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Ep 111, Becoming Clear About Your Genius and Mission

Host & creator, Natalie Viglione

In this podcast episode, we have Mahima, the creator of The Mahima Mindset that helps people find and live their higher purpose. This powerhouse joins Natalie to talk about stepping into our genius, integrating shadow, and finding our brilliance.

Great affirmations inside this episode like:
⭐ I trust myself.
⭐ I love myself.
⭐ I honor myself.
⭐ I respect myself.

Here are some of the insights in this episode:

  • Why powerful decisions should be made with creativity, joy, and love, not driven by fear.
  • What it means to “follow your bliss”
  • That we must look beyond our pain, suffering, and our stories
  • Find out the two levels of purpose: soul purpose and body purpose
  • How you can honor the power of the now
  • Why owning the “darkness within” (often called the shadow) helps to rearrange our thought patterns and empower the creator within
  • Why connecting deeper into the soul and “who you are” is where you can find freedom

…and more!

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Mahima - Europe’s No 1 Self Mastery Mentor, Mindset Trainer, International Bestselling Author and Award Winning Speaker and Founder of The Mahima Mindset.


Mahima is the first Black Self Mastery Mentor to have spoken at The Harvard Club of Boston in July 2018. In 2017 she got to share the stage with Sir Richard Branson at a business development event in Singapore. She has also had the privilege to share the stage with other thought leaders like Les Brown, Kevin Harrington, Lisa Nichols, Vishen Lakhiani and Kane and Alessia Minkus. Mahima has done over 10 000 hours of meditation practice and to date has helped transform the lives of over 19 241 thousand people, with her unique creations, “The inner peace formula” and “The own your superstar” multi award winning training. Since 1997 Mahima and her team have developed a world-class personal growth academy, which evolved into what is today known as The Mahima Mindset. The Mahima Mindset helps people find and live their higher purpose.


Mahima is Born and brought up in Zimbabwe but has spent her whole adult life travelling around the world teaching her unique brand of Mindful Leadership. She has spoken at Google and given workshops at UBS bank, The Global Fund and Mindvalley’s epic Afest and many other prestigious companies. She has been featured as a thought leader on Dukus Copy TV and is currently featured on leading meditation apps like Omvana, Insight and Mindbliss. Mahima has received The Swiss Enterprise Award 2017 for Best Meditation Coach and many other international awards for her trainings in 2018 and 2019.


“I love to help people get fully connected to a happiness and inner strength that is not dependent on outside circumstances, events or people. Most people are looking for permission to live an extraordinary life. Waiting to be recognized for their hard work and efforts, when the truth is, that recognition needs to come from an internal place. When the voice inside your own head becomes supportive and encouraging, that’s when you become a leader that people will listen to. Your ability to lead yourself out of negative thoughts and emotions and truly radiate as a positive, loving and respectful person, is really playing the game of life at its highest level. Work on you with as much passion as you work on your job and relationships and you will live a purpose driven live, a fulfilled and happy life. Come join me and let’s deep dive YOU” Mahima

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