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Ep 116, How We Can Empower Energy Through Authentic Connection With Others

Host & Creator, Natalie Viglione

Have a bias for action. Change is not hard when you posture towards being service to others. - Will Samson

The energy of this new paradigm coming into our universe is that of evolution and unity (with a big ole theme of LOVE).

But, does humanity even know what “unity” means?

In this episode, the guest is Will Samson, he holds a Ph.D. in Intentional Communities and is a Change Management Consultant. What he KNOWS (and is true) is that we don't have to do EVERYTHING alone (in fact, we CANNOT do anything alone, not really.)

Here’s what this episode digs into:

❤️ We live in an ecosystem where everything is connected and nothing is separate from
❤️ What happens when your world collapses and why others can help you love and believe in yourself when you feel like you can’t…
❤️ There is an IMMENSE power in true connection
❤️ Acceptance of love and belief in oneself is required with a whole lot of vulnerability
❤️ There are simple ways to create massive change at the local level
❤️ Why we must move into INTERdependency NOT codependency
❤️ Learn what being an "emotional capitalist" means and why it’s imperative for deep and rooted change

With a whole lot more inside… Watch (or listen) to the full episode below!

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Will Samson is on a moonshot mission to disrupt the self-help industry and possibly alter the human operating system.

He is a transformational mindset and change coach who guides tech companies, C-Suite executives, and entrepreneurs to amazing levels of growth.

Will is the brains behind the T3 ecosystem, a collection of hackers, thinkers, activists, and dreamers who are sprouting new ideas, stories, and products based on the idea of interdependence. His story of rebooting his life was told to the TEDx audience in 2021.

When he is not germinating the next wave of thought, he is a master home chef and a Spartan racer.

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