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Ep. 34, Disrupt Now Podcast: Empowerment Through Divorce

A True Story with Special Guest: Cassandra D'Alessio

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The greatest disrUPtions in our lives mean that we are being given the opportunity to grow in ways we never imagined! - Natalie Viglione

In episode 34, Natalie gets to speak with a woman that was empowered to share her divorce story that led to some great things in her life (albeit more awesome than great)! Major disruptions, like divorce, can create AMAZING opportunities for growth in life! Divorce always seems to be a "voodoo" topic and Natalie has NEVER, EVER have agreed with that. We need to heal our traumas, emotional or otherwise, and speaking about those things are the ways to heal. We need to be empowered by other's that get OUT of bad relationships!

Natalie's special guest, Cassandra D'Alessio, never, ever, EVER thought she would own her own business. However, the disruption she went through in late 2015 changed EVERYTHING! Here are some of the things she will share with the Disrupt Now community-- a triple whammy:

  1. We'll talk about her divorce and how this journey transpired
  2. How she lost her job pretty much at the same time!
  3. Then, on top of all the crazy (when you think enough is enough) she also lost her home!

It's crazy when these kinds of major shifts happen. We often think that the Universe is conspiring 'against us' but the reality is it is conspiring FOR US! It's up to others to share their stories to help empower others to have the strength and courage to get through the horrid and into the zone that is not so far after the horrid... the time of uplifting!



Words directly from Cassandra:

As a former marketing director, I know first-hand how it feels to be inundated with the "latest and greatest" marketing trends. I needed to quickly learn which were the best for my message, my target demographics, and my budget. I founded Next Page Brand Strategies on the desire to help other businesses navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape. I've worked extensively in brand development, media relations, website management, promotional marketing strategies, social media, advertising campaigns, and strategic marketing plans.

I have a B.A. in Creative Writing from Miami University (Ohio) and an M.A. in English from the University of Louisville. Prior to working in marketing, I was a Rhetorical Writing Lecturer at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. When I'm not working with clients, I am walking my dog, Max, and cooking Eggplant Parmesan.


@nextpagebrand on Facebook and Instagram

Cassandra D'Alessio, M.A. on LinkedIn

Have you had a recent divorce, or do you think you need to disrupt your life and get away from a bad relationship? Email Natalie at to talk more about life guidance through this time.

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