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Ep 107, Become a Powerful

Spiritual Alchemist

[Stop Being Controlled by Anything Outside

of Yourself]

Host & creator, natalie viglione

Alchemy is not just about turning metals into gold, it's much more and greater than that. But what does ‘alchemy’ truly mean? This episode is all about putting an end to being controlled by outside forces, transmuting, and becoming a powerful Spiritual Alchemist.

Tracy King is an intuitive channel and transformational teacher. She also hosts the podcast Gritty Mystic. In this extremely powerful episode, we'll be diving into the following:

  • How we can use Spiritual Alchemy to map where we are in our evolution of consciousness
  • What the 3 key phases of Spiritual Alchemy are, and how we can take control of our life
  • Why it’s imperative to break away from indoctrination and control 
  • Why belonging doesn't mean conformity
  • Being your authentic self means the higher consciousness that you can reach
  • We are the leaders of our lives, you can CHOOSE to take your power back…

And so much more! This is an episode that will leave you EMPOWERED + INSPIRED!

As always, there is a lot more to find out in this episode. Always make sure to watch (or listen) to the full episode!



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Tracy King activates potential.

For more than 20 years she has dedicated her career to designing transformational experiences.
She is a master learning designer, professional development consultant, bestselling author and
owns an instructional design agency. Her work synthesizing how brains learn into a model for
crafting transformational experiences has been featured on NBC, ABC, FOX, Forbes and hundreds of nationally syndicated television, newspaper, and magazine outlets.

As the Gritty Mystic, an intuitive channel and transformational teacher, Tracy reveals where her
clients are in the levels of awakening to take the guess work out of divine development allowing
for more "YES" and less "WTF?!" The goal, and the focus of Seth's current work, is to embody your
SoulSelf - the same aspiration as the spiritual alchemists of old. The transformational formula is
to Align, Allow, and BE.

The Gritty Mystic® podcast holds space for illuminating conversations on personal development inspiring divine breakthroughs. Tracy and her guests offer tips, tools and techniques for becoming the most powerful and authentic You.

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