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Discovering What's On the Other Side of Fear [You Are More Powerful Than You Know]

Listen to natalie viglione on courtney elmer's podcast, the effortless life

· Podcast Episode,Building Your Mission

it's about Moving Through fear...not being fearless!

In a time of great fear, we'd be silly to ignore that "fear" is a big influence in our lives, especially if you're a business owner.

Right now, we shouldn't pretend it's "business as usual" either, if we were to do that then we aren't being authentic!

In entrepreneurship, we have to consistently move THROUGH fear. It's not about being fearLESS, it is about digging INTO the fear that is felt, and committing to YOURSELF that you WILL get to the other side. And, when you do, knowing that ALL WILL BE WELL.

Things don't happen without a greater purpose and reason, even if it seems insane in the moment (or for a time).

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