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Ep. 58: Why You Must Value Your Worth Even When You Feel Like the World Is Crumbling

How self-worth impacts net worth


Host: Natalie Viglione

· Podcast Episode,Building Your Mission

When things fall apart, it makes room for something new to emerge.

While it may feel like the world is crumbling around us these days, it is actually a great opportunity for us to examine how we assign value to ourselves, and to heal some of the unhealthy ways we think and feel about money.

A great way to disrupt the status quo is to radically change your relationship to money… because your self-worth is not about how much money you make, even though it’s not what most of us tell ourselves.

If you have any “money issues” (who doesn’t, right?), you’ll want to listen in on Natalie’s talk with Life, Career, and Money Breakthrough Coach, Barb Garrison.

You may learn some things about money that hadn’t occurred to you before. For instance, have you ever considered that you are in a relationship with money? Or thought about what your family money legacy is?

Barb has a way of getting at “money issues” that addresses them at the root and helps heal our relationship with money. This approach gets right down to the source or our issues around money, while having the added benefit of bringing more of it into our lives!

Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode with us:

  • What a money breakthrough is.

  • Insight into your family money legacy.

  • How self worth impacts net worth.

  • How to make a deposit in your self-worth account.

  • How to strengthen your relationship with money.

  • And more…

No matter what’s happening, don’t let your self-esteem take a hit.

I'm on a mission to help people avoid taking a hit to their self-esteem, as a result of this unprecedented time of covid, no matter how much it's impacted their work, paycheck or bank account

  • Your bio says you're a Money Breakthrough Coach. What does that mean?
  • Our self-worth has a direct impact on our net-worth
  • How we value (or don't value) ourselves impacts how we react when we get a job offer, how we price our services and even the clients we attract
  • For entrepreneurs, our business can only grow as much as we're willing to grow personally
  • Where do our assumptions and beliefs around money and work come from?
  • What if we're not good with money? Or money makes us feel uncomfortable?
  • How do we learn to value ourselves more?

Learning to value yourself, your gifts and all you have to contribute to others is the most important self-development work you can do

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Barb Garrison is a Career & Money Breakthrough Coach and “Job-You-Love” expert at

Internal Groove, the company she founded 14 years ago. She helps burned out,

success-driven professionals who are just going through the motions design a career,

based on their TRUTH, that makes them leap out of bed even on Monday mornings.

The creator of The Job I Love Revolution, Barb supports corporate executives and

entrepreneurs to move from self-doubt and burned out to relief and freedom.

After 18 years in marketing and surviving corporate burnout herself, Barb combines her

experience as a mentor, marketer, corporate director, consultant, and two-time

entrepreneur with her passion for self-discovery. She has degrees in Psychology and

Mass Communications, plus 3 professional coaching certifications. Informed by your

natural gifts and highest truth, Barb is an expert at designing creative career solutions you

might not see on your own. She can be found working one-on-one with clients around the

country, in private retreats with those who fly in to work with her, plus teaching from the

stage at workshops and leading mastermind groups.

After relocating from a fast-paced life in Los Angeles, Barb fulfilled her grand plan and

lives with her husband at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, CO.


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