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Are You Trying to Escape Something in Your Life?

Natalie Viglione

· Natural Medicine and Healing

It's a New Year... Happy 2019! Let's focus on a few things to clean up the soul as we transition into it.

Big question: Are you trying to escape something in your life? If you're trying to escape something, realize that you can't hide from it. The reality of a situation will find you, even if you try to hide!

Here are 3 deeper questions to start your year off with to do a little cleansing:

  1. What baggage do you bring day-to-day that you need to deal with NOW
  2. What are you trying to escape? 
  3. What truths in your life are you trying to pretend aren't there?

Waiting until a new year to start to get shit done wastes so much precious time in the in-between! But, there's never a time like NOW to start figuring out some things that are keeping you bound to a spot you don't want to be in, or to a person you don't want to be attached to, or to a job you hate, etc. etc.

Let me share some things based on this topic that I am cleansing as I type this. It took a big wake up call over the holiday break for me to realize something. I have been trying to escape some harsh realities that I am in right now. 2018 was a humbling year, that word pretty much covers the bulk of what came to a head in my life. I realized recently that I've been trying to sort of live "around" the health trauma I am dealing with that started in early 2018.

This weird health situation made me 1) feel like my blood was boiling under my skin, 2) have excess cortisol pumping in my body, 3) gain about 50 lbs in no time, etc. (there's so much more but this post is meant to be short). Bottom line, my truth right now is that up to this point and throughout the end of the year in 2018, a big piece of me was trying to hide in some normalcy.

Everyone's “normalcy” is different, and mine was still going out and drinking to have fun and trying to forget this health BS was going on. I mean I couldn't even drink anything I really like due to the fact I am taking in NO sugar at all and have been on a massively restrictive nutrition plan for 6 months. But, recently my body said NO! Over the break, I got sick because I drank a couple martinis on top of some spiked seltzer's during the day and it was like I had 12 martinis! My body literally went into shock mode and expelled the toxic juice. I mean, this is coming from a girl who LOVES to have fun and being out and being social with some libations has always been a way that I've celebrated in life. So, that hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized my body at this time is trying to tell me something. What do you think my body was saying? At a very basic level it was saying, "No, Natalie! Stop, you cannot do this anymore, I am not well, please FIX ME!"

So, I listened, I agree with my body and so here on out I am not allowing any more alcohol toxins into my body, not even spiked seltzers (as great as those are and so much healthier than anything a person can drink). Escaping something using some method like booze or prescription drugs is just not dealing and escapism just doesn't work (and I do not mean people with true chemical imbalances that truly need meds in this sentence, I mean escaping to not feel emotions like pain, or a bad situation, etc.). Trying to hide by doing something that makes you "forget" isn't healthy, so here's a quick 2-step process to stop and reflect a bit.

Step 1. Ponder the question, what am I trying to escape? Is there something in my life that's like an elephant in the room and I am trying to ignore it? For me, I wasn't truly ignoring my health problems, I am open about them, but I had to ask myself why am I still trying to hold onto drinking? Why is that the one place that I am trying to "act normal" when I am anything but that right now? Once I sat back and looked at this deeply, I realized I was trying to escape the crazy health issues that I am dealing with and there is no way around it. I CANNOT ESCAPE BECAUSE IT IS MY BODY! That thing follows me around everywhere so there's no escaping that!

Step 2. Then ask yourself what's the shift that must take place? What do you need to dive head first into? How do you do that? What drastic changes need to be made? What do you need to be open about to share your reality with those around you? For me, I had to make a shift and dive head first into the full reality of my health situation and realize that I am not normal. I have to be OK with that right now. I have to learn to love this body so that it can heal.

Truth be told, right at this moment I don't love my body. It doesn't even look like me. It is inflamed and angry, it is infected inside, and the syndrome that I am dealing with caused it to look very different than it ever has in my life. But, regardless, I need to love it NOW so that it feels that love and then can heal. If I run away from this truth, I am basically telling myself that I hate myself. What's OK about that? So based on this assessment, I came to the realization that the drastic change is that there is no more drinking at all for me for no less than 6 months or for much longer. It depends on when I am in a much better spot health-wise. Bottom line there is no hiding!!! Prescription meds or booze are two things that should never be used as an escape mechanism.

The truth about life is that you must feel the bitter with the sweet to live it fully. It's the yin and yang in its truest form.


- Natalie Viglione

Now is a great time to sit down and answer these above questions for yourself; you may be quite surprised with the answers you get from your mind, body or soul. Let 2019 be the year you uncover some hidden truths and make some changes so that you can stand in your truth 100%! I'm with you so remember you're never alone!

Are you ready to make 2019 a year you accomplish all the things you've been daydreaming about?

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