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Disrupt Now Podcast, Ep. 23: Education on Holistic Chiropractic Care & Health

With Special Guest, Dr. Grant Lisetor

· Podcast Episode,Disruption Story

Society has a lack of education as it relates to chiropractic care (holistic, neurologically-based chiropractic care more specifically), and we can all agree that our health "care" system is more than BROKEN (we like to call it our "health-don't-care" system).

How can we take our power back? How do we stop being victims of our own health and what we think is inevitable? How do we PREVENT disease and be proactive versus reactive? What are myths we're told to keep us "down" from asking too many questions of our general health system and practitioners?

Host, Natalie Viglione, has a special guest Dr. Grant Lisetor (or Dr. Grant for short), on episode 23 of the Disrupt Now podcast to talk more in-depth about these topics and more.

Dr. Grant is the owner of a holistic, neurologically-based chiropractic care office in Charlotte, NC with his wife, Samantha.



Dr. Grant and his wife Sam had the honor of serving alongside Dr.’s Jeremy and Amanda Hess at Discover Chiropractic in the state of Georgia for four years. Together they built the largest pediatric chiropractic office in the southeast United States. During his time in Georgia, Dr. Lisetor served various homeless ministries by not only helping to lead food and clothing drives but also providing complImentary chiropractic care to the homeless: offering hundreds of people an opportunity to achieve greater health and freedom from drugs.

Dr. Grant and his wife move to Charlotte in 2014 where they launched Greater Life Chiropractic. It has quickly become the largest pediatric chiropractic office in Charlotte, and they are planning to open additional chiropractic practices as a means to serve a greater population. One of the primary aims of their practice is to give back to the community – thus far they have accomplished this by doing an underwear and sock drive for the local women’s shelter, giving 40 brand new bicycles to children in need, multiple back to school supply drives, giving trees where children in need receive brand new wrapped gifts from Santa after getting a picture on his lap, and an annual Thanksgiving drive where they deliver fully prepared meals to hundreds of Charlotte families in need on the morning of Thanksgiving.

Dr. Lisetor received his doctorate from Life University, the largest and most advanced chiropractic school in the world. Dr. Lisetor is an expert in upper cervical, Thompson, and Gonstead adjusting techniques. These techniques are some of the oldest in the chiropractic profession, which through years of research have become the most effective and reproducible techniques. They are all gentle, low force, high-speed techniques. He also has extensive training in adjusting children and pregnant women. His dedication and expertise allow him to deliver the highest quality of care.

Dr. Grant suffered a major wrestling injury in high school. He had gone to a number of doctors and as a last resort went to a chiropractor. After a few adjustments, he was remarkably able to return to the mats. He continued care for the rest of the season and noticed improvements in his sleep habits and energy levels. He was also named team captain that season due to a marked improvement in athleticism. It was this experience that fueled the fire in him to become a chiropractor.


Instagram: @greaterlifechiropractic

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