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Uncovering the Truths of the Tu’Atha Lineage, Ireland, and TRUE and REAL Druids and Pagans of the Olde

By: Natalie Viglione

Did you know that there is a TRUE Tu’Atha Lineage? Did you know that the Tuatha Dé Danann is actually a hijacked version of Original Creation, of a root race of beings? Did you know that Ireland was invaded by an “alien race” as was accounted for in ancient poetry and prose put together in a “Book of Invasions?”

In this video, we will tap into the rich Albion true sacred Origin Energies, and Ireland is rich with the beautiful emerald energy of the Sacred Heart. We will uncover the truth around the invasion and hijacking of Ireland, the horrific things still afoot fand more!

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There are many deep connections within the Albion for the large region that was known as the Albion means the Heart of the World, and today I am going to uncover another layer as to why the Albion is rich with the beautiful emerald energy of the Sacred Heart. We will uncover the truth around the invasion and hijacking of Ireland, the horrific things still afoot full of distortions of the Cosmic Mother energy, and the deep connection into the architecture of this energetic being we now call Earth and so much more. We are going to go into the Eternal Now into the Primordial Original Creation Mystical Truths-- this is where the Original Creation Magick resides. And, here within, we will travel to primordial times and into a root race here in this realm BEFORE they were hijacked in Ireland, and more!

Let's step into the realm of Sacred Knowing and imagine together that we're gathering around the eternal flames of the Sacred Fire once again so that we can bask in its radiant glow, for it illuminates not only the night sky but also our souls. And, in this enchanted space, we are transported to primordial times, where tales of wonder and magick were woven into the very fabric of existence. The warmth of the fire caresses our spirits, beckoning us to share stories of our journeys and quests.

Hello! I have had so much coming through I have been having a hard time figuring out how to organize it all into something that makes sense. If you’re new to my channel, welcome and hello, if you’re returning, thank you for being here with me again! I’m an Oracle of Original Creation, a Primordial Wisdom Story Keeper, and a Vibration Medicine Guide. I do Sacred Soul Healing through the practices of the Root Cause Protocol and training as a Master Herbalist.

Today, I look forward to diving into my ancestry (and where many incarnations were spent) and many memories that come from the Albion, and we’re going to look deeply at Ireland today within that overall area of the Albion. I have a 2-part series on the Albion here if you want to dive into those and learn more about that region.

In the Eightfold Sun Calendar, the organic holy days known as the Wheel of the Year, we just celebrated Beltine as it’s said in Ireland (or also called Beltaine). In the uncovering of the organic and original creation energies of this time, I was able to receive a whole lot of insights as to the truth around what happened in the Albion, and in this information today we’re looking specifically at Ireland.

We will begin with the foundation of the goddess that was known as Ériú. In fact, the English name for Ireland comes from the name Ériu and the Germanic (Old Norse or Old English) word land, and the name in Irish for Ireland is Érie.

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In stories, myths, and legends, there is a lot that tries to connect Eriu with the Tuatha de Danann (pronounced Too-hah Day Don-un) and is often translated as the ‘tribe of Danu.’

Yet, this is an inversion and a distortion and I’m going to share why...

When you look at wikipedia it says “Tuatha Dé Danann, also known by the earlier name Tuatha de”.

That's interesting. Why did the name change? To get to that, we must know about this being named Danu, a so-called goddess and is WHY this root race and group of beings had a name change. If you read things on the internet land, you get a whole lot of untruths around all of this, and you’ll things like this in relation to Danu:


Danu is known as the “primal mother goddess” and is associated with the World Tree of Life. You’ll even see this supposed goddess associated with the primordial and sacred waters of life or creation. Images like this often come with the search and I’d like to call out the moon behind this image, which has significance.

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Danu is connected and expressed to be the progenitor of this root race of beings found in Ireland (and then spanned out from there). But the further that we get down the truth rabbit hole, into ORIGINAL CREATION, or we can say origin, we see that isn’t true at all. That is the inversion, and in fact, another invasion. The TRUE and REAL druid lineages, the true and real pagans that lived in harmony with the land, and created an entire genocide of the beautiful root race that was of Eriu. The Celtic Massacres and the genocide of the real druid lineages began tens of thousands of years ago, over 20,000 years ago in our linear time to be exact. The invaders that I am going to talk about here in a moment and their genocidal agenda to eradicate the true Krystos (Christos) truths that came from the higher consciousness time of Atlantis with one intention: destroy, destroy, destroy.


In my discoveries, I uncovered great insights and proof that this is so. For example, there is a ‘Book of Invasions’ (‘Leabhar Gabhála’), it’s also called the "Book of the Taking of Ireland" and it’s not the name of a specific book per se, but rather it is an origin legend of the people of Ireland that exists in many variant versions, in poetry and prose. The origins of the tradition can be traced to the 7th century CE, although the earliest surviving manuscripts are much later, and in my unearthing of these truths, this is much more primordial than even the 7th century. You can see some resources here:

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What I’ve discerned and brought through around this “book of invasions” is that there were many rewritings but what has been captured is that Danann (or Danu and other beings) were said to have arrived by “flying ships” in “dark clouds” that landed on Iron Mountain in County Leitrim. The timeframe of this goes back tens of thousands of years... I say we need to think about this as the timeframe from over 20,000 years ago when the true druid lineage had started to become eradicated.

These are the hijackers; these are the vile beings that I talk about consistently. This faction came in to hijack the root race of beings that had stemmed from Ériú and that’s why Ireland is known as Eire. So there is the true Tu’Atha and we have to take out the “de Danann” part, because there was forced hybridization. The Tu’Atha stem from the original Celtic-Druid Maji Grail lineages but due to the forced coercion, they became known as the Tuatha De Danann (and this means “children of goddess Danu”), but Danu was really the corruption story of Ireland’s takeover, and there was truly forced hybridization with the invading race – in other words raping and pillaging. That’s what pirates do and that is what these hijacking otherwordly beings do.

The later “Tuatha De Danann” then are a product of that subsequent hybridization and when you dig into the ancient Irish ‘Book of Invasions’ there are many scenes of war and violence.

When we look at the true Irish mythology, Ériú is a sovereign triple solar goddess and is known as the protector of Ireland -- this is the CORRECT interpretation as the Mother Goddess personification of Ireland. And, Eriu is the true spiritual mother of the original Tu’Atha that stemmed into the Celtic-Druid Maji Grail lines.

But who was or what is Ériú?

An ancient spiritual mother of the original Tu’Atha root race and what is often mentioned in looking at Irish mythos is that this is a very similar vibe to what you see in Lord of the Rings and the elven race. This root race of beings were descendants of the Origin Hyperboreans -- Hyperboreans are not mythical but an actual race of beings known to be in the high north, they were known to dwell beyond Boreas (hyper Boreas, "beyond the northern wind"). This is the first root race, and I found this lovely graphic to help show this and can be found here:

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This first root race learned how to place their consciousness into future DNA that would be birthed, and so this is the consciousness or DNA embodied within the Celtic-Druid Maji Grail lines of the 11th and 12th Essene Tribes because it is about the 11th and 12th stargates – root races of beings is something that Brighid was a part of and this is how I’ve learned this insight.

So, this whole “tribe of Danu” is a much later distortion of the TRUE account of what happened. And all of that stolen material was issued and there began the makings of the Emerald Tablet – of which I’ll get into in a future episode. There is an ORIGINAL Tu’Atha and they are NOT attributed to be some kind of “fallen angels” as you will often find if you search internet land -- all of that was the BS created by the hijackers. The TRUE Tu’Atha are the descendants of the same lineage that many of you watching, and myself, are connected to – the lineages of the Mother of Dragons that come from the Creator Worlds or God Worlds.

Many of you probably hold the same memories. We are connected to Tiamat – the now Cosmic Mother of Dragons as Tiamat reclaimed this position. I connected into the Blue Dragon Tiamat energy, the planetary being in the Albion actually at Avebury Henge in England in October of 2023. Tiamat is the higher consciousness planetary being (often called logos) that was of the Tara timeline. There are many of us that are Krystos (Christos) starseeds and Celtic Maji Grail lines and we have had lifetimes with the Eden blueprint of Tiamat, which was connected to Tara. This is all relevant because this Eden Blueprint was hidden where? IN IRELAND! This is why those of us are being called into the Albion again, or those already living there in that entire region are hearing the songs coming from the Emerald Sacred Heart of Ireland, the Emerald Crystal Heart of Ireland, or Érie.

I have felt into this Emerald Crystal Heart, for mine burst open about 4 years ago, and the BEAUTIFUL thing is that the TRUE and REAL Tu’Atha left messages for the Celtic Druids of Ireland by recording their spiritual knowledge and wisdom into the landscape features, such as the circular ditches, mounds and standing stones they helped build specifically for this purpose.

The Hill of Tara was the residence of the Maji Grail Kings, who were not kings, but protected the architecture of the Founder Race technologies held within the land itself-- in the planetary grid. It was a spiritual kingship and an area that served as a link between the otherworld and humans in this realm, so the true benevolent Maji Grail Kings were Guardians of the Sovereignty alongside the Goddess Consciousness of the Land itself.

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In Irish mythology, the Uisneach is described as the sacred center of Ireland, the burial place of Irish gods such as Lugh and the Dagda, and also a site of a sacred tree. It is a place of assembly connected to the Original and REAL Celtic-Druids, which, according to later tradition, was held during the festival of Beltine (Beltaine). In this picture, this is the "stone of the divisions" and is described as the navel of Ireland, a meeting place between the Earth and the Otherworld and the source of creation. It is said to have marked the meeting point of the provinces and has also been called the “heart chakra of Ireland” and this is where the Sacred Emerald Heart is connected into.

The ORIGINAL and TRUE Tu’Atha, you see, were part of the Guardian Founder, the Emerald Founders, trying to help repair the grid architecture in the landmass of Ireland and this is much of the wisdom that the TRUE AND REAL Druids held! They were not the warring horrid people that you hear about – those were the invaders. These were lies spread by the church of Rome, the catholic church, the violent religions that spread the alien invader narrative to take over this planet.

Instead, I would like to submit an image as the original creation and truth of the Tu’Atha -- the vision is of true solar light beings and connected deeply into sacred sites restoring codes of Avalon and working to restore aspects for the Emerald Order and this planet restoring to the ORIGIN -- the pre-fall condition, this is what you’ve been told as the Garden of Eden. So, the true goddess known as Ériú sources from the Emerald Order and these Ancient Builder and Founders build the highly advanced global grid technology system that is held within the Albion and is connected to stargates and crystal and Aurora passageways that once were. Ériú is a beautiful embodiment from the Creator Realms and the Cosmic Mother Dragon spiritual essence. Many that carry the musical tones within them will hear her call – that is not a gift I hold but instead I feel the lands awakening in energetic frequencies for they send out specific vibrations.

There is so much BEAUTY activating in the Albion and in Eire, Ireland, the Emerald Crystal Heart of the Hill of Tara ACTIVATES.

I want to share with you what has happened since the hijacking. And what has happened to Ireland. This makes my heart hurt. Words can’t even portray the pain I feel for this distortion, but more so, the grief I have for this poor girl who is trapped in the satanic energies of this hijacking and horridly vile race of beings... this is what happens when one channels the WRONG kind of truths. THIS IS NOT IRELAND.

Think of this as the original druids, witches, etc. of the origin of Ériú, the primordial spiritual mother of the original Tu’Atha. For lack of a better image, we can use this as a snapshot:

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Then there’s the pure, satanic insanity like this happening. Have you seen this? Bambie Thug: someone that “represents” Ireland in some eurovision song competition.

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Take a moment to take that in. THIS is what happens when someone has severe trauma. The HIJACKERS take over. They invert and distort the TRUE form of the Cosmic Mother energy for she calls herself pagan, etc. And this makes me sick. THE TRUE AND REAL druids, and real lineages of the Albion and Ireland did NOT worship some fake god or anything demonic! ALL of that demonic and satanic take over is what we have today DUE TO THE INVASIONS. Do you see how profound this is and the lasting impact these horrific wars have had on the angelic human race and this once angelic like realm?

THIS is the inverted version of EVERYTHING that Original Creation does NOT stand for. There is an article I read where it said Bambie opened up about experience with sexual assault more than once in her life on some late show. The 29-year-old artist “represented Ireland” in the eurovision semi-finals.

This is why knowing ORIGIN, knowing ORIGINAL CREATION is SO IMPERATIVE. We need to see, know and hear the truth and speak it more and more out there with hopes that these waves and ripples of Original Creation Magick will vibrate into people like this woman going by the name Bambie. It’s not just an act, it’s trauma. Let us open the heart of Ireland and the Sacred Emerald Heart vibrations reach all the lands...

By the way, all of this Primordial Wisdom Story Keeping on Original Creation is what is brought through in our organic Eightfold Sun Calendar workshops – I hope you can join them to connect back into PRIMORDIAL truths to see through the inversions and lies!

I hope that this helps you to awaken more of your magick and helps us together to remember Original Creation Magick once again – let's awaken magick together! Subscribe to get more videos that are meant to illuminate the path for indigos, starseeds, and all humans who are here with Sacred Missions serving as the pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness. Thank you for being here at this time and for watching this video, and please share it with like-hearted people!