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Ep 107 Part 2, Tapping Your Magic: Interview with Natalie Viglione on the Gritty Mystic Podcast

New Interview on the Gritty Mystic podcast with Host, Tracy King

It all starts with authenticity.

Purpose. Meaning. Belonging. They all arise from being true to who you are.

When you're first awakening, the process of really seeing who you are and what you want is sort of like an archeological dig. You've got to peel off all the layers of expectations, of roles you've been assigned, of ways of being you've accepted even though they didn't fit you.

Layer by layer we get to examine what belongs to us and what we can now let go until we arrive at the seed of who we are.

And like the stages of awakening that Tracy described in PART 1, Become a Powerful Spiritual Alchemist [Stop Being Controlled by Anything Outside of Yourself] (LISTEN TO THAT HERE), at first, it's about understanding who we are in this life. But later on you realize as you go deeper into this process, it's really about who you are more broadly - as an eternal, multidimensional being.

And when you encounter THAT you, when you sense the immensity and power in being all you are - you begin to realize your magic.

In my conversation on Tracy King's podcast, Gritty Mystic, we talk about tapping that magic... tapping into YOUR magic.... taking back YOUR power! It's what Shamans over thousands and thousands of years would call soul retrieval. We must retrieve the pieces of ourselves that we gave away because it's when we reclaim those pieces, we can take back our full power!

As you may know if you listen to the Disrupt Now Podcast, I ’m about that authentic and empowered life, so let’s talk nitty gritty.

How do we break old programming and live our truth?
Find out in the great conversation I had on Tracy King's Gritty Mystic Podcast below!







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