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Breaking Bad Choices & Changing Your Perspective

The "Breaking Bad" Video Series Episode 1, By: Natalie Viglione

· Heart-Based Leadership

Aren't we really talking about how to transform when we speak about shifting the mindset or changing our perspective? I think so, and here's why!

Launched! The first episode of the Breaking Bad video series. This Breaking Bad video series is about fueling self-discovery and I provide my insight on ways that I've empowered my life, focusing on the lows and highs, and the education I provide to help my clients. The point of being a coach, or a life guide as I call myself, is to provide guidance so that the same mistakes aren't made by others. It takes a whole lot of life experience to get the ability to share that with others.

My journey has been fueled with major lows, the highest of highs, goals getting checked off right and left, huge redirects, turnarounds, wonderful surprises, and so much more. But, through all of what I've experienced in the past 20 years of my 20-year-old self to my now 40-year-old self, there has been one thing that has been consistent: I have NEVER been afraid to look into the depths of my soul to learn how to be better than I was yesterday, and I want to share that wisdom with others. That's my why... EMPOWERING other's to live their best life possible!

Each video will feature one of these within the "Breaking Bad..." series. Breaking Bad...

  • Habits
  • Choices
  • Health Patterns
  • Loops
  • Thoughts

This first episode about Breaking Bad CHOICES, and how changing your perspective can mean everything! The choices that we make, even if we feel like we were forced into a situation, can be seen in a new light at any point and all we have to do is change our perspective in how we truly see the moment unfold. Asking questions like "Why is this happening and what is teaching me?" can fuel the self-discovery process around the situation which provides value in revealing the truth of the WHY.

This is true for both our personal lives as well as for our professional lives, especially when we're talking about an entrepreneur's life. Our personal life and professional life is NEVER separate, and should NOT be fully if we want to be authentic, transparent, and honest with ourselves and those around us.

Sometimes we just don't realize that a challenging scenario can be (ultimately) a beautiful opportunity where we're asked to EVOLVE in ways that make us better and more awesome than we were before. Shifting the mindset means transformation!

Watch the 1st episode here: