• Find the medicine in disrUPtions and awaken the magick within...


    To make a harmonious transition in this time of great change, we must unite in the fundamental understanding of who we truly are. Those who carry the wisdom of the olde must remember and reawaken our unique magick from within!

    🔆 Are you ready to fully awaken to the underlying reason you're here (YOUR MISSION) and clearly see and use your innate gifts?

    🔆 Do you aspire to build a business or a more uplifting career, getting UNstuck from work that doesn't vibrate with your Old Soul?

    🔆 Do you want to live in total accordance with your unique gifts, and you're ready to let go of old energy that no longer serves you?

    🔆 Are you ready to let go of unhealthy patterns that keep you stuck so you can start living a healthier and more vibrant life?


    If you said yes to any of the above questions, check out the Tap Into Your Magick online program!

  • Hi! I'm Natalie, and I'm so glad you're here!


    This ENTIRE "Disrupt Now" concept was brought to me via a dream directly from my Higher Self.


    The empowerment and guidance that's offered here are a culmination of my life's work, and not just this life, but the many incarnations I have spent refining "the work" for this transition time that's happening now!



    You will receive unique meditations, visualizations, messages from Gaia, nature, the intelligence of All That Is, and more! And, as we evolve together into this time of the 4th Density birth of the "New Earth" and graduate into the time of love, compassion, and understanding... we will unlock more together as we unite around what this means for us all!


    Here's what the programs and the podcast will help bring:


    🔆 Clear and tune up your energy centers

    🔆 Re-learn how to take back your power (you have all you need WITHIN!)

    🔆 Turn on the magick of your inner guidance system (we often call this intuition)

    🔆 REawaken to magick again of Gaia and All That Is

    🔆 Remember and UNleash your Divine Power and re-spark that fire

    🔆 Listen to messages from Gaia to help you awaken and connect to Earth Magick... this is one of the most critical times in the history of this planet and galaxy


    🔆 🔆 🔆


    Watch this short video ...

    Lightworkers & indigos, it's time to launch your mission!



    It's time for humanity to awaken to our own innate magick (not to be confused with the "stage magic" stuff or twisted evil magick), but the innate, natural, MAGNIFICENT magick that is within EVERYTHING.


    This is also about tapping into the innate magick of Gaia... the multi-dimensional being that we live upon and are deeply connected to ... what we call "Earth."


    The Divine Feminine Primordial Energy is both revered (in ancient times) and still is feared, for it can both Create and Destroy... let us help this energy RISE to become balanced with the Divine Masculine Primordial Energy again!


    Gaia is birthing into 4th Density, and we are being required to evolve both physically and consciously by tapping into the 5th Dimensional consciousness. As 3D crumbles, what does this mean?


    The ancients knew, and now it's time that we ALL remember.


    We are One with Everything.


    The information that you truly need comes from within yourself. You don't have to BECOME something or BECOME a "4th density being". You just need to tap into what you already have WITHIN! You have the necessary information, and I am here to give you food for thought but never to influence your decisions! A facilitator and guide.


    🔆 🔆 🔆 🔆


    I step forward on this path as WHO I TRULY AM at that ancient soul level, as attached to the Higher (Positive) Realms of Service and in bringing forth the Divine Feminine Energy ... with a unique mission, and to do so unapologetically and in the spirit of service to others is key for us

    (and I want you to do the same!)...


    I spent 17 years of my life moving up that corporate ladder before starting my own company and vision. I got to an executive position as a Vice President in New York City in varying marketing agencies.

    I spent all that time analyzing human behavior through marketing and sales and was able to use my unique gifts to do so, but I knew I had to get out of there.

    Kicking off my own thing in 2016, all that I do is driven from the root of the ancient being within me, and I'm bringing many facets of that to life that don't need me to climb ANY ladders except my own...

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    It takes disrUPtion to really create the change that's necessary; we have to get UP and out of a place that DOES NOT WORK for us anymore.


    Standing in truth helps us to create a true commUNITY and to find capable people to help us get to where we need to go and where our sacred unique wisdom is honored.


    You're here.

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