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Ep 123, Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Conditions: How to Tap into Your Body's Healing Potential

Host & Creator, Natalie Viglione

Chronic conditions, whether it be pain or illness, don't have to be permanent.

In this podcast episode, our guest is Katie Wrigley, a certified Advanced Cognomovement Practitioner, and we will be talking about the importance of loving and appreciating your body and telling it so. We'll dive into how the work we do can contribute to our healing or become detrimental to our well-being, and why it's crucial to be mindful of what we do.

Here are some insightful knowledge that can be found in this episode:

  • Healing is not always a linear process, and progress can take many forms.
  • Tapping into your unique body and embracing its power can be transformative.
  • Loving your body, accepting it for what it is, and acknowledging its strengths and weaknesses can be an essential part of the healing process.
  • Work that is harmful or stressful can hinder our healing journey, and it's essential to be mindful of the impact it has on our health.
  • We have the innate ability to heal ourselves and can be our own best healers.
  • Understanding that we are conscious beings and bringing that awareness into our healing process can be transformative. We are continually evolving and learning, and our journey towards optimal health is ongoing.
  • What is Cognomovement and how does it allow us to tap into our innate abilities to heal ourselves.

Join us in this powerful conversation about healing and self-love, and learn how you can tap into your unique magick to embrace your body and live your best life!


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Katie is committed to helping you heal and live without constant pain, stress, and trauma that’s limiting you from life, love, and experience.

That’s right, managing your pain can be fun.

In 2017, Katie hit rock bottom. She had spent eight years in chronic pain, and over twenty years ignoring her own needs and the signals her body was trying to tell. From the outside, her life looked amazing. She was jumping out of planes, traveling the world for work AND for pleasure — She had a lucrative career where she was very well respected, but she had had it with all the diagnoses piling up especially when she reached the end of what traditional medicine could do to help her.

  • Fractured T10
  • Six bulging discs in my lumbar and sacral spine
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Scoliosis
  • ADHD
  • IBS-C
  • Herniated disc in neck with a bone spur rubbing on the peripheral nerve
  • Arthritic knees, with a knee replacement
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) 
  • Centralized Sensitization
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Fractured facet joint at L5 with severe arthritis rubbing on peripheral nerve
  • Hysterectomy from severe endometriosis and adenomyosis

… with a doctor’s prognosis that more surgeries were to come.

And that was just her medical file, her personal life was even a bigger mess! Anxiety was a constant companion, along with pain, stress, and anger. By the time 2016 rolled around, Katie's body was in such a state that she was breaking out in hives every day. She tried to numb the pain with substance abuse and other unhealthy methods including a marriage doomed to fail before it began. All of this resulted in friendships dissolving, withdrawing from activities she once loved, accumulating massive debt, and so much more. She had multiple surgeries with a prognosis of several more in her future.

Traditional Medicine had failed Katie — and she was terrified.

In 2020 Katie found Cognomovement and she finally experienced what her coach had told her years before: Katie had healed herself with my mind. Cognomovement gave her the key to finally and permanently ending her pain state. The benefits were so incredible that she knew she had to share them with others. Katie wanted to take what she learned and help people like enjoy life again.

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