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  • To share the love for Gaia and All That Is, I create products, as does my husband, Mark, under the name, Make Your Mark Creations, so you'll find those here, too.

    I also promote other people's products that are vetted (meaning I have used the products MYSELF), and I only support humans that are 100% focused on helping all of humanity heal & overall advance into the future!

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    Just pour a 1/4 cup of Magnesium Soak into a stainless steel or glass basin and mix in enough water to cover your feet. Soak for 20-40 minutes. If you enjoy bath’s, pour a 1/4 cup and relax in your tub.



    The exact same product as the soak but packaged in a spray applicator for ease of liberal application or travel. Spray magnesium liberally on the soft tissue parts of body or where ever the sore muscle is.




    This lotion is for maintenance as well as the little ones’ skin. This is such a miracle worker for babies, toddlers, and children whose skin is much too sensitive for pure magnesium. Gentle and unscented. Purely organic and NEVER a trace of parabens or formaldehyde.


    Infused with naturally sourced ancient sea brine from the Zechstein sea, the cleanest source of Magnesium on earth. Our proprietary process is what makes it possible to infuse our muscle creme with the power of magnesium for optimal muscle recovery.


    Cherry powder packs a highly concentrated dose of vitamin C. It can help improve adrenal and thyroid function as well as helping to promote a good immune system to fight off pesky cold & flu symptoms. Our Acerola Cherry powder is packaged in a glass container.

  • Make Your Mark Creations

    My husband, Mark, and I started this brand, too. As a husband and wife duo, we wanted to create with our hands and honor all the wondrous things that Gaia has for us!

    Our store is dedicated to bringing you products that will help you express the uniqueness of your soul and make your mark on this world!

    We love working with the Earth and the all-natural elements that were provided to us by Gaia. The gemstones, crystals, and all-natural sources that we utilize in our products are meant to benefit those who use and wear them.

    Our aim with the creation of our magick-infused candles, jewelry, and art is meant to express the unique ways that each of us can heal and express ourselves in this world.

    We have extensively researched or explored every item that we use in our products and infuse our own unique wisdom to create for you. Everything we make is homemade with love from the Asheville, NC region in the US.

    For example, every crystal and herb/plant has its own story to tell and subtle energies that heal and have mood-enhancing benefits that can enrich our lives. Check us out below!

  • Check out our wire-wrapped crystals and jewelries selection for the very best in unique or custom handmade pieces


    By bringing crystals into the expression of jewelry, this is how we can further connect with nature, as well as bring in the empowerment and healing that Gaia offers us.

    Each candle will empower a different healing or intention for your ceremony or ritual. We infuse MAGICK into these candles! The following blends for healing and empowerment include Essential Oils, an Herbal Infusion, and Crystal Healing.

    Magickal Ritual and Spell Candles

    Our magickal ritual and spell candles are sold either by a larger candle in a tin with a lid, or as a tealight.

    Natalie of the Make Your Mark Creations duo makes hand-rolled beeswax candle bundles that all come with a Palo Santo stick and natural dried Lavender.

    Handrolled Organic Beeswax Candles

    Natural beeswax candles are a sensory delight! Aside from being a completely natural product, beeswax candles naturally purify the air as they burn, making this candle ideal for your home.

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