• Enter the realm of the Eternal Now...

    Events that awaken magick by illuminating the path through the Eternal Now through

    Storytelling 💫 Ritual 💫 Ceremony


    Together, let's explore stories of the olde and reach into ancient wisdom through the art of storytelling and by doing rituals and ceremonies to tap into the magick of Gaia and the magick that lies within Nature!


    As a Medicine Woman (often called by many names in ancient times: seers, witches, healers, shamans, etc.), I'm deeply connected to Gaia (aka Earth), ceremony, and the magick of the natural world. Let's wander through the mysteries of the Eternal Now. This is where all revelations reside, and the ancient wisdom that has been hidden from us can be revealed.


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  • medicine-woman-natalie-viglion-disrupt-now-storytelling-events

    REPLAY: Part 2

    Part 2: Revealing Hidden Truths of the Divine Feminine Energy and the Current Distortions



    🌀 A Gaia Healing for the area of East Palestine, OH (train derailment spilling HORRIBLE poison onto the lands, in the air, into the water...)

    🌀We dove further into the distortions of the Divine Feminine Energy and what has taken place over many thousands of years in suppressing this energy

    🌀Looked at ancient wisdom teachings, but bringing back the Divine Feminine perspective [for they were removed from most things on purpose!]

    🌀Discussed why harmonizing the Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies is the way forward

    🌀 Introduction to the activation of Maji Grail DNA that's happening and what this means for many of us on this planet right now

  • medicine-woman-natalie-viglion-disrupt-now-storytelling-events

    REPLAY: Part 1

    Part 1: Revealing Hidden Truths of the Divine Feminine Energy and the Current Distortions



    🌀Gaia... What is Gaia (the root meaning), and why is this a powerful way to see our planet?

    🌀We did a mini Ceremony to tap into the Divine Feminine and went into some of the variations and perceptions that this has held over time [seeing the Primordial Energies]

    🌀We unlocked the mystery of the Serpent Mound in Ohio (in the U.S.) and some hidden truths that Gaia has shared with me...we find. out what the ancients were REALLY tracking and measuring (and no, it wasn't just the placement of the stars, but also tracking something big THROUGH the stars)...

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