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Ep. 77, How To Level-Up While Staying True To Who You Are

Marengo Coaching Series on the disrupt now podcast

Host & creator, natalie viglione

In this episode, we explore Devon McConnell’s journey and her path towards becoming a coach, she’s a part of the Marengo group (see episode 76 to learn more!). 

Devon weaves mindfulness practices into her method of coaching to help bring energy, laughter, success, and well-being, and here are just some of the highlights: 

  • Be the person that pushes you forward (you’re who you’re waiting for) 
  • Scarcity isn’t real, there’s plenty for EVERYONE! 
  • Leveling up and staying true means that you define success for yourself
  • Time is the finite thing to measure against
  • The act of stripping down and simplifying is a sense of freedom
  • Why you must always dare to go against the grain 
  • How to learn your own rhythm to acquire self-leadership



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About Devon McConnell

Devon is a former Fortune 100 executive with twenty years experience transforming organizations, businesses and teams for growth. She has an MBA from Columbia Business School and was certified as an Executive Coach from Columbia University in 2014. She spent twenty years driving digital disruption at some of the world’s largest financial institutions and served as the Head of Digital Investing at Wells Fargo and the Chief Marketing Officer for the Americas at BlackRock. She now works with executives and founders to accelerate growth and resilience in their work, bringing more energy, success and well-being to their lives.

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About Marengo Coaches: Executive Coaching 

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Marengo offers Individual and Executive Coaching. Marengo's clients believe there's something better in store. From taking their careers to the next level to finally achieving work-life balance, our clients want more.

Marengo's coaches are here to help you make the change you want to see, are certified through top programs, and had outstanding careers before becoming coaches. Marengo only works with the best of the best! Marengo also offers an affordable subscription model that allows clients access to these coaches through videos, writing assignments, and mindfulness exercises. This is for those who are who don't have the budget to work 1:1 with a coach right away.

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