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The Trifurcation Spiritual Awakening and Rites of Passage

By: Natalie Viglione

On the expansive and deep path of spiritual awakening there are challenges and obstacles we face from the “naysayers” that we encounter on our journey. Within this video, I’ll share personal experiences and strategies for overcoming hurdles from external factors as you pursue a more fulfilling and enlightened path.

Whether you have faced criticism or skepticism from friends, family, or society in your own spiritual awakening evolution, this video will provide you with inspiration and practical tips for standing strong in your knowing and defying the doubters. This is the power of resilience and determination and staying true to your spiritual path despite the greeters that may come your way.



This is a story about the waves of change we find ourselves in, and that will continue for some time. It’s also a story of putting ourselves out there, for when we speak back in truths to this realm, hidden or just truths that need to be brought further into the light, there are powers that exist who will try to block the light and truth. For women, there is another layer to “being out there” for we will consistently be put into a category of “what we look like” versus that words and magick we are weaving into the realm.

One of the biggest hurdles we will face as the spiritual awakening increases within our own Being is facing and standing in power to those within the local community around us, perhaps your own friends and family, and some of the biggest naysayers could also be trolls directed towards you on the internet lands.

Let’s dive into powerful ways to stand in our truth, and these rites of passage that we will hurdle through to take our power back, and look at how to shield ourselves from the greetings that are not for our highest good.

I see that we are facing a trifurcation, and this is quite exhausting for there are so many conflicting energies that they’re bouncing around and bring some of the strongest rites of passage that we will go through as the spiral of higher consciousness brings us through this powerful paradigm shift.

This is why it’s imperative to dig into the Original Creation Magick, of which I see abundantly thriving within the codes of Nature and in all of Living Creation – the animals, bees, flowers, etc. And that's actually why my friend and I created The Wheel of the Year Workshops to really highlight that beauty.

As this Being, as Earth-Tara-Gaia, and as this Being splits, or we could say evolves into a new octave of dimensions and creating another density, there are pathways being carved. Choices. Or perhaps just being dragged along... so not much choice just unawareness as well. I was reminded of this yet again yesterday and why I am bringing this to life today through these words.

This process of deepening in this awakening and stepping into our power again, speaking our truths, we are activating the throat power center, a Sacred Tower within us that helps us speak the truth and wisdom that we hold within our Higher Consciousness Stream. Through this, we will attract low frequency beings that act as blockers or we could say aggressors. Because of this trifurcation, until such time, there is not a point where we will grow out of attracting aggressors that want to block the light, block the truth.

As we access more of our power, this is really sovereignty. Power within us is where we activate or switch on being a sovereign being. And these are the points as that power game is stepped up, the blocker or aggressor becomes a way of allowing us to go further into rites of passage as the power gets stronger. You will find that there are many triggered by a human speaking their truth and by a human stepping into their power. These blockers or aggressors want to stop or block the light, block or stop the power coming in and getting stronger.

Let me provide some background before I show some examples.

I’ve had an interesting time sharing insights on natural healing wisdom, primordial wisdom – many platforms including THIS one (youtube) just shut people down without warning. I’ve been included in that “take down” on the vile “meta” and their platforms, so I started a relentless hunt to find ANYTHING better than mainstream, but truth is, it’s hard I must admit. Unfortunately, there are very slim pickings... I have since found a beautiful one, and it’s called Unite.Live... go into that some other time.

But, one of the “others” I thought I’d try was bitchute. I thought, hmmm... I love the ethos that it seemingly works from, so maybe I can try it.

Over time, I noticed that the comments on some of the channels of humans I like, I noticed the frequency of comments was very low. You have this good vibing content and then the comments just don’t match. I was leery but thought, well, I have to try them all out to see what works. In some time, I realized it wasn’t a good platform for many reasons and I just felt the energy wasn’t what I wished it to be. I had synced my recently developed channels from youtube to there and forgot about it.

Then, yesterday, I got reminded that I even had it connected, as I got a “you have a comment” notification. And the two comments were from these trolls:

broken image

Very high vibing trolls, right?! 😉

I got an email showing there was a comment on this new video published, Healing Your Self-Worth Wound: Unlocking the Power of Your Sacred Mission.

broken image

This video is about, how many of us have carried wounds that can affect our self-worth, thereby affecting our Sacred Mission, but here's the FANTASTIC news: You have the power to heal that self-worth wounding and spell. By recognizing and addressing your self-worth wound, you can embark on yet another deeper sacred mission to address that once and for all. Imagine yourself shedding these blockages, like the beauty of a snake shedding its skin, or a birch tree shedding its bark. Birch trees shed bark, as snakes, naturally removing the old to make room for the new. We should always be following this practice, a video that holds the intention to inspire you to unlock the power of your Sacred Mission.

And this is the email of comment A I had received yesterday (Mar. 12 2024) on bitchute:

broken image

And lo and behold, when I went to check that one out, I saw another one that had been put up just 5 days previous, and that was this comment, which we’ll label as comment B:

broken image

These comments were a staunch reminder of the trifurcation waves that we are within and will be witnessing. As the Holy Trinity re-establishes connection, as the Origin Magick as I say comes back within (for it’s the Primordial Future, Origin).... the element of the 3 is what we will see many themes of.

So comments A & B. I have never in the years since being on bitchute gotten a comment, and I get emails or updates if I did and how I even got notified that I still had that synced. Although the really nasty comment B snuck in there and I didn’t get an email and was a comment from just 5 days ago (maybe it is in spam lost somewhere).

Regardless, let’s look at these comments for a moment.

This is a snapshot from the video... now you tell me how this video even gives them any idea of anything, it’s my face and my shirt. So just hold onto that for a moment as this will get more interesting as we go on.

broken image

My first reaction was grief. These are sad comments, and to me, intruiguing. The first thing is that these trolls are saying this to a human who was a workout addict of 20 years and a woman who battled anorexia – quite the opposite of ANY of those harmful intent of words they utilized; however, these trolls are tapping into something else.. AND IT’S THE SOMETHING ELSE THAT MAKES THIS WORTH SHARING!

I never battled with my weight and was fit in my body’s way, worked out constantly, etc. But at the end of my 30s and as I went into turning 40, I got very ill. So much so that I won’t even get into that right now for it’s a longer conversation. Part of this illness within though is that my work out addiction and the way I pounded my body on pavement running, etc. is exactly part of the process that harmed me and created illness, though there are many other layers.

It took me MANY years to work around mainstream what they try to call “health” and find the hidden to reveal and get to the core of what was going on, why it had happened, and then how to course correct to provide my Being – mind/emotions/body/soul-- with what this Being needs to restore harmony within my being. I am on that journey and this launched me to become a powerful healer within that process, so again, there are many layers to this.

One of the layers is this; when we get ill, our bodies respond to the stress differently. My body, even if I didn’t eat, even when I went on a 5-day fast where I drank water, my body was putting on weight. It was trying to protect me from the environmental poisons we face, it was trying to help restore aspects being lost to massive stress, and also I was storing iron in my tissues (which is actually what the root of illness is for all), but I won’t go into too much detail here. The bottom line is that in a very short time, 70 pounds came onto me and it was scary. Others may have the opposite happen of not being able to keep anything on their body going the opposite direction. Which, by the way, the process my body went through are actually protection layers and the opposite is actually leaving the body without ANY protection, so there are many onion layers we can peel through, which I’d love to another time and on another platform.

So, these comments A & B from Trolls A & B are negatively bringing up something that is held deep within. A body image issue. Now, I have totally let go of this, but even 5 years ago, I would have been a bit destroyed within seeing these comments. I was not where I am today and today, I am in love with my Human Sacred Form and I give my body exactly what it needs to nourish it and treat myself with more self love than ever before in all of my life. I also do many workINS (what I used to call workOUTS) throughout every week consistently, but in a kind and gentle way versus what I use dto do, and my Being is now moving through the healing and being nourished back to balance.

So, I see these horrific comments and think first, “how sad for them.” I feel that these beings that put those comments there are suffering in pure trauma, their putrid hatred for others just oozes through. But HOW did they know? How did they dig into the most weakest (what used to be the weakest) point of my psyche?

Well, you see, this is how the evil in our world works. Low frequency humans channel that hatred. The sad part is that the humans that do that have been poisoned by the vile ones, and so perhaps they’re trapped in trauma? If that’s the case, this is very sad and truly these trolls – human or otherwise—need love. Every being in any known universe deserves to feel that!

Though, there’s another part to this. Perhaps they choose this path and want to destroy light. While I don’t know specifically, what I do know is that these vile ones channel their horrid energy through low frequencies to TRY to throw us off course or even break of us that are bringing truth and light and stepping into power more and more and more.

The depth of this is this: these otherworldly vile ones know EXACTLY what your crutch is, and they send in a greeter to greet that very thing within you. Some would say ‘attack’ but I’ve learned that we can say ‘greet’ so that we can soften the way that we react.

The initial reaction from me was “omg, why is this still a thing?” and where it put me is that it makes me feel like all this work, all these teachings that I share, the energy within me takes a momentary hit. However, here’s the power: we quickly turn it into a strength, we reclaim our power, and we speak truths to demonstrate that we cannot be stopped! The Divine Light and the reconnection to Original Magick cannot be stopped!

These aggressors or greeters who could be people close to you or like these two internet land trolls, are total strangers. And they’re either very unconscious or conscious, but regardless it’s coming at us through unhealed levels of awareness. They’re triggered by our own truth that comes from the Sacred Heart, triggered by our own activation of our throat and speaking the power out of us. The Higher Wisdom is about developing a truth that’s completely oppositional to this inverted realm’s so-called “truth” so we're developing alternative pathways to perceive EVERYTHING, so these blockers/greeters/aggressors don’t know what's really going on or they just don't like that we have stepped out of their inverted realm and are starting to tip this world right side up.

They are triggered by a person who is challenging the status quo, a status quo that is based on the inversion, so as we continue to rise, this is about becoming spiritually sovereign once again.

Because of how we have to share today, they’re not going to entirely disappear from our awareness when it comes to internet land, but they might otherwise. If it is your family or others around you, they could just disappear from your awareness altogether. Or, once we are out of their reach or when we just decide that they are no longer perceived as a problem, this can begin to create more harmony within us as we can see them for what they are. Perhaps some may even serve some purpose to help you launch out of a place that you are or move away from them as needed. These blockers may feel extremely uncomfortable and are triggered by our growth, but this initiation will be different for us all. Unique to our experiences and the shift that we’re in personally.

You can see in these comments I’ve shared here, the undertone is nasty and vile, but with a “who do you think you are tone” and this is a theme that can play out. These otherworldly greeters are going to confront you with different narratives, bringing up your most deepest insecurity because that’s what they thrive on, and they’ll come into our lives at different stages of our access to power within us and our higher consciousness growth. Won’t always be in the same way but becoming hyper aware of when you’re facing this “rites of passage” as we could call it, then you can see it but not react. You can move in power vs having it take your power away.

They can wave in representing something that makes us be initiated into the “next level” for us. Maybe that’s having to be super concise in how we are clarifying what we speak about. Maybe it’s making the reactions change from really aggressive or having uncomfortable exchanges whether that's online or in person and having to check how we show up in that moment. So, if we remember no matter who this greeter is, they’re coming from a triggered or wounded or worse space and it can help us get stronger in who we truly are, in our core of knowing, and speaking our truths that we hold when we have unique and primordial wisdom flowing through us.

How we can step into power is that we become hyper aware in clarifying all of our own thoughts, knowledge, perceptions and helps us stand strongly, or realize we need to dig into something more deeply to feel into aspects of ourselves. If we can what’s really going on here at the hidden or subconscious levels, and then zoom out to get a much higher perspective on the real facets of what’s going, that’s when we really see it all! That’s when we go AHA!!!

These otherworldly low frequency beings, they can get absorbed into our own energetic bodies, which I will have more coming out on, and this is why purifying our energies is vital to the continuous shift. This can be done in many ways in our own energetic clearings through beautiful workins as I call them like gigong and taichi.

These naysayers will try to block or break us from stepping into our power, which is an attempt to try to keep this Being and all of us going with this Being from shifting into the Higher Octave.

At an end cycle, or a harvest cycle as you’ll sometimes hear it called, a “golden age octave shift” is more what it is, and most especially in THIS particular realm’s shift, we are going to see the trifurcation take place. It’s going to be visceral and we feel it and will see it. This is a shift of massive importance to many universes, not just ours... to all of Creation! And this is why there are so man varying breakaway paths and why I see it as a trifurcation.

I see this as:

We have humans that are willingly choosing and are on the ascension path to move into the Tara Higher Octave.

We have those not choosing anything; ignoring any path and not doing any inner work. I foresee they’ll do a 3rd density experience elsewhere on a new planet as Earth in the 3rd density form will cease to exist.

Then you have the vile, those who are choosing to go down the service to self or what I saw is the evil.

While I don’t typically like using quotes from hijacked texts, but there are hidden quotes in the text called the Bible, and there are variations of it that have been hidden, etc., but one such hidden code is the line which is “Blessed are the meed for they shall inherit the Earth.”

The unfortunate part is that many don’t get this saying or rather get what the hidden message is saying. Many see this as living in fear in obedience will make a false god happy, but this code is actually saying that those with gentle souls will move into the higher octave thereby, we inherit the Earth in its higher form. As the Earth births the 4th density Tara once again (5D + consciousness pathways opening once again), we will move with it.

Due to these varying pathways as I see in a trifurcation pattern, we will live in considerable weirdness, and with the naysayers or the greeters as noted before. We must be strong. We must not engage with lower frequencies that push us into a spiral of being taken out of our divine power. But when we meet trolls A & B like these ....

broken image

We can show up in empathy for they know not what they do, and if they know exactly what they do and are wishing to harm, they still don’t know what they do for they’ve never felt unconditional love. I firmly know that all beings should know what that feels like so that then they can choose the path in clarity. Unconditional love, the Mother of God or Cosmic Mother is exactly what was stripped out of this realm (on purpose). This comes from Sophia and the Sacred Heart (or Thymus) energy center within us that can be activated brings through that Sophia-Cosmic Mother and all the related parts which include krystal consciousness or unity consciousness. I’ll speak more on this soon.


I hope that this helps you to awaken more of your magick and helps us together to remember Original Creation Magick! Subscribe to get more videos that are meant to illuminate the path for indigos and starseeds and all of the humans who are here with Sacred Missions serving as the pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness. And, sending a HUGE thank you for watching this video!