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Are You Receiving Galactic Protector-Guardian Warrior Activation Codes?

By: Natalie Viglione

Let's talk about warriors... it's a very misunderstood word 'warrior'...

And I believe that with the rise of the primordial energies and with the rise of the divine feminine energy -- with the divine feminine energy comes a different viewpoint as to what warrior means.

If you've ever felt an unexplainable connection to the cosmos and a deep desire to fulfill a higher purpose of protection and guardianship, then you are about to embark on a journey like no other. In this article, we will explore the magick of the Galactic Light Warrior.

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Transcript below

[00:00:00] Let's talk about warriors... it's a very misunderstood word. And I believe that with the rise of the primordial energies and with the rise of the divine feminine energy -- with the divine feminine energy comes a different viewpoint as to what warrior means.


[00:00:41] I receive information in my dreams and these visions weave the path to the truth. And there have been many that have talked about what I would call this galactic light warrior or this galactic warrior of light and there is a sacred path of warrior. Many of us that already resonate with light workers. We already resonate with being a starseed or an indigo. When we talk about starseeds, when we talk about indigos, we come here with missions and the mission right now is, is we're in mission critical. If you haven't noticed. The world's on fire. If you haven't noticed, the evil beings that exist in this realm and they do exist by the way.


[00:01:41] I know that there are so many spiritual people that want to always be living in this love and light, rainbows and kittens and unicorns facade because the reality is that, our realm was hijacked and, and we are on a reclamation mission. Reclamation of power. And when I say we, what I'm talking about are the starseed and the indigo family soul tribe families that came in to help during this time, because again, If you haven't noticed. The world's on fire.


[00:02:16] A lot of this is going to be the celestial being this energetic force that we live upon which is a spirit, which is a consciousness is shifting so greatly into this phase of birthing. The process of birth. Really is a transformative process for the being that's putting new life into a realm. And that doesn't change for celestial being that's that's evolving and spiraling into it. And birthing a new density. So we really need to think about it as this extreme transformative process.


[00:03:09] The earth is going to be going through so many transformations and it's going to affect all the living beings on it. And is a living being so we can think of the river, the underground streams and rivers. The sacred Springs. The water systems and waterways, the living life blood for earth just as it is for us. And the volcanoes action and the dragon lines, which people also call ley lines, but they're dragon lines these energetic places all over the world. If you were detoxing, when you do a detox on your body, what happens? Well, if you go into a healing crisis as we can, if we detox a little too fast, Then, essentially what needs to happen is we need to, well, our body needs to get the toxins out and sometimes that's where boils can happen., and weird skin issues that can happen.


[00:04:26] Well, we need to kind of look at this in the same way as the volcanoes that are becoming more active things are shifting all over our world. And this is because of these changes because the earth is detoxing. Cleansing, literally.


[00:04:42] Because evil beings have poisoned this realm. And it's trying to detox and that's why many of us, our missions are to actually help detox, this and warn others about all of the poison that we see this realm, but that's, that's a whole other, that's a whole other topic for another day.


[00:05:02] The evil beings are causing even more suffering. They're only intent is to cause as much fear as possible and as much pain as possible so that we get trapped. And if we get trapped, then we're reliant on their patriarchy, which is a system that's that separates and controls. So again, the patriarchy concept is much larger than just, this concept of women and men aren't even equal. It's far beyond that, even though that is a piece of it, obviously.


[00:05:39] This concept of a warrior many of us are being called and, I have. I felt this my whole life and I didn't really know how to actually, even to word this., I am in my mid forties, well, when you're 20s we don't have these words yet. And again, some of us have been in this poison realm longer than others, and we didn't have access to this information as easy as people do now. Right.


[00:06:06] I had every encyclopedia possible, but doing research via books obviously is a much longer process. But now we have access to so much information and it's beautiful.


[00:06:18] All of us that that were called into what the prophecies have talked about in Native American Tribes like the rainbow warrior, which I want to do a whole video just on that. Many of us indigos are being activated for in a specific bloodline here on earth, which is the Celtic Druid Maji Grail line, which is the bloodline of earth that I am connected into. And then we have our cosmic soul family, our soul tribe are our avatar construct. When we really feel into this thought of a warrior, Then we really need to think about what does a warrior mean? And there's ancient meanings of the word warrior.


[00:07:01] Yes, the word has war in it, but the word war isn't what the warrior is really about. That has been the inversion that has been the manipulation.... I am here to start talking about the truth that. Warriors of light are quite the opposite of wanting war! So there's another way to see the word warrior. For many tribes all over, these were the pagans by the way, same word. The tribes, the pagans that lived in harmony with the land and all things.


[00:07:43] Being a warrior was not about fighting. What it was about was serving the greater community and protecting their Homeland. Well guess what? Earth is our Homeland! . Even if our original soul aka higher self construct, right doesn't originate on earth, which that is the starseed that is an indigo. This is our home. This is where we are right now. So this is our Homeland and yes, it is our place to protect. It is a living being that we need to be loving and adoring and honoring and respecting, no matter what happens, it's our commitment to this love that binds the truly binds us.


[00:08:31] As I mentioned, the rainbow warrior prophecies, this goes into dragon by the way and I can't wait to share more on that because I had a whole teaching from my team one night via visions. And I was astounded because I was like, whoa! I never even thought about this. But it refers to the keepers of legends rituals and other stories that will be needed when the time comes to restore the health of earth. Well, isn't that time now????


[00:09:00] And our souls are here as part of this grand awakening. Right? So there are some, I've done some deep reach research. So the Marathi Hindi the word for warrior translates to essentially yōddhā and it means a hero or a fighter. And isn't that interesting yōddhā (योद्धा)?


[00:09:25] And then Galati is an ancient Celtic term. We could also say Gaelic. Gaelic is a form of Aramaic and so we were getting into really ancient language now, which is where I need to always go because that is where truth lies. But Galati is a term for the word warrior. Those who were known as Galati were a source of inspiration and strength and known for great abilities like power and endurance. But power in the sense of perhaps physically. But also metaphysically. So they were, they were a symbol of strength and endurance and in fact, they were those with so much, so much courage that they were able to face difficulties and they were symbolized by a Wolf.


[00:10:18] And these are Scotland, Ireland., What used to be Gaul, which is obviously France now. So that entire region, that that is The Albion and they used to be called Galati. So. This is the most ancient, way to really look at this construct of the word warrior.


[00:10:39] These warriors are protectors. Warriors are guardians. One night, several years ago, I had a massive. DNA awakening meaning I was getting frequency sent in and I was receiving. So much into my body I could feel these light, these frequencies coming in through my crown chakra. And just lighting up my entire body. And this happened in mid to late 2020. And this was at nighttime and I got up and just had to lay on the couch. And I just let this all come through me now in that time. What happened is I, I basically wrote almost 20 pages of writing around warrior what a warrior means, and what a light warrior truly is.


[00:11:39] These warrior activation codes are being sent from our source and mine are coming in from. The great white lions of Sirius because what this is all done is I've really been able to connect into the truth of the lineage of the the Goddess-Warrior Lioness Lineage, which you can also attribute into Sekhmet in Egyptian times.


[00:12:06] But there's Goddess-Warriors that are part of this lioness lineage. That are throughout ancient texts and also messages that I've been receiving. And even recently, there's another video here in my channel that talks about the goddess warrior Nafanua.. She was also part of this lineage and she came through me. I started speaking what was like a Polynesian language, and I didn't even understand the word Nafanua. Until I really sit into that energy and figure it out and Really connect into that frequency because that frequency is the same frequency that Goddess-Warriors carry. A very fierce protector, guardianship, a strength and a courage and a bravery inside that no one can take away.


[00:12:59] And there's also compassion and unconditional love. The divine feminine is so strong and truly we are the warriors of the divine feminine, feminine. And when I say we, I mean, the lineage. I'm not even talking about the Natalie that's sitting here, I'm talking about the avatar, the spiritual team that is the energy within. As an Emissary for that, I feel this also fiercely, not only fiercely and compassionate. Fiercely compassionate. But also healers.


[00:13:35] All those aspects, that is the divine feminine. And so many of you I know are also getting these warrior activation codes. And they're triggering, triggering some of us into more of a power space. Because there's a need to stand up. There is a need to activate for what's right. Standing up activating! . Don't get me wrong or this message wrong. We need love light and rainbows obviously, but we need to see the darkness for what it is. We need to be able to hold both light and shadow. To do the work and to be here, to rise up for those that don't have a voice. So that is how I've been feeling for years. And I know that there's so many others that are being called. This is also the dragon activation.



[00:14:28] I just did a, a journey into the cosmic womb and I talk about that a little bit because. I've gotten a lot of visualizations with that. And so, you know, this is an energy. This is a light energy that is so powerful and so strong. We can think about it as plasmic energy that is like lightning. that is the only thing that I can even think of. And so many of us are coming in with these codes.


[00:14:56] And so it's time for us to really embrace these codes. It's time for us to stand up. And to rise up -- the unshackling leading to our freedom because let us not forget that we are living in a realm that was hijacked by evil beings and evil means cruel. And it is a distortion and it is an imbalanced inversion. This was not meant to be this way with all this unnecessary suffering for far too long. That is why we are in a massive correction path as the earth births into this new density. So we are standing at a precipice truly. So it's the moment that humans begin to question the reality. It's a moment when those in control they begin to break down and we're, we're able to access higher dimensional consciousness because we're breaking free from their control structure and their grids that were keeping most of humanity in this stuck point. And now we're able to break through. And so there's all kinds of energies that are coming in.


[00:16:17] We need to be fierce. This is a time to bring in the true divine feminine energy within us all, not just females. But females also need to rise up and speak their truth because we have been so suppressed and stifled, but this isn't just about women.


[00:16:33] What we also see in this realm is we see the swinging of a pendulum. It's not about moving from patriarchy to a matriarchy. It's about moving from a patriarchy into a balanced system where both the divine feminine and the divine masculine are balanced.


[00:16:54] Every thing is equal. That is the time that we are in right now. The question is how can we each attribute to the rebalancing and the re harmonizing of this realm!


[00:17:13] It really truly is a time to reclaim our power and stand in the truth. For those of us that have these codes coming in. I am looking forward to explore this concept far deeper and go into the paths that can weave us into what being a warrior today means. It's really the time for being more of a Zen warrior truly, but also this aspect of harmonizing the divine energies within us, because that is how we can start reflecting that in the world. Thank you so much for listening and I'll see you in the next video!