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Ep 121, Nature's First Line of Defense: How To Lower the Impact of Man-Made EMFs on Our Bodies

Host & Creator, Natalie Viglione

I am thrilled to share this podcast episode featuring Justin Frandson, an Athletics Coach and founder of EMFRocks. This episode centers on the impact of man-made electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) on our bodies.

The biggest truth is that we do NOT need to live in fear about this topic, we need to learn the ways to RE-harmonize our bodies (and, yes, there are many ways to do this)!

It's truly fascinating to hear Justin's in-depth explanation of how the healing pulse from Nature heals and recharges us-- many of us know this to be true of crystals and other elements of the Earth. Natalie’s husband Mark even joins us for this episode as a co-host!

This is an extremely important topic and we hope you’re excited to deep dive into the impact these man-made EMFs (radiations) are doing to our health and how we bring balance.

Some of the points we touch on in this episode are:

  • That we can coexist with these man-made EMFs, we don't have to live in fear
  • Why we need to establish proximity protocols and have the awareness of how our bodies truly work
  • What are the four areas of the body that get de-charged from man-made EMFs
  • Why it's challenging to facilitate healing when someone is de-charged and loses their polarity
  • How the Earth and Sun give us un-polarized waveforms
  • The big message is that everything has a resonance (born of vibration and frequency)
  • How this wonderful Earth and nature is the place we can find harmony, balance and protection

I highly recommend giving this episode a watch (or listen) as this is about health and harmonizing energies. It's packed with valuable information and it's definitely one of the coolest and most exciting episodes we've had in a while when it comes to our health!

Make sure to check out the full episode below!


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Justin Frandson is an Athleticism Performance Coach that has worked with amateur and professional athletes for over the past two decades. He saw his athlete breaking down from the
excessive levels of EMF from their SMART watches, wireless earbuds, and electric cars. He has tested hundreds of homes and clients. He sells the Grounding and Faraday Bags at doctor clinics throughout the country.

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