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Natalie's New Interview: Get Out of Autopilot & Step into Your True Power

Natalie's Interview on Her Ambitious Career with Rebecca Allen

In Episode 55 of Her Ambitious Career with Rebecca Allen, 'Get Out of Autopilot & Step into Your True Power', I'll be sharing how to shake things up in your life and career if you're feeling stuck.

Here's something that stood out in this interview:

You can create a Desire List: what was it I desire and how did I get here? And where did these mismatches really come from?

(Natalie Viglione, guest on Her Ambitious Career podcast)

In this episode, I share:

  • How to recognize you're in 'autopilot' and how to shake up those patterns of thinking and behavior
  • How to become more consciously aware of your patterns
  • How to avoid self-depletion and step into your true power
  • How we all have our unique magic and purpose
  • Losing yourself and your identity when giving yourself too much to others
  • How boundaries should be your best friend; extract yourself from negative relationships to keep control of your own power, instead of giving it away
And more! You can listen to the full episode below!



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