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Harness the Powerful Blue Moon

By: natalie viglione

· Energy and Frequency,Higher Consciousness

Samhain 2020, the veil disappears tonight!


It's a powerful time for energy work, releasing conditioning & programming, letting go of old patterns that are holding us back, and much more!


In this article you'll get my top 7 things you can still do tonight during this special blue moon on Samhain, or some of these you can do on any fullmoon. They're easy and important things to focus on and TONIGHT most importantly, because tonight is full of magick, and we find ourselves being energetically influenced by a gorgeous blue moon.

A blue moon on Samhain [learning recently this is said like SOW-WEN], what Halloween is based off of, hasn't happened in the U.S since 1944, and in Europe since 1955. This is the FIRST time it will happen in all regions on the same day. Some are stating 2001 is the last time, but that year the actual FULL moon was on Nov. 1 (you can look up the lunar calendar from 2001 to check it out).

This night signals the beginning of the darker half of the year. And, the veil between worlds becomes thinner but it's told that on this night in 2020, the veil will totally disappear!

This (Samhain) is also known as the witches New Year, but this time (and what this holiday means) represents the start of winter, the end of the harvest period, and the end of the year.

This blue moon (which are always full moons) is under the sign of Taurus, so it's a great night to do MANY things that can empower you and allow you to use this blue moon and highly energetic time!

Some of these 7 things are powerful integrations to bring into your full moon rituals at any time!

  1. Decide what to let go of and write it down and set intentions to let it go.
  2. In this Taurus blue moon and Samhain energy, this is a brilliant time to write down your wishes/desires and look at what you want to bring to fruition over the next cycle until the next blue moon (typically 2.5 years). 
  3. Take a cleansing bath with epsom salts and essential oils - patchouli is a great scent for today.
  4. On Samhain (aka Halloween), look to your ancestral past, connect with the souls of those whose blood runs through your veins. For me, I am reconnecting with my powerful priestess, healers, witches, shamans, and women & men of the ancient pagan & Celtic ways from Irish, Scottish, British and Germanic descent. 
  5. It's a perfect time to make moon water. How to make moon water (a simple moon water recipe): Pour pure, filtered water into a container and leave it out under the Moonlight. Bring it inside the next morning, bottle and label for future use. In this Taurus blue moon, the water will have stable, earthy, fertile energy.
  6. Cleanse crystals in the powerful energy of the moonlight.
  7. Take this time to look at shadows; look at the things that you need to break free from - breaking free from conditioning and patterns holding you back.

Be EMPOWERED, dive into your soul, and enjoy this POWERFUL NIGHT! Welcome in other dimensions to see and heal with your ancient ancestors. Look outside up to the skies tonight because we live in the universe where the fundamental law is "as above, so below."

We are powerful, we are creators, and we can harness energy to live our fullest lives right now! Swing the gates of life open!

Happy Samhain to my fellow Celtic, pagan soul family that's full of witches, healers, shamans, lightworkers, light warriors, starseeds, and indigos -- to all that are helping move humanity forward, let's keep fighting for the light!