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  • We all are healing something (or should be) ... including helping the Earth (Gaia) to heal, too.

    To share the love for Gaia and All That Is, I create products, as does my husband, Mark, under the name, Make Your Mark Creations, so you'll find those here, too.

    I also promote other people's products that are vetted (meaning I have used the products MYSELF), and I only support humans that are 100% focused on helping all of humanity heal & advance into the future of this new paradigm underway.

    Have fun exploring! 

    ~ Natalie Viglione


    Kathy was on the Disrupt Now Podcast; you can listen to her episode here. I know many people will be in pursuit of the DESCENT down vs. a CLIMB up the "corporate ladder," as we call it, to get ready to invite what's next and why I want to feature her program here for EMPOWERMENT! Take a peek at her program by clicking Learn More! below! (If you are ready for what's next already, please explore the Tap Into Your Magick program).


    The From Type A to Type Be program with Kathy Robinson is a course that has varying options and coaching that were created to support you as you leave your corporate career and move into the next phase of life.


    These courses offer strategies and practices to help as you descend the corporate ladder!


  • Repel EMF + Ground + Recharge

    Deep Sleep Grounding Bags

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    Mini Grounding Bag

    The Mini Grounding Bag is your new, portable protection from man-made EMF's. It is perfect for a purse or pocket. You can also put it in your kids' backpack.


    The bag needs to remain sealed to maintain the compressed moisture content and magnetic properties for repelling EMF, grounding, and recharging.


    Many like to put the Mini Grounding Bag in their pocket with their cell phone on the outside. The hand-mined crystals provide an incredible layer of protection between your cell phone and your body. This is an ideal gift for everyone.

    Deep Sleep Grounding Bag

    This Grounding Bag is used as-is to repel EMF and recharge you. All to give you a deep, uninterrupted sleep.


    Your new Grounding Bags are used as-is to repel EMF, ground, and recharge you for a deeper, uninterrupted night's sleep. Just put one on or under your bed for deeper REM sleep and more lucid dreams.


    There is no better gift than giving someone a deeper, uninterrupted, full night of sleep. If you were only to purchase one product, this is the one.

    Mobile Phone Faraday Bag

    This is the most requested Faraday Bag for on-the-go protection.


    It protects you from the relentless, invisible millimeter-wave stressors of your cell phone. It will preserve your battery, by slowing down the massive data harvesting. You will need two Faraday Bags doubled up for your phone to not ring and your location to not show up on a map.


    For people who are sensitive to EMF, this will be one of your new favorites.

  • Make Your Mark Creations is our brand ...

    My husband, Mark, and I started this brand. As a husband and wife duo, we wanted to create with our hands and honor all the wondrous things Gaia has for us.

    Making our mark on this world and seeing our unique soul is the essence of what KNOW THYSELF means...

    Our products are here to support your unique expression in this world through art, decor, crystal jewelry, magickal candles, ritual kits to clear energy centers & so much more!


    We create products using the power of what the Earth provides us; organic (non-GMO) herbs, crystals, upcycled wood, and more! Homemade with loving intentions forged from the wisdom of the ancient Appalachian mountain range.


    Hope you enjoy our products!

    ~ Natalie



    Check out our wire-wrapped crystals and jewelries selection for the very best in unique or custom handmade pieces

    Crystal & Other
    One-of-a-Kind Jewelry

    By bringing crystals into the expression of jewelry, this is how we can further connect with nature, as well as bring in the empowerment and healing that Gaia offers us.

    Each candle will empower a different healing or intention for your ceremony or ritual. We infuse MAGICK into these candles! The following blends for healing and empowerment include Essential Oils, an Herbal Infusion, and Crystal Healing.

    Magickal Ritual and Healing/Empowerment Candles

    Our magickal ritual and spell candles are sold either by a larger candle in a tin with a lid, or as a tealight.

    Natalie of the Make Your Mark Creations duo makes hand-rolled beeswax candle bundles that all come with a Palo Santo stick and natural dried Lavender.

    Handrolled Organic Beeswax Candles

    Natural beeswax candles are a sensory delight! Aside from being a completely natural product, beeswax candles naturally purify the air as they burn, making this candle ideal for your home.

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