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Ep 120, Are You Ready to Descend the Corporate Ladder?

Episode on the Disrupt Now Podcast Host & Creator, Natalie Viglione

The steps taken to climb up that corporate ladder is something many talk about and aspire to, but what about the descent on that same corporate ladder? What about when we need to make a great transition happen the opposite way?

We can disrUPt ourselves when we realize we’ve been burning the candle at both ends, and there isn’t much more to do but make a grand change and a grand exit from what has been…

With the turning events of the “great resignation" and so much more going on in the world, many people seek something MORE and something ELSE.

If you’ve come to realize that the life you’ve been living isn’t the life you’re supposed to be living … you’ll want to dive into this episode! Featured guest, Kathy Robinson, is a certified wellness coach and author of The Athena Principles, Simple Wellness Practices for Overworked Professionals.

Here are some of the many inspirational insights:

  • Sometimes, the place that you are at and the place you want to go to can seem like there’s a really big distance between the two points,  but staying in the same place and not changing isn’t the answer (here’s why!)
  • How descending a corporate ladder doesn’t have to be something that’s done overnight
  • In major transitions there are typical phases of the opening process through Physical, Emotional/Mental and Spiritual Wellness disrUPtions (for the good!)
  • Why reshaping the way we look at age or “midlife” can allow so much more room for change to happen
  • How to disrupt yourself so that you can make the changes that are necessary for your own evolution
  • Going from Type A to Type Be … a transformation that requires moving into more peace and stillness within (and ways to embrace the process
  • AND MORE!!!

Make sure to check out the full episode below!


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Kathy’s signature program is From Type A to Type Be, How to Mindfully Descend the Corporate Ladder and Invite What's Next. Here’s a link if you’re interested!

If you’d like a one-hour "Ask Me Anything" session via Zoom with Kathy,

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Kathy was once the typical Type-A professional, spending more than three decades in the corporate world. She began her career on Wall Street and concluded it at a Fortune 250 company as its Chief Audit Executive and Chief Risk Officer.

She left at the height of my career to launch Athena Wellness, fueled by my enthusiasm for wellness, nutrition and exercise. But soon found that she enjoyed bridging the worlds of business and wellness. As she traveled her own post-corporate path, she had unique insights into how to support other professionals as they navigate their own midlife transitions and make the shift to what I refer to as wholehearted living.

As a certified wellness coach, Kathy takes a holistic approach to optimal well-being that addresses mind, body and spirit. She enjoys making these topics relatable and meaningful for Type-A executives and entrepreneurs, especially those who have maxed out or become burnt out and disconnected.

Kathy loves holding the space clients need to listen to their inner wisdom, to drop deep into exploring their own value, impact and influence – and move forward into a life that is a full expression of themselves.

In addition to one-on-one coaching and corporate consulting, Kathy teaches and facilitate online courses focused on personal transformation based on her wellness methodology. Kathy's latest offering is From Type A to Type Be, How to Mindfully Descend the Corporate Ladder and Invite What’s Next.

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