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Awakening the Sacred Human Rebels: Ending the Extremes of the Dualities & the Final Confrontation

By: Natalie Viglione

In this video you'll find the details surrounding why there was never meant to be this much suffering ... it is the time to sew back together the very fabric of all Creation, energetically reconnecting galaxies that were ripped apart, reharmonizing the Sacred Energies, and it's the FINAL confrontation that we are living in RIGHT NOW...

Divine Feminine Storytelling Hour, get the replays here that were mentioned in the video:



00:00 Hello, I'm Natalie. Welcome back to another video and today we're going to dive into some stories that I want to bring alive. So here's the magical book and this book is full. I have many books, but I have done a lot of these electronically, but many books and many sessions of receiving information from my cosmic lineage, which is the great white lions of Sirius.

00:46 And I'm here to truly illuminate your path back to your magic to help you stop suppressing your divine gifts because too many eons of trauma has brought us to this really critical point. And what's even more vital is to assist you in launching your unique mission.

01:05 And this all is about helping humanity to take back our power. So today's video is about the final confrontation, ending the extreme, very extreme dualities that exist between what many have said are light and dark, but I'm going to say negative and positive pathways.

01:28 So let's dive in to this story that I've received from my teams. So first things first. What I am receiving a lot lately is tapping into the eternal now. What this eternal now, what I've received in an emotion, being able to touch all dimensions of consciousness and density.

02:00 is that when we are feeling into the eternal now, what we're actually doing is expressing the fact that when you really look at the details of what human is, what this experience is with all of the living beings that surround us, this includes the plants, this includes the beauty of Gaia, of what we call earth, the living being.

02:30 And what we're seeing when we look into the eternal now, when we can try to express these words, what comes through for me is this feeling of absolute oneness where you actually can tell that the space between all things except all things are space.

02:53 Everything is energy entangled amongst each other. And when we feel into the eternal now, eternal now, what we're actually doing is expressing this way of saying we are experiencing at this very moment all dimensions and all densities all at once.

03:12 There is no separation. And so this moves into our story, into the story that I've received. And I call these stories because I really want to bring through this act of storytelling again from a druidic poetic way, the true words, what those words actually meant.

03:34 So tapping into the eternal now, and when you do that, what we're doing is we're actually able to express the fact that we are all energetic beings that are having this human experience. But this human experience is so far, it's so more magnificent that I think many even realize.

04:02 And what this comes through is hidden symbolism and codes. The time that we're in right now is we are ending the extremes. A long time ago, there were guardian founder races that were helping the celestial beings, magnificent being called Gaia, that we say Gaia.

04:25 But this is Earth Terra Gaia. This is a trinity of densities that is bringing forth evolution. And in this evolution, humanity was part of this beautiful experience. And as we were evolving, as the first density was being birthed, as the second density beings were being birthed, and that is second density being your pets, a dog, a cat, for example, and the trees and the plants.

04:55 And all of these are first and second density beings that are coming into motion to to bring life into the third density experience. And basically what we're tapping into is the eternal now. So what I've seen is from my higher selves construct, when I hook into the being that is this, that is really what we can say is this being is far more large.

05:22 And it's like I'm this mini Russian doll version of that being expressing through all these different densities. And when you tap into each of these densities, I've actually merged with my sixth density higher self and learned the experience and mastery that I was supposed to be taking in to help that version in that density, which will help me go into the seventh density.

05:49 And then when I've experienced the creator realms with my overarching construct, for lack of a better word and tapping into the Syrian realm where this being is and what she looks like and how she shows up for me.

06:08 When I stood with her next to her, I am this tiny version. So basically what we're doing is we're taking this highly energetic expression and we're bringing that density into a heaviness to actually be able to freeze matter because when we look at this physical body, we are all energy.

06:33 But to express in this human sacred form what it actually is, it's freezing. It's capturing the energy so that we can form this. I did another video on vibration medicine and vibrational medicine is the essence of looking at medicine from all dimensions and all densities within this body but also thinking about the eternal now and this construct of higher densities and higher dimensional consciousness that we can tap into.

07:07 Now while all the same time, there are lower astral realms that have been created and we're in the final confrontation days. That is happening now. And so as part of the storyline, another important message that I've been, I created a storytelling series.

07:31 The link is down below and I would like to share that with you. There's a divine feminine part one and part two and it's the truth about the divine feminine. It's the, when we're tapping into this experience, we have many iterations of what that means and at the end of the day, these are at the end of the day.

07:51 That saying doesn't really make sense, does it? No, it doesn't. But let's see. When you take it all into context what it really means is we're working with dualities of energy now in free will Guess what happens?

08:08 What has happened is? extremes and so the Polarizations between these energies have been separated and when that gets separated it tore the universe It tore many universes it tore the very fabric of all of creation and so what we're doing those of us that are here for missions What we're doing is we're melding and we're sewing back the fabric of all of of all of creation Because these extremes cannot happen anymore and Another big aspect to this is looking at the divine feminine has been completely stripped in this realm Now stripped from the in a way that is actually just it's it has been hidden and it has been very difficult for people to tap into that consciousness.

09:02 And you can tell that it's been stripped away because, and I've talked about this in past videos, that we are dealing with a very cruel world. Cruel actually is the definition of evil. If you go to etymology, the root meanings of these words, which by the way, the truth always lies in ancient languages.

09:23 So we have to go there to know the difference. So primordial energies is really what we're working with, this free will construct, construct because to be able to experience and to be able to have catalysts to learn something, what I've been shown is that third density worlds are the way that you get to come in and you get to choose pathways and you get learn things in such a rapid way.

09:50 Like it's so extreme, it's far more difficult once you go into these higher realms, these realms that are of higher dimensional consciousness because you are more and it's not so filtered. And so this allows us to have massive catalysts in a fast way.

10:08 But here's what many people aren't talking about. And we're going to be doing a future Disrupt Now podcast episode on this with my co -host that comes in to do some of those episodes. And what we're going to talk about is the truth that I've been receiving this information and I've shared this in a lot of videos.

10:26 And if you're following me on any social channels, you've heard me talk about this. But the free will construct must be, but what has happened is when you allow free will, when does the extremism end?

10:40 How negative and evil can you become? How positive and lovely can you become? Let's look at the extremism of that. So what happens is you keep, you're tearing the universe apart. So we need to bring this in and so the universe back together.

10:58 And we do this by harmonizing the energies. We do this by realizing that since we are energy, we are consciousness being frozen to be able to catalyze, to be able to learn and master. What we also need to remember is that energy in this light, we need to let go of personifications.

11:20 So for example, divine feminine is not female. Divine masculine is not male. This is nothing to do with genders. However, when creation brought through these elements, female and male were created equally so as to bring different experiences through.

11:41 And what was in original creation blueprint is this truth of melding divine feminine and divine masculine energies within the cosmic womb. And I've done a video on the truth. a cosmic womb journey. So I invite you to go take that journey because when I was brought into that, those are where these energies are melded together with dragon energy.

12:08 Dragon means light. Dragon means a pure form of light and a powerful source of cosmic energy that melds things together, that brings those energies and the God source energy into fruition melding everything together to allow us to experience all dimensions of consciousness and all densities at the same time.

12:36 Now, where things change for each of us is some of us are connected into specific densities. Some souls are coming in with their, it's their first time coming into an experience and or coming back through with such a heavy level of veil of forgetting that it's like experiencing from a new, but so the soul construct can change.

13:04 And that is why we have so many different beings in one third density experience. But the really important thing that I want to bring into the fold here is that in our world, in this world, what has happened is when we, the guardian races, came in to help and uplift the chosen celestial being in this scenario, I will say Gaia, but it's again Earth -Terra Gaia as a threefold to match the threefold Holy Trinity and flames.

13:38 What is happening, what happened was when as the timelines grew, what happened was the energy of evil or the negative service to self pathway got so extreme that it tore a hole in a fabric in the universe.

13:55 in all universes, in all creation. The Guardian Founder races, some of us are really coming in strong with Palladian. Some of us can feel the Palladian, but I'm coming in with the great white lions of Syria, finding your cosmic lineage and listening to hear that.

14:12 Now, mine came through when I was a little girl through dreams. And it's only been in the last few years, I've been able to really understand what that even meant. Again, integration and embodying this information, in formation that's always in formation, is it can take a while, but it's really imperative that we do in this time.

14:33 And those are the frequencies that are coming through into our realm to allow those that are of the Indigos, the star seeds and those family tribes, soul family tribes to awaken, because we truly are the rebels.

14:48 And we must awaken to actually help. sew the fabric of all of creation back together again. The way that we do this is we start harmonizing and neutralizing energies, most of all realizing that again, the feminine does not mean female, the masculine does not mean male.

15:10 We meld this back together, pull this all back together to meld things back because we don't wanna say these words but in this grand experiment of creating divine human and bringing all of this into fruition with this living library of light, which actually this earth Terrigaei experience really truly was about, coming into experience, coming into master aspects of one's self, from the ascension of all densities and learnings, it got hijacked by negative alien, I don't know if I wanna say that word, negative beings, evil beings, because again, I don't wanna go off on a tangent on all these things because there's a lot of misinformation there.

16:01 And so we need to sew that even back together from an information perspective because really what we're dealing with is a hijacked universe where the free will got out of control. So in this grand experience, what happened was, this is why the Guardian Founder races brought through indigo lines like myself and like many of us that are experiencing this reawakening within us, we realized that it wasn't, that what happened has been a mistake.

16:29 There was never supposed to be this much suffering. It is too difficult to catalyze when there is this much suffering. There was never supposed to be this massive extreme to tear a fabric in the literal creation blueprint of all things.

16:47 And in this time, this is actually, while ascension and evolution is just a part of cycles, this has been, happening for beyond eons. This is unfathomable to any human because it is without time. This has been happening for so long, but what we need to also realize that in this cycle, this specific cycle, why you see such insanity and extremism is because we are melding back the fabric.

17:19 If we choose the missions to do this, starts just by speaking these frequencies. And so with this, with the primordial energies getting so out of whack in this experience, guardian founder races are coming back through being born into the experience to help bring an army of light to heal, to bring things back together to harmonize, because it is heavily unbalanced.

17:44 And what this has done is caused a sickness and destruction of Earth Terrigia. This has caused destruction and illness. in all beings and things. And this is why you see such terrible things consistently happening.

18:00 And it's time that we become the sacred rebels to step back into action to stand up for what is right, not for what is easy. And so part of the story that I wanna share, the story, the information that came through me is that we are helping with the transmutation of Gaia, birthing a new fourth density, redoing this, so this could be called Terra, but again, these words all mean Earth.

18:30 At the end of, I'm not saying that same. So it's a new density, but in this new density, this is going to heal and bring back galaxies that have been torn apart. So many of you probably are realizing this is a dromedin, the Andromeda galaxy.

18:48 We are reforming a connection in bridge because the bridges have been broken. I've been shown in Dreamtime and seeing that how the sacred geometry works. And it is all energetic geometry. And so many of us have returned to help neutralize and to initiate clearing of old programming, blocked energy, to live in a new way.

19:13 This is a very difficult path, my friends, because we are being censored, we are being stopped, we are being, it's been pretty crazy. But we also, the guardian founder races, many of us that's awakening in us, we know we're the caretakers of celestial beings.

19:33 And so this is what you would call the awakening of the rainbow warriors. If you have not looked at that prophecy of native tribes, please do, the rainbow warrior prophecies. So many of us are awakening with the priestess codes, the druidic codes, the Celtic codes.

19:49 That's the lineage that I'm coming from, the Celtic druid lineage of the earth bloodline. as well. And so we're receiving these codes of civilizations elsewhere. And this is wisdom of the light. And so what we're doing right now is we are truly rewriting the eternal now.

20:10 Because again, this experiment went awry, and we are fixing it. There are so many spiritual beings that I know are going to listen to this and say, no way, they don't want to feel that energy. They don't want to even think about it.

20:28 But the truth is, it what has happened was never meant to spoke that wasn't supposed to be this difficult. It wasn't supposed to be this amount of suffering. We are fixing it. And part of the fixing means there's going to be casualties.

20:46 And this lays heavy on many of us that know this. It lays heavy on our sacred hearts, the heart behind the heart. It weighs heavy on the sacred feminine energy, which is the unconditional love. Because what we know is people have been trapped in not a way that we think, but trapped in their own cyclical structure.

21:11 Trapped in guilt and low vibrational energies, trapped in the root chakra, the lower three chakras. And so igniting in the sacred heart or in the heart chakras, which is really matching the new fifth dimensional consciousness coming in 5D and above.

21:30 But this is part of the transfer and the transmutation into a fourth density being. That is the being, I mean, is Gaia. As we rewrite this, we are actually reversing damage. Those of us that remember, we're going to be carrying a lot of grief.

21:49 And so letting go of this grief is extremely imperative. And when you feel extreme amounts of that, know that this is your the sacred heart, the divine feminine energy coming through you, the cosmic mother energies.

22:05 We can say, saying, my children, I am coming back to reclaim you. This was not supposed to be this way. I am sorry. I love you. And please come back into my fold. And so we could step into the embracing arms of these energies that is nothing but love.

22:27 When there is a lack of love, when there's only cruelty, we know that we are in a hijacked realm. And by the way, the information that I've received is that there is no other realm that has been this difficult.

22:41 And so you have people talking about all kinds of different things when it comes to people's souls. But let me just tell you that every soul that has been appearing. in the ages because the way the Kali Yuga works and the way the cycles work is you come back as many times as you feel that you need to, but there is a point where you need to choose.

23:07 And we are in the harvest quote unquote cycle. What this means is the time of choice, positive service to self, I'm sorry, positive service to others or negative service to self. Because those pathways will define what happens next.

23:25 And so the choice is extremely imperative. And this is why many of us are feeling an urgency and a call to share more and more. So the intention of all of this as part of a group consciousness is

connecting to the wider collective consciousness to end the perpetrators of ignorance.

23:47 So the evil in our realm feeds on evil. The evil food, the food for the evil ones is fear, ignorance and rage, the rage that is not transmuted into action. Rage that means murder and death and all of those horrific things that we see every single day.

24:10 And most of this is because of unhealed trauma. So we are in a reclamation of power. Many of us are also on recon missions, reconnaissance. How bad has it really gotten? We're reporting back up through our cosmic teams.

24:31 We're saying, wow, we got to fix this guys. And it's serious, serious, critical. And in this reclamation of the power, many of us are acting as bridges. So I've received this information a lot. I'm a bridge.

24:50 So if you feel the call, you are a bridge too. We're a bridge helping to write the new earth from long forgotten or unknown manuscripts, scrolls and memories of other timelines, other dimensions. Or we can say densities, which are the actual physical way to experience something dimensions are more of the consciousness available.

25:16 So we are the cure. We are the solution. And we have this opportunity now. But again, when we neutralize the powers through magic, through what I call magic, which is just bringing in the codes of new information to wipe away the old lies, corruption, the greed, the materialism to let those energies go.

25:44 So in another video, I'll continue the story of the final confrontation and. ending the extremes because I have pages of information that I can bring through to help in this time and to help those of you being called to ignite your purpose because this mission, it is mission critical and it is an exciting time to bring through these truths, even though we're going to have to go through a massive healing process together because of the grief, because of the suffering, because of the truth that we just have to realize it wasn't supposed to be this bad, but we can fix it.

26:25 We can bridge things back together and we can sew the fabric of all creation together again. Thank you. If you liked this video, I do ask you, please do subscribe to the channel. And also, I am putting all of this onto Bridey on as well, and I'm doing storytelling on TikTok.

26:48 I'm trying to figure out really creative ways to spread information so I don't get centered. So until next time.