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    Awakening Magick Through the Disrupt Now Storytelling Hour: 

    Illuminating the Path Through the Eternal Now


    Each month we'll explore a new story of the olde, reach into the ancient wisdom



  • The Disrupt Now Storytelling Hour: Illuminating the Path Through the Eternal Now

    Next Event: January 27th, 2023 at 3pm EST

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    As a Medicine Woman (often called by many names of the olde as seers, witches, healers, shamans, etc.), I'm deeply connected to Earth (aka Mother Earth, Gaia), ceremony, and the magick of the natural world. Let's wander through the mysteries of the Eternal Now. This is a place where all revelations reside and where the ancient wisdom that has been hidden from us can be revealed.


    In this first part of an ever-evolving series, we will delve into:

    Revealing Hidden Truths of the Divine Feminine Energy and the Current Distortions [Part 1]


    We will unlock the stories and memories around:

    🌀Gaia... What is Gaia (the root meaning) and why is this a powerful way to see our planet?

    🌀We'll do a mini Ceremony to tap into the Divine Feminine and then go into some of the variations and perceptions that this has held over time

    🌀We will unlock the mysteries and some hidden truths that Gaia has shared with me; a message of what the ancient mounds really are (like the one in Ohio in the United States), and share with you what the ancients were REALLY tracking and measuring (and no, it wasn't just the placement of the stars, but also tracking something big THROUGH the stars)...


    You won't want to miss this if you're tapped into the energetic frequencies of all that is going on and what the Divine Feminine wisdom holds for us all.


    Join me in this Storytelling Hour and let's unlock the wisdom of the ancients together! 


    The storytelling sessions will be monthly and will explore varying topics.


    Next Event: January 27th, 2023 at 3pm EST 

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