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Disrupt Now Podcast: Ep 51,

Being Purposeful in Business & Authentically Acing the Gram

Host: Natalie Viglione

Co-Host: Diane McDermott


Our Special Guests: Viv Conway and Tash Meys

· Podcast Episode

Are you an OUTLIER?

Do you realize that you’re not meant to walk the SAME OLE status quo path?

If so, this episode is for you, as is all of our episodes!

Two women from the same small hometown (they didn’t even know each other!) in New Zealand. They go to the same university, meet each other there, and realize they’re meant for something OTHER THAN your typical corporate path.

Many are realizing that this is the best path for them today and sometimes it’s amazing to hear how other people are doing it! But please know that it is not without hurdles to jump over. Nothing is perfect, so it’s good to know how others challenge themselves DAILY to make it all work.

Being an outlier is NOT EASY though. Your family may think you’re crazy. Shit, you may even think you’re crazy. But you’ve got to learn to TRUST YOU. Trust that intuition that yells at you from your heart center. Balancing things today means getting support to move all of the needles forward rather than one area of your life, because life and business are connected - truly connected.

Disrupt Now is all about empowering OUTLIERS. Discovering our innate gifts and then GOING FOR IT.

In this episode, we soul-dive into the journey of Viv Conway and Tash Meys of Ace the Gram, a company and podcast, we uncover:

  • How POWERFUL the idea of Yin & Yang truly is. This concept drives the universe, as it does most successful relationships (romantic or otherwise). Learn more in this episode about what that means.

  • Don’t let your brain trick you into thinking you don’t know how to do something that you’re damn good at. TRUST YOUR GUT

  • There are many ups and downs in running a business, KNOW YOUR GENIUS

  • Don’t be afraid to change everything when a specific part of the business isn’t working

  • Have a business plan or at least an objective perspective to have a plan on how things need to operate

  • What it REALLY takes (the self-discipline) to run a business today as it’s all about the ONLINE set up

  • How you need to be of service to others, not your ego

  • That personal development is TRULY the path that can lead to advancement for your personal life AND YOUR BUSINESS

Here are Viv and Tash’s TOP TIPS TO ACE THE GRAM [the Instagram, that is]:

  1. Know this, and if you don’t know this, learn this. What are you good at? MAXIMIZE IT!

  2. What’s the value that you provide from YOUR perspective?

  3. Always have Intention when you post, don’t post just to post some irrelevant stuff.

  4. Always be authentic in what it is being written.

  5. Hashtags are important and they MUST BE wrapped around the value and top words that can connect back to you (have a strategy for this).

  6. Do collaborations - true relationship driven collaborations! That will help you boost your efforts!


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