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The Truth About Law of One & Our Animals

By: Natalie Viglione

In this video we’ll dive into the magick of the Law of One and what it means for our animals, and zoom into the furbabies that we care for in our homes. I’m also going to introduce you to a beautiful soul that I’ve connected with, and his name is Dr. John Fudens, a brilliant homeopath who has been serving animals for almost 60 years, and he is so much more than just a homeopath as you will hear when you watch the interview that we linked above.

We explore the deep connection to the Divine Spark in all of Living Creation and the power that having profound respect, love, and honor for Nature and Earth has and how it helps this realm heal, and how healing can deepen within ourselves and within our homes with our furbabies.

Sacred Soul Healing details as mentioned in the video can be found here:



In this video, we’re going to swim in the magick of the Law of One and what it means for our animals, and really zero in around the furbabies we care for in our homes. I’m also going to introduce you to a beautiful soul that I’ve connected with, and his name is Dr. John Fudens. He’s a briliant animal lover and homoepathic guide that has brought healing and love into the furbaby and human communities for almost 60 years now.

This video will serve as a brief overview and introduction to Dr. Fudens, and I”ll share with you how you can watch the full interview (because I can’t here sadly). We’ll explore the deep connection to the Divine Spark in all of Living Creation and the power that having profound respect, love, and honor for Nature and Earth has on All Things and how that respect, love and honor helps this entire realm heal.

When we look at the wellness of our pets, there are trends that mirror what’s happening in humanity and within this world, and we must see THE TRUTH to be able to make great change happen. And we need to truly innerstand how to support our animals, support the plants, and create a thriving environment for them and us, let’s dive into breakthrough ways to help them, and how it will have a ripple effect of Love to all things within this Planetary Being, for we must show respect to this Planetary Being as well.

Because the truth is, there are beings that are here that should not be ... These are parasitic and energetic vile ones who created an “upside down world” to the world we live in. This realm is magickal, then a very distorted version was laid over the top of it. This layer is the false matrix. That layer is the layer breaking down before our very eyes. And luckily, all the things that went with that...

We are bringing the Truth back online. The truth is going into the Origin and knowing that through the Law of One, all things are One, yet also very unique in the blueprint that each living creation brings through.

The Law of One at the core of all things is simple: We are all ONE as connected to All Things. But, what does this actually mean? I would like you to imagine for a moment a primeval, meaning no beginning and no end, aspect of a big ball of consciousness. Let’s call this Primeval Creator, or Original GodSource Energy. Then, we have the trifurcation of that consciousness into a Mother aspect, a separate but connected Father aspect. So, One becomes two, but still all One.

Then, the two become three, the “child” the Wisdom Sophia. The three are the Trinity, the three are actually still One. All part of and because of Original Creation.

The three become ten, and the ten become thousands, but all still One, connected to Source. Origin.

So, no matter how removed a being is as part of Creation, they are all still part of the One. THE Origin. Yet, we are facing vile beings that separated from this Source and do not want to be as One, but rather keep the worlds they swarm in to conquer separated, controlled, manipulated, hijacked, and inverted. For if all are One and everyone KNEW this without any doubt, their vile workings would be null and void. This is the uncovering that many master wisdom holders have done throughout what we call time, yet, here we are again. Part of this work continuing and living on in many of us now here as an army to bring back this truth in such massive ways that it cannot be stopped, this time.

I’ve been remembering and being guided to learn Original Communication via Sirian symbols, as far as I have been shown, these are the origin of all communication here in Earth-Tara-Gaia, and when you look at ancient and many long-forgotten languages as we call them, they have stemmed from these original communication symbologies.

I won’t go into this now fully, that’ll be a future exploration, but there’s a language that melds the ancient languages of Chinese, Korean and other elements and is known in the Korean Scripture as “The Heavenly Code” or also as the “Sacred Text of Heaven.” This is called more than likely varying things depending on the source, but it’s Chun Bu Kyung or Cheonbu Gyeong. These are characters map into the intention of our Original State of Being and the Cosmic Creation process through which nothing leads to everything. Some say this is a Korean scripture that goes back over 9000 years, again, I will say it’s much older than that.

It’s a language of Cosmic Creation Energy and is contained in 81 letters and is called the Qi or Ki language – both simply meaning language of Energy. Chun Bu Kyung speaks of no dogmatic religious aspects, but rather the evolution of one’s Soul birth, growth, and completion. There is much talk that this goes back to Mu (or Lemuria), but my feeling is that it goes back MUCH further because by the time Lemuria came into focus, this realm of Earth-Tara-Gaia had already been hijacked, hence why Mu fell, along with Atlantis, etc. Realms of other timelines and held within other densities of the higher or evolutionary form of Earth.

Heaven and Earth are Divine Parents so to speak. There is Heaven, Earth as a Creation, Mother, Father and then from there comes the other creations.

Why do I bring this all up about this language? Because here is a just one form of what it says, and there are varying ways I’ve seen this expressed but they all wrap around the concept of one thing: This is one of the original communications of the Law of One.

One is the beginning; from nothingness begins One.

One divides into Three Ultimates, yet the source remains inexhaustible.

Arising from One, Heaven is One.

Arising from One, Earth is Two.

Arising from One, Humanity is Three.

One accumulates and opens as Ten, yet all occurs due to Three’s creative change.

Based on Two, Heaven changes under Three.

Based on Two, Earth changes under Three.

Based on Two, Humanity lives under Three.

The Great Three unite into Six, which then gives rise to Seven, Eight, and Nine.

Everything moves in accordance with Three and Four; everything circulates under Five and Seven.

One expands in mysterious ways, while coming and going endlessly, and a great change to the Function occurs, bringing further the immutable Body.

The basis of the universe is the mind, which shines radiantly like pure yang.

Humanity, penetrating the mind of heaven and earth, attains the Ultimate One.

One is the end; in Nothingness ends One.

I’ll have more on this another time, but through this we can see that it speaks of One and how all things are connected to this one.

So, it’s with this that we know that Divine is within ALL things. That the true unity lies in the Trinity, and this is not the Trinity that is spoken in religions. It means that the One is innumerable in terms of how it is expressing and exists forever and always has. Therefore, we must see that ALL animals on this Planetary Being, including the Planetary Being, and the plants, etc., are ONE. Part of the unchanging oneness.

If we know this, then we must speak this into existence time and time again, over and over for more to know.

Let me share a little story. We have some really amazing food for our doggies that they just wouldn’t eat as they are picky, but it’s super healthy food. So, we had some other bags of it and donated it to a local shelter. My husband takes that food to a local shelter and when he drives up, the shelter is closed, yet a dog was tied up to a short little piece of rope, left there without any food, without any water, just left there. The shelter wasn’t open that day, so that little animal was thrown away, left there. He was able to give him some food and water and then in due time some people showed up to the shelter.

It doesn’t matter how long that pure divine being, that dog, was left there. It matters that this happened. A so-called human walks up to a place that’s closed and leaves this poor animal there with NOTHING. No shelter, no food, no water.

Does this happen to humans? Sure. Of course.

This is how we know we are not in 5D, folks.. I don’t care what the story is about why some household abandons that animal and could care less. They couldn’t read the sign to see when the shelter opens?

Vile acts like these happen every day. So, it’s time that we heal this world so that this unnecessary and vile cruelty can end.

As I bring Vibration Medicine to life, and to note there’s a link below for you to know more about this aspect of what I do to assist in healing as well, I’ve come across some beautiful and brilliant souls. Many, if not all, are truly Sacred Warriors. Connecting with those that stand up for injustices that take place every single day with animals, this Earth Being, with humanity... it doesn’t matter. INJUSTICE MUST END.

The souls that I connect with and honor are the ones that show true courage, bravery, and wisdom. It’s acts of service to help end injustice that serves as constant inspiration and a reminder that WE make the change happen. Anyone waiting for some time in the future is missing the boat.

ME and YOU... WE all together, HUMANITY, are the powerful beings that make this world change. By changing what we do within our own mini worlds, that becomes a fractal of the macro levels. The ‘as above, so below’ is the reflection I speak of here, and is always a critical reminder of how things truly work. I know if you’re watching this, you know this and hold this deeply within you.

Seeing the Sacred Beauty of Animals and really all of nature has been at the very core of Who I Truly Am, and soul stream of consciousness serves as a protector of this Planetary Being, and all of Living Creation within it. As a Sacred Warrior, healer and a consciousness that helped to engineer and also protected this all through its evolution, I’ve witnessed the memories of eons. In these memories, it’s unlocked so much Inner Knowing and wisdom about what has been—I've seen the beauty of what harmony feels like, looks like, and then I’ve seen the inversion of that – this is what we see today that still unfolds in front of our very eyes. Yet, what we see is that even held within this inversion, there is so much beauty and it all has just been mixed together. But what we’re seeing as well is that now the oils and water will begin to separate, and this is done via choice and the inner work to know thyself, through the actions, words, and more.

I did a recent video that talks about the Trifurcation, it’s called Journey of the Trifurcation and the Spiritual Awakening Rites of Passage if you’d like to watch that as I introduce these pathways.

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There are many of course that have known this over much time and dedicated their lives to helping heal this world, heal these animals, and protect and serve under courage, bravery and honor. But, I see even MORE that we need to know, do and how we can all step up just a little bit more.

For our pets are a reflection of ourselves. The way we act is of utmost importance.

There’s a book that I read that is called “My Animal, My Self” by Marta Williams, and it’s about animals and how they serve as powerful healers and teachers for us all, and how we can assist them with the same. She says in this book, “From my perspective, through the lens of the thousands of animals I have communicated with in the past 25 years, animals are actually more advanced than humans in some regards, not only in their capacity for empathy, but also in their ability to stay in tune with everything around them and their connection to the world of spirit.” I could not agree more, and I know that in working on the healing of my furbabies, and myself, and as an empath as well, I feel on the deepest level that the truest Sacred Service being served by anything in this realm is THE ANIMALS and the helpful plants and insects that do the Highest Good in that service.

Sometimes it’s hard since we live in an ecosystem, but that ecosystem was created in Original Creation Magick, and that magick is what we need to tap into more so that we can bypass the false matrix layered on top of it.

I remember studying buddhism many decades ago now, and when I came to a place when it stated that animals were “less than” I threw the whole studying it away. This is why I always knew that anything dogmatic and religious in framework was not the truth but had some truths held within it... Animals have souls and they are not less than, they are MORE than. When we tap into that MORE THAN, that’s where we find magick!

In this interview on my podcast with Dr. Fudens, we talk about homeopathy and he said that it took him about 10 years to get “good enough” to understand the energy of what he was working with, and for almost 60 years now, he has been assisting in transformational healing of animals and the humans around him. As Dr. Fudens says, the human and the animal --- while the species can look alike and have similar features, each animal and human has UNIQUE blueprints so no two are exactly alike. Healing and working with energy means that we must know this.

We dive into the fact that life is ENERGY and that we are spiritual beings and souls and there is a vital force within us, and that’s the energy, and this is what homeopathy connects into is that energy. It taps into that vital force and that force is what we really should focus on when we think of healing. It’s a root cause held within and then all of these other aspects that layer on top of that.

There is sadly many things that have hurt our animals for far too long and there are laws that are doing much damage and there are untruths that we must deprogram from and then relearn...

Dr. Fudens knows as he has assisted in helping animals that walk, run, crawl, fly, and so much more. And I so wish that I could just share this full episode here in youtube, but the fact is that I cannot.

It’s very sad that this is the case and where we’re at, but this episode holds many things that the the vile ones want kept swept under a rug.

If you have furbabies, you’ll want to hear what we talk about in this interview which is all about homeopathy, healing our pets, and extends into humanity. You’ll want to do a little research too as there will be some links over in the other place that you can look up and read.

Please click below and go listen (for free) and get access to the FULL episode with me, the host, and my wonderful guest, Dr. John Fudens.

I hope that this helps you to awaken more of your magick and helps us together to remember Original Creation Magick! Subscribe to get more videos that are meant to illuminate the path for indigos, starseeds, and all humans who are here with Sacred Missions serving as the pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness. Thank you for watching this video!