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Ep 78, Empower Yourself to Lock Into Your Own Intuition

Marengo Coaching Series on the disrupt now podcast

Host & creator, natalie viglione

In this episode, Natalie speaks with Marengo Coach May Empson. She believes life can be full of miracles, joy, love, and creative experiences-- and it can! In this episode, we dive into: 

  • Why getting rooted in spirituality is essential for all facets of our life [we’re NOT talking about uniform religion]
  • Why a “real job” does mean doing something you LOVE [not what the world tells you is important and real FOR you] 
  • Using intuition to fuel your personal and business life will bring you closer to YOUR truth
  • When your body rejects your surroundings, it’s essential that you listen closely as to WHY
  • Why there’s no circumstance that should ever require you to be the person you are NOT [you must be YOU]




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About May Empson

May Empson is a Columbia-certified leadership and mindset coach for the driven and spiritually curious.  She’s also the host of the Own Your Best Life podcast. Her specialty is taking the driven and ambitious to the next level by reconnecting them with their soul, divine wisdom, and spirituality.  Through practical and spiritual tools, she helps achievers break free of burnout, live their highest purpose and get clear on their goals.  A devoted spiritual student as well as corporate warrior, May works at the intersection between spirituality, achievement, and grounding meditative practices. While she’s spent years on the front-line, from operations to management consulting to sales strategy and training across Fortune 500 companies, she’s also multi-passionate; May’s a yoga teacher and a CMO (Chief Mom Officer) of 2 young girls. She’s changed careers multiple times to pursue her passions, studying both spirituality as well as business leadership. May currently resides with her family in one of the lovely rivertowns just north of NYC.

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