, and then came slamming back into my Being. I was kneeling and then fell to the ground and cried tears of joy. All memories flooding within me, and I felt this grief and joy spread through my entirety. It’s with that moment that I realized some things shake the very core of even Eternal Beings known as Goddesses in the Creator Realms, and there is much healing that needs to take place before embarking on the incarnation experience once again. For my particular weaving of consciousness, I have been shown that it has been since the time of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.

And, yes, we are all One as Unity Consciousness is Truth, but that doesn’t mean that suffering is always necessary. The vile ones that continue the extreme path of vile beyond vile acts, have caused unnecessary suffering. It’s in that “unnecessary” part of that which causes so much healing to take place even within Creator Realms between incarnations when we serve as Cosmic Wanderers to go where aid is needed, to help, assist and serve in some way.

If you’re carrying grief and despair within your being that is unexplainable and have a powerful almost unexplainable adoration for Nature and all of Living Creation—I would say that you’re going to have many connections into the nature of what a Druid means, too. You will more than likely have deep connections into Faery Beings, Merlin Lineage, and much more.

I can only fit so much into this of course, so I’ll do the best I can because of course this is a book unfolding... telling such grand stories in a short time is often not capturing the whole truth, but it gives us a little weaving into the quest of a Druid. First, as I usually like to do, let’s get onto the same wavelength of what DRUID means. In this, we can also explore what a PAGAN means, for in a way, the Druid way of being is pagan, but the pagans weren’t all Druids.

Druid is a word that we could trace back into many cultures, but it would be slightly different.

Let’s look at the word DRUID.


The word means “strong seer” and has “truth” embedded into it. And to see the truth of the word, we must go into the PIE roots, so we’ll look at *deru and *weid. But in Old Irish it is said as Drui. The Old Irish form was connected into the word magician.


Deru PIE root of the word means “tree” or “solid” connected into *dreu.

And PIE root *weid means “to see.” So what we can garner from this is that they’re a lineage of Seers, and connected into the Wisdom of Trees, but not just nature. This also taps into the Tre of Life, the true 12-grid Tree of Life, which is the mechanics of the energetics of our bodies. We need to see a Tree as something connected into strength, rooted in wisdom, and steadfast.


Rooted in Truth, Nature and Knowledge, To See Beyond With Skills of Original Creation Magick... this is a phrase that comes up for me.

The Druid Lineages are of the Ancient Builder Races from the God or Creator Realms, and were scribes, mages and Seers. Scribes who recorded the mechanics of creation in the Emerald Founder Records, and that’s why many of us within the lineages and all of those who connect into the ancient builder races, we hold secrets of the Maji Grail , and this includes the Krystal (or Krystos) Consciousness, which then became the word “Christ.” That word “Christ” has been distorted, as I’ve mentioned before, and that has and always was speaking about consciousness. There are Master Teachers of this Conscoiusness, and therein you have the Wisdom Keepers, and this all connects back into the Celtic-Druid Grail Bloodlines.

During the genocides which were rampant and came often, we had to organize and go underground in order to protect the genetic records and gnostic wisdom of the original Maji Grail lineages, as well as the ancient texts that were a part of this all. Much of which is embedded into our DNA.

Druids – we are able to See the world from a place beyond this realm, and this connects into a word, dralas. The drala principle refers to a body of teachings of the Tibetan Buddhist meditation master Chögyam Trungpa. When you learn more about how primordial these truths are, we can see the truth of what has transpired. This is too much for this, but Tibet and the as I would say Druids (but we’d use different words of course) faced genocide too.

According to research, Drala is the elemental presence of the world that is available to us through sense perceptions. When we open to trees, flowers, a creek or clouds we encounter an actual wisdom, though one that is not separate from our own. Beholding a river is much more than merely looking at a river; potentially, we are meeting the dralas. This is what Druids tapped into. This is a portion of what I speak of when I say Original Creation Magick.

The way I see this: Druids always were and always will be. We say different words, called varying things in different languages, but the essence we follow is basically the path that was taken as we wandered across this entire realm, and in the beyond into the other densities and dimensional consciousness of the timelines of Tara and Gaia, and then back into Earth once again, and here we are today. The weaving on Earth was running and hiding from genocide from the negative factions that to this day are trying to weave their vile low magick, but of course, this is coming to an end, once and for all. For all truly in this sense means for ALL timelines.

This all connects into ONE HUGE ASPECT: Being a Druid means being an Enlightened Warrior, and we’ve had to carry this across space and time.

Approximately 20,000 or so years ago, the genocidal agenda to eradicate the Maji Grail, etc., went into effect, these are the True Krystos or Chris Teachings, and then there was the purposeful hunting, spreading of disinformation, destroying of records of star origin and artifacts/scrolls/texts, etc. Thoth and other negative factions (along with humans that chose or were enslaved to join their vile path), they were the ones that sacrificed the Druids and then they tried to say that the Druids were the one that made sacrifices! THIS IS THE VILE ONES THAT WE HAVE BEEN UP AGAINST.

If you do a search on Druid, see the inverted lies and distortions that come up... like this from

Human Sacrifice

A revival of interest in druids began during the Renaissance (14th to 16th centuries), when translations of Classical Greek and Roman texts became widely available. A number of sources describe the druids as performing human sacrifice. Places of worship were described as isolated wooded groves and near sacred pools and lakes. According to one source, the druidic groves on Mona (Anglesey) had the blood of prisoners drenched upon their altars.

THESE ARE THE LIES, THE DISTORTIONS, AND THE UNTRUTHS THAT WE MUST ERADICATE. Bit by bit, the primordial great Ones have been reduced to whores, witches (as if it’s a negative thing), tricksters, and vile ones... the Celtic-Druid culture then became replaced with dogma from the false religions and vile churches that took the true teachings and hid them.

Their celebrations celebrating the Original Creation and the Sun were slowly turned into the nonsense “holidays” we see today, which are the inversions of the Holy Days that were Sacred in the time before. In hopes to bring the truth of those times back, my friend and I created the Eightfold Wheel of the Year series, there’s a link below to join us! We need to connect in these ways into Truth once again!

A symbol from Druidic/Celtic times, is the Awen. It stands for the three words for Druidry that illuminates the light amidst darkness which are nature, knowledge, and truth.


3 being the “trinity”


The three circles surrounding the symbol indicate the cyclical and timeless nature of these trinities as well as the three circles of creation. Also represents three divisions of the mind, body, and spirit, the underworld, middle world, and upper world, and stands for the POWER OF THREE. Three was within everything. The Sun Celebrations also celebrate the Sky, Land, and Sea.

As you can see, primordial wisdom was woven into the fabric of all things that were integrated into the Druidic teachings.

I could go on and on... but we’ll save more for next time!

In the meantime, please do join us for the Wheel of the Year Celebrations! Would love to have you... and I hope that this video helps you to awaken more of your Sacred Mission’s magick, and helps you pour more of your Sacred Purpose into it! If you desire to take your quest to new heights as your evolution speeds up, go to and set up a discovery call to see if our crew resonates. And subscribe to this channel to receive more insights for Sacred Soul Path Illumination so that you can unleash more of your magick into this world. Thank you so much for watching!