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    July 19th, 7pm EST (US)


    What this is about:

    Are you doing what your Sacred Heart desires in your day-to-day work?


    Are you using the innate and UNIQUE gifts that you were born with in the work that you do?


    Are you awakening more and more but need more clarity on the mission you must unfold?


    If you don't feel like you're using ALL of your unique magick, this masterclass is for YOU!





    You see, when we're born into this realm, there are innately UNIQUE skills that we all have (I call this our unique magick). It is unique to us, and it's a Soul Blueprint.


    We birth with a veil of forgetting into this experience, so most often, we must explore the remembrance of our innate gifts (that divine magick within, as I say)!


    Or, due to the amount of trauma in this realm, our gifts get a bit trampled on because of the "system" we're in or parents that just don't know how to fully embrace those gifts due to their own trauma.


    Then, we move into the "workforce," and perhaps we work in places that don't even know how to spell metaphysical... so we're trapped in a very physical and materialistic realm. Not everyone has had this experience, but most humans have.


    However, those of us who have experienced this know in our hearts and souls that there's more to life than being stuck in systems and toxic work structures that don't allow us to UNLEASH who we truly are from the deepest places (what we call the SOUL)!

  • Now can be the time that you choose to embrace the warrior of light within; many of you are also wanderers, indigos, and lightworkers, and you have a UNIQUE mission here!

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    The "mission" doesn't have to be Earth-shattering for it to be a mission... but what's essential is to have clarity around WHO YOU ARE and what that unique mission is ...


    I was at a precipice after 17 years of climbing that so-called corporate ladder. I'm sure many of you have or are in this place right now.


    I asked: Do I jump out and be WHO I AM, or continue down this materialistic and non-aligning path?


    My Higher Self and Spirit Council came in and told me the way this works. We have a mission and can go off-mission because of free will.


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    However, if I went off-mission, they instructed me that I'd be disconnected from my Higher Self and the beauty of my Spirit Council.


    So, you guessed it. I said YES to my mission! I explored and worked on myself harder than ever before, and clarity came, and with that clarity came evolution.


    An evolution that happened faster and faster and has not stopped in over 7 years (at the time of writing this!) ... the psychic-empathic and precognitive gifts that I had to suppress in the boardroom are now able to come to the forefront!


    My CHOICE moved me into a sacred space to ALLOW myself to explore the depths of my multidimensional Self... each of us has unique ways that we're constructed!



    We all have this opportunity.

    This is when we step into WHO WE TRULY ARE.

    Join me in this masterclass where we'll dive into 3 POWERFUL keys that can help you unlock your innate gifts (this is your UNIQUE magick or your unique skills that you own). If you can see yourself differently and peer into hidden places, you haven't discovered yet, this is how you can connect the dots in your life to help you UNLEASH the power of your uniqueness!


    The UNIQUENESS of your soul is where magnificence is found! 


    The magick and gifts you can express into the world (that lies within us all) are always unique.

    Remember... there's no one else like you.... and only YOU can live out the magick and power of your unique gifts and contributions! If you don't bring your magick through, this world will miss out on what you have to offer, and this world needs your gifts and contributions to be expressed!


    Since many called to this work are lightworkers, indigos, and wanderers..., and because of this, we all play an integral part in these fast-evolving times, so the question is, dear lightworker, what's yours?!


    Hosted by me, Natalie Viglione (I'm the founder of the Disrupt Now Program and Podcast and the newly launched Tap Into Your Magick program), I will be guiding the group of attendees through a powerful 3-step process that will help you dig deep within ... DNA kind of deep! You can learn more about me here if you're curious for more details: MY STORY


    Plus, this live event will include a powerful guided visualization to help you activate and connect to your Higher Self.


    For this event, try to find a quiet place to focus on yourself to write, and enjoy what comes up in the session (which is unique every time!)

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    The authentic Self is the soul made visible.



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