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The Magick of Merlin: Who or What is Merlin & What's the Connection to the Heart of the World?

By Natalie Viglione

The wondrous and enchanting nature of our divine and sacred human form is beyond measure. Powers are at work within Indigo and Starseed lines and Beings from other realms, and this is far beyond what many can imagine.

This magickal journey is intricately linked to this concept of Merlin, known initially as the Mer-Lions, and is taking place at the energetic nexus of Avebury Henge in the UK.

The Mer-Lion energies are essential to melding the consciousness or energy of King Arthur with the original solar (or sun) related Michael-Mary Dragon line codes.

The power and intensity of this mystical journey spiraling forth from the Avebury Henge and Silbury Hill, permeates other Dragon lines with transformative energy.

The mysteries and enchantments of this journey are truly awe-inspiring.



In today’s video, unto thee, dear friends, I offer a journey through the mystic arts of the natural kind of Original Creation magick, specifically delving deep into the magick of Merlin, the authentic truth of what the word Merlin means, the authentic lineage that resonates with the essence of the blueprint of Original Creation… before E V I L ones came into this realm.

I do not speak of the twisted, inverted, low, evil magick that we see play out right in front of our eyes from the so-called “celebrities,” but we’re diving back into the Original Creation Blueprint of what magick means, who or what Merlin and the Energy of Merlin is and how this is connected into specific Guardian Founder Races.

Because it's my intention to provide and illuminate the path for fellow indigos and starseeds to bring back your divine magic and to get your sacred mission, your sacred purse purpose launched into the world.

We’re journeying through the mists breaking the veil between realms today, where we will uncover the mysteries held within the automatic writing that came through me birthed from the frequencies of Sacred Sites I just soaked up in the UK region around the Michael-Mary Dragon line, for this magick is intertwined with all the energies that dance in the heralding of a new era, waiting to be awakened by those who seek to embrace it.

In the last video, called Energy Update for Samhain and into Nov. 2023: What Timeline Do YOU Choose? I showed you the video I created live when I was at the oh-so-powerful sacred site of Avebury Henge and the correlated Dragon Node called Silbury Hill.

For me, the energy was absolutely connected to the divine magick of what we call Merlin.

But who or what is Merlin?

How is this energy connected to the Guardian Founder Race, the Great White Lions of Sirius, and what does this mean as it relates to the current energies of All Things?

Let’s first delve into the poem that came through me as I soaked up the frequencies within the Goddess, which are the Lands Awakening. The land itself is the energy of the Goddess, and this energy melds with Sacred Energies.

Here’s the poem that came from the energies of Michael, Merlin, and Tiamat, which I’ll speak more about in future mini-courses I am building and will share more on that exciting endeavor …


The magick of Merlin awakens for all to hear

Melding with Dragon and Arthur to rid the world of the primordial fear

The fear of ages, boundless from time

We dissolve this now for all to know

For the time of Pendragon allows the sacred energies to wind and flow

Pendragon returns the powers of Mother and Queen…of magick that comes from the sacred towers.

I will expand a bit more on this, and of course, there’s more on the energy update for Samhain and the November 2023 video as well, as mentioned.

Merlin energy is very strong in Avebury Henge and the connecting energetic Dragon Node nearby, Silbury Hill. We may call this the UK, but this was all the lands known as Albion, which included the Picts or Scots, Ireland, Gual, etc. and the root meaning of this word is the Heart of the World. I’d love to reclaim the power around that name… Albion.

The TRUE Merlin energy is magickal and comes from its Sirian roots, which is my Cosmic Soulstream lineage and why I fundamentally know this as truth, my DNA remembers.

This energy was, of course, stolen by the ancient E V I L ones, and they used the magick of the energy of Merlin to create opposites of it. These nefarious beings stole love-light and Divine Magick codes of Merlin or MERLION energies; given the Lion, aspect is the Great White Lions of Sirius that was merged with MER energies, which are the aquatic aspects of MERmaids, etc.

The ORIGINAL magick we need to reclaim is this powerful Druidic source of what I would call Love-Light Magick that comes directly from the Mother-Father GodSource Consciousness.

The E V I L ones twisted this all with a low version or E V I L magick. I don’t use the term “black magick” because the word evil, which means cruel, sufficiently and accurately describes what these negative beings do and have done.

The true essence of magick is rising through MERLIN or MER-LION energies.

Who or what is Merlin?

The Merlin I speak to has been known through sacred and ancient texts as "The Merlin of Britain" which is the title, not 1 human. The Merlins are a lineage of spiritual masters, mystics, and healers. This is the Druid Lineage, or what is often called the Celtic-Druid lineage.

But what I know from remembering is that the Druid concept weaves into the fabric of our world previous to the Celts.

This energy of the lineage is of magick, magick that is the very love-light magick that fills Living Creations, the Original blueprints, if you will, of the God Creator Realms, and beings of the Divine love light that is pulled directly from GodSource, the Original Sacred Energies, and the Mother of Worlds who is the Blue Dragon Tiamat and fellow Dragons.

As I’ve mentioned in previous videos, while it’s hard to do sometimes, we must let go of what we’ve programmed to think a “dragon” is.

The Merlin we are most familiar with is often characterized as the wizard and prophet of King Arthur's time, but that isn’t the truth, or it’s not the whole truth. I am speaking about a lineage of Human Beings called “Merlin” who are stewards of Magick and always a part of the Earth Guardian council that wraps around the Primordial truths of what a king and queen actually means. Every King and Queendom of the olde had a Merlin (or a Druid).

Another aspect we have to let go of is the programming and twisted E V I L of the tyrants we see holding titles of king or queen today … these tyrants and malevolent ones are not who I speak to.

What is Merlion?

MER: The Etymology of the word Merlin means: Proto-Indo-European root meaning "body of water."

Merlin is then associated with the water or our world, and some of the first and most magnificent beings ever created are aquatic in nature.

This Merlin energy is returning humanity into the Inner World, what many call “Inner Earth” and the associated domains within this energetic construct of Earth-Tara-Gaia.

When I was a little girl and into my teens, every single night I had the same dream. My dream showed me my Higher Self and the Realm in which this great woman lives which is in the Great White Lion of Sirius and their realm. They are one of the Guardien Founder Races of our Earth-Tara-Gaia.

LION: This aspect is connected to the Great White Lions and always have been and will be dedicated to the Cosmic Mother, and this is connected to the word Elohei (which is essentially GodSource or To Go To GodSource). The Great White Lions created a multidimensional portal that is that entire region of what I noted previously that is the Albion. So this stargate or portal there is the Albion lightbody and are energetic grid systems that connect directly into the Great Lion realms that is Original energetic matrices that form the trinity we know as Earth-Tara-Gaia.

That’s how we connect the MER-LION into a lineage of beings that then later just became Merlin.

Mer-Lions connected stargates that are within the Irish Sea and in a location that I just came from as well which is called Wiltshire in the UK.

As I felt when I wrapped my energy around the Michael-Mary Dragon Line, there were powerful energies being dropped into all of these Dragon Lines (or as many say, Ley Lines), and into the Dragon Nodes that act as Sacred Towers and portals. I have awesome pictures of orbs of the Blue Dragon Tiamat which I will be showing in a mini course coming up. These energies coming in are like codes or what we could call “instructions” that are coming from the Founders of the Cosmos themselves and Guardian Founder Races of our realms in trinity form, Earth-Tara-Gaia.

Do you feel this all and does it resonate?

If so, then you are likely also a part of the Maji Grail Line Indigo bloodline, like me. Maji Grail Indigos incarnate here with the 6th-dimensional strand at birth, which can activate an Original Imprint of DNA from a realm of beings called the Oraphim… more on this at another time.

And, yes, if you’re a Stargate show nerd like me, they actually brought in a similar name of Fire Beings called the Ori… except in that show they made them out to be negative but the true Oraphim are positive and magnificent Beings.

This line of Indigos, we are literally hardwired via that DNA strand to naturally raise the overall fundamental frequency of the planetary grid which is all about moving into higher frequencies.

The Indigo lines are referred to as Maji Grail lineage or bloodlines as it’s all connect into the original 12 Tribes that were created as a part of a much larger plan. This is all connecting into what I’ve written about through automatic writing after Dreamtime called the Sirius B Maharaji and this is essentially the guardians and gatekeepers for the portal where the Indigo lines enter. In my video called Are You Receiving Galactic Protector-Guardian Warrior Activation Codes? I go into some of these codes.

What this means for us on Earth and even within Earth.

There are Starseeds and Indigos that have incarnated specifically to restore the Emerald Covenant.

This word “covenant” means:

c. 1300, covenaunt, "mutual compact to do or not do something, a contract," from Old French covenant, convenant "agreement, pact, promise" (12c.), originally present participle of covenir "agree, meet," from Latin convenire "come together, unite; be suitable, agree," from com- "together" (see com-) + venire "to come," from a suffixed form of PIE root *gwa- "to go, come."

This agreement or pact has been shown to me as an actual agreement that connects into an Emerald Energetic Piece within All Human’s Sacred Hearts. This is the heart behind the heart, the 8th chakra, and is connected to the organ known in our bodies as the Thymus.

This is truly about the reclamation of the Krystal or Christos or Chris Consciousness and bringing this true “Christ” aspect back into the energetics of our Earth, and all Living Beings, large and small, including Humanity of course.

Human Beings are the prototype created that is designed to sew back together the tear that has happened in all Universes.

The wondrous and enchanting nature of our divine and sacred human form is beyond measure. It is, or was and we are making this so once again, a harmonious blend of masculine and feminine consciousness that imbues us with the essence of unity.

The Emerald Founders, who crafted a sacred covenant eons ago, are now bringing forth their mother ship, known as the Arc (not to be confused with an Ark), to rekindle the harmony and balance of the original creation.

This magickal journey is intricately linked to the Merlin Lineage of Beings, the Mer-Lions, and is taking place at the energetic nexus of Avebury Henge. The Mer-Lion energies are essential to the melding of the consciousness or energy of King Arthur with the original Solar-related Michael-Mary Dragon line.

The power and intensity of this mystical journey spiral forth from the Avebury Henge and Silbury Hill, permeating the other 15 Dragon lines with its transformative energy. The mysteries and enchantments of this journey are truly awe-inspiring.

I hope that this video helps you to awaken more of your magick! Subscribe to get more videos that will help illuminate the path for all indigos and starseeds that serve as pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness.

Thank you so much for watching!