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Ep 115, Opening the Mind-Body-Spirit Channels After Severe Trauma

Host & creator, natalie viglione

Everything is being broken down in the societal matrix, and to build a world that makes sense (because the current one doesn’t), we must break down our own internal world. We heal from within and it is a life-long journey for us all in many ways. As one thing is healed, something else may come about.

The key is to keep going, to feel into the truth of what you feel, and then dig out the trenches to purify and cleanse all aspects of who we truly are.

In this episode, Birgitta Visser, Founder of Power Soul Healing, gets real and raw sharing some of the very difficult trauma she had to overcome and shares her journey through darkness to find her light to a new way of BEing.

In this episode, you’ll find:
✨ How she lost her childhood to trauma and how she found her way out
✨ Healing confidence issues and how many of us women can get stuck in this emotional trap (and can sometimes take decades!)
✨ Why talking about trauma helps us to heal and why telling our stories so that others can feel like they’re not alone
✨ Why becoming a little bit lighter in yourself is key to healing on all levels
✨ That getting clear in our energetic fields can lead to the letting go of fear
✨ Mother Earth is abundant and by striving for higher consciousness can help all heal (including Earth)

And so much more! Make sure to watch (or listen) to the full episode below!


BE-com-ing Authentically Me:

Light the spark of inspiration back into the heart of your luminous Soul BEing.
BE-com-ing Authentically Me: Light the spark of inspiration back into the heart of your luminous Soul BEing.

This book is created in two parts. The first covers the current evolution of the human shift in consciousness, which initially wasn’t meant to be in this book, but the many Master advised it should, for people to understand the why’s of what has been happening these past few years, whilst the second part is about my life, including the trauma I endured and how I finally conquered and vanquished my demons.

With the hardship and trauma in the transitioning world at large, not to mention in your personal life, you may find it difficult to find your calling, connect to a higher purpose, feel empowered, or dedicate time to the important work of healing your body, mind, and soul.



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Birgitta is the author of the upcoming book, BE-com-ing Authentically Me, released on the 08 Sept 2022. She is a Soul Empowerment Coach and Light Configurator, delivering messages from the many Light BEings to the aid of humanity. She is a courier, a bit of a bike messenger between the here and there. She has travelled the world, held many different jobs, had nothing but toxic relationships, one each complementing the other in the hope she would wake up and start healing herself. Her often turbulent journey has been a learning curve. She is who she is, and has learned to embrace and love all quirky aspects of herself, often stumbling through the darkness of her trauma yet never giving up.

She is simply here to plant a seed; to help unlock your true potential into a better understanding of yourself and the Universe. People often think that transformation commences from without, but inner movement commences from within - to heal, you have to feel and deal and hug it out with yourself. When one transforms within, the conditioning is washed away and one transforms one's world without, having a domino effect of change in your life.

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