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Disrupt Now Podcast: Ep 52,

Letting Go of Control and the Power of Surrendering

Host: Natalie Viglione

Special Invite Co-Host: Diane McDermott

· Podcast Episode

Being Open to Allow All That Is to Flow Through You Equals Purpose!

Natalie Viglione, host & creator, and co-host, Diane McDermott, dive into why surrendering is SO important right now (now more than ever)! There was a video but Zoom couldn’t keep up with us so we had to trash it (BOO!).

Recorded on a 444 portal day (April 4, 2020) so there was a powerful force that we had to surrender to (with some libations to help fuel the conversation).

Grab a glass of whatever you need right now, and sit back and listen!

This episode touches on:

  • How surrendering is not about sitting back and thinking that things come TO you without ANY hard work or actions

  • Allowing feelings to come through you even when you want to resist

  • That you’ve got to TAKE ACTION but not use brute force to bring something to fruition

  • It’s a opening up to a softness, to allowing things to flow THROUGH you

  • We must surrender to the fact that we can’t control everything (we know, that’s NOT easy!)

  • The power of surrendering GIVES you power (but you have to be an active participant)

  • That there is NOTHING coming to save you

  • And MORE!

A note from Natalie Viglione on letting go and the process of surrendering:

As I step more fully into my purpose, the word surrender has been screaming at me. Since 2020 unleashed it’s cosmic energetic power, this is one thing that keeps hitting me in the face. But this word doesn’t mean what most people think it means. It doesn’t mean that you’ve been driving your “car of life” and now all of a sudden you take your hands off the wheel, sit back, and do absolutely nothing and just let some other force drive for you. You give all your power away to some other being OUT THERE (or in many instances, UP there).

This couldn’t be further from the truth nor farther from the reality of what humans must do to come into their power!

As 2020 brutally woke my ass up in many ways and on many levels (let’s not even talk about this “pandemic”), I’ve needed to take time to figure out what surrendering means in my existence, and what it can mean for all of humanity. As I’ve contemplated this word and the power that it holds, I’ve realized that surrendering really means trusting. It’s letting go in the sense that we don’t use brute force to make things happen. It’s letting go of pure control and trusting that the universe has your back (article and free class on that here by myself and Diane on my Smart Start Series online personal development program site). We must allow ourselves to take the necessary actions and not be paralyzed with fear to move forward.

It’s about letting go of the expectations of what something MUST look like and trusting that as you are CREATING, the way that it is created t is the way it needed to happen for you at this moment. No pushing a square peg in a round hole. Or, as I’ve said recently, pushing a unicorn-shaped peg into a square hole. It’s just not going to fit and no matter how much brute force or WISHING for something to happen, it isn’t going to work. That part we must let go of completely.

There is a clear line between desire and action and wishing and creating. Using positive thoughts is just a tiny tip of the massive iceberg and unfortunately it’s NOT enough to bring abundance into your life and/or make something come to life. It takes a lot more than that, but using positive affirmations is just one small tool to incorporate that can help. But, the truth is, most thoughts come from the subconscious. That’s where all the power lies and if you don’t uncover what’s hidden there, no matter how many times you say “I desire” something or try to think on it, it isn’t going to happen if your subconscious and brain has pre-programmed negative core beliefs that directly oppose that from coming to fruition in your life.

As I am stepping into my full power as I type this, the sheer act of trusting my intuition gives me power; a power that I’ve always known has set me apart and made me feel a bit like an outsider. You have this power, too. It’s a power that any human can activate but it’s the full activation that must take place. And, based on our DNA and the time/place that we’re born, we’re all given different superpowers as part of our gift/purpose on this planet.

I am learning the Art of Softness. This is the underlying essence of my purpose and it allows me to use empowerment to help others see their gifts and harness them creatively, and teaching others how to step softly into life by tapping into their own innate intuition. This means having full CLARITY of your life without it being mucked up by garbage that lives in the programming your brain has received.

My gift and superpower that I’ve always known that I have is that I can see the future. I have a gift of clairvoyance and clairaudience, and those gifts are what I am stepping into fully right now. Yes, I’ve always had these gifts ever since I was young, but I didn’t know how powerful they could be. Truth and what will come are passed to me through dreams, or in waves of emotional intuition and flashes of awareness that I receive from other people.

By honing this skill to allow myself to know what will take place which puts me in a very weird spot, but the truth of the matter is that by having this ability to have some clarity about the future, I can change the way I live my life and this can allow me to relax more deeply into my being. Using clairvoyance/clairaudience is something I’ve been slightly ignoring because it’s not like this is accepted as normal conversation (sadly). I have definitely used these gifts, but I haven’t stepped INTO these gifts fully. That’s what I am being guided to do right now. These gifts are POWERFUL and by using them in my own life, I make them stronger which will allow me to use them even more powerfully in my service to others.

The odd thing is that as I surrender and let go to step into these gifts, my abilities will allow me to sense what is coming, but I still have to function within the realm of duality. This isn’t a comfortable place to exist, but as I expand my awareness I can also expand to pick up a wider and more integrated vision of reality. My work in this can lift the frequency of others through which is all about deep healing at a DNA level. Gentleness opens the heart and leads to transcendence and this is what humanity needs most of all-- transcendence! This is the Art of Softness.

“Clarity is the realization that everything is linked through gentleness in an extraordinary and beautiful way - they [people with these gifts] become a tuning fork for the Divine Presence.” - The Gene Keys, Richard Rudd.

Surrendering to our purpose is the most powerful act that we create in our lives, and it takes action and work to really make it happen! You deserve that, too!


Or, you can listen below!

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