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Pressing Pause in Your Life [Why Pressing the Pause Button is a Necessity]

By: Natalie Viglione

· Building Your Mission,Heart-Based Leadership

Sometimes the pause button is a necessity. It's the way to RESET, RENEW, and RECHARGE!

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Have you felt some areas in your life that have a layer of friction? Or, maybe there's an uneasiness somewhere and it's an area that feels a little raw or wounded?

If so, this is usually a wake up call that it's time for a little refresh-- time to use that pause button!

Pausing doesn't mean that you have to put everything to a halt, but it can mean you don't do as much or that you focus attention on other things while spending less time on others. Sometimes the best and ONLY way clarity comes is when you press that pause button. When your life feels like there's some uneasiness, or if there's just some odd tension coming from somewhere or some thing, make sure you pay attention to that. Your soul is trying to speak to you.

From my perspective, here's the top 3 things to remember:

  1. Just know that you have the right to say NO to things that aren't vibing with you at that moment. 
  2. You have the right to push stuff until next week or next month because sometimes a little refresh is what the soul is requiring of you. 
  3. You have the right to put major boundaries around your life.

But, make sure to answer people when they ask and you don't have to make things up, you can simply just say "I am taking a pause for a while, but we'll chat soon!"

People can respect the pause button if they're up to speed on the fact that you're pausing and not just ghosting (which is one of THE WORST things you can do to ANYONE).

There is no difference between our lives and our companies or careers. It's all intertwined on every level possible, and there's no way that you can untangle them. The key is to just remember it's about INTEGRATION!

Happy pausing if that's something you feel you need right now in your life! You always have permission to do what's right to reset and just paying attention to this feeling will bring peace to that area where you're feeling some friction.

This year teaches us that shadows (and truth) will come out of the darkness whether we like it or not, and hitting pause is a natural part of these kinds of processes for our souls to heal on any level.

Your life and business (or career) are totally intertwined. Check out more about pressing pause in your BUSINESS ...

Pressing pause allows you to...

  • Get clarity in your life and business
  • Do the personal development work that it takes 
  • Learn to walk intentionally into moments of great change (the Disrupt Now is about getting UP and out of a place of being STUCK to make GREAT change happen in your life)