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Disrupt Now Podcast Ep. 22, Science and Spirituality

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Disrupt Now Podcast Episode #22

Science + Spirituality is the conversation host, Natalie Viglione, and Special Guest of Team Gu, Andrea Mejia, tackle in this episode of Disrupt Now! This is the start of our podcast episodes where guests and hosts have conversations with libations... why not have some drinks while we talk about this thing called life!?

But the kicker is that we have deep life conversations; we're not talking about fluffy stuff like what to buy your granny for Christmas. We're talking DISRUPTION and CHANGE to help move humanity forward! Ideas, concepts, thoughts, things that can make you go hmmmm!

WANT TO WATCH A VIDEO INSTEAD OF LISTEN TO THE PODCAST? (You can listen below!) We’ve got a video to accompany this if you’d rather watch than listen! You can catch that here:

In this episode, they discuss science (or as it was called centuries ago “experiment”) and spirituality. We deep dive into spirituality as it relates to the sense of connectedness to oneself, to the universe, having a global awareness of what “humanity” truly means. Not the church, not defined as a religion, but a connectedness in mind, body, spirit and to the global consciousness of all of humanity. We discuss (with those yummy cocktails) what the difference is being truly AWAKE versus just existing, why we have this mentality to “keep up with the Jones,” to keep running towards this “thing,” or the end of something like there’s some big prize versus being conscious and mindful of every action throughout your entire life (starting now)! We traverse some great philosophers from the 17th – 19th centuries like Soren Kierkegaard and Heinrich Khunrath.


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