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Ep. 36, Disrupt Now Podcast: The Art of Allowing, the Invitation for Magical Experiences

With Special Guest, Diane McDermott

· Podcast Episode,Heart-Based Leadership

Episode 36 is all about the act and art of ALLOWING...

ALLOWING. That word is a powerful word and an even more powerful action. To ALLOW can mean things that you allow in your life which opens up to the exploration of things you've never experienced before. But, it can also be something that you allow yourself to say NO to.

Both the opening up to allow new things and the saying of the word 'no' are equal in the empowerment that they provide in your life. You must allow yourself to be OK with letting go of the "old" (the status quo as we say at Disrupt Now) to allow yourself to open your soul up to new and exciting things!

This is where we can invite the MAGIC to come and surround us! Magical things can seem 'good' and maybe even sometimes they can seem 'bad' but either way, the universe if giving you something that you need at that moment in time. Sometimes that thing will be something that will elevate you to new empowerment levels that you never thought possible. The opening up of new doors, the ability to learn new things, the crazy experiences to share that seem unbelievable to have survived, and so much more.

The art of self-discovery is all wrapped around ALLOWING as well. Allowing yourself to be open-minded to see all of life's possibilities, and then where you need to "clean" things up to allow more awesomeness to enter your path.

This episode's featured special guest and fellow badass lady is Diane McDermott (in-studio in Charlotte, NC). She has an awesome story, and there's a lot more on that below. Please reach out and connect directly with her!


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Connect with Diane McDermott:


Diane grew up in the NYC suburbs, went to college on Long Island NY and moved to the Charlotte area in 2002. She now calls South Charlotte home. 2018 was a year that brought the awareness and invitation to step into owning and embracing her natural talents of writing and speaking (ALLOWING!).

She’s the owner of Between the Lines LLC, a ghostwriting business founded with a passion for empowerment. Diane uses her innate gifts of written expression, listening and intuition to help people express their unique wisdom and stories. She’s also a dating profile writing specialist and is an expert at helping women overcome the daunting task of creating a perfect message to attract their ideal match.

During and beyond the intense process of becoming joyfully divorced, Diane discovered her true core values and continues to use them to align every aspect of and relationship in her life. Top priority values include heartfelt connection, humor, integrity, and joy.

Navigating through and beyond divorce included the opportunity for Diane to rediscover, reclaim and express her authentic self even more fully than ever before. That transformative journey is one that continues to unfold and along the way she’s gained tremendous insight, clarity, and wisdom. She is passionate about sharing what she’s learned and illuminating the path for anyone else navigating this messy human experience is a central reason she continues to share her story and experiences.

Diane is a Charlotte Animal Care & Control Volunteer and Cat Foster Mom since 2010, was named the CMPD Volunteer of the Year for 2013. Diane was the Philanthropy Chair for Business Sorority’s South Chapter from 2013-mid 2018 and is currently the Business Sorority Philanthropy Director.

She is an avid reader, casual cook, occasional runner and completed the Charlotte Marathon relay in November 2016. She is the mom to two cats and in downtime is most likely found relaxing at home or being selectively social with close friends and chosen family. She is a proud aunt of three nephews and one niece. Diane has a B.A. in Psychology and a background in counseling.


Company: Between the Lines LLC


Social, Instagram: @betweenthelinesclt