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Ep 104, Know Thyself Quote: What It Means to Become Fully Conscious of Our Divine Power

Host & creator, natalie viglione

Know Thyself. This is a quote that many have heard but few have deeply understood. What would happen if everyone would do just that and know themselves and learn how to ignite their power? It would mean a world that would be so radically (and amazingly) different than we see today. A far more evolved Earth than we can fathom.

This episode’s guest is Addison Ames, an always-on channel, healer and more. He helps us explore the deeper meaning and truth of what Know Thyself means.

In this powerful episode, we explore:

  • What it means to have a deeper understanding of who we are on a big-bigscale, not the little scale that we've been told we are (we as Human and as part of Nature are far bigger than you could imagine!) 
  • Why igniting the God-Self or the Divine-Self within is the most important part of evolution
  • Why humans must understand that we are more than a singularity, we are multidimensional beings and more…
  • The truth that we all have different setups in this realm, meaning not everyone has a Higher Self and even our Soul can be constructed in unique ways
  • That humanity needs more high vibrational beings that are manifest in human form to raise the vibration of the Earth Plane (we need to speed up our evolution)
  • What a soul walk-in is and the “soul marketplace” in which this happens
  • Why it’s important to set an intention to understand yourself and to know that you're in an individualized school of study on this planet… 

With so much more divine wisdom in this episode… enjoy as there’s a lot to soak in!



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Addison Ames is an internationally recognized full body channel, healer, inspirational speaker and musician. Addison channels a range of higher dimensional beings who help illuminate life’s path. These beings include architects of reality, creators, ascended masters, angels, guides, participants’ higher selves, and many others. They share their expansive knowledge, wisdom and guidance to help empower individuals to achieve a more harmonious life. If you are seeking answers to questions, looking for direction or asking for encouragement on your journey, a channeling session can help.

Addison is also a Reiki master and energy healer working with humans, pets, horses and palliative care. He utilizes a range of healing techniques including Usui and Karuna Ki Reiki, crystal healing, quantum healing, frequency healing, angelic healing and Enochian healing. He is also an animal healer and communicator, working with animals of all types from cats and dogs to horses.

Addison has seen his own life dramatically transformed by collaboration with the higher realms and now he shares what he has been given.

Connect with Addison directly!


As a general rule, I always share with people the following note. Before booking a session with a channeler, if you desire to serve others in the Positive Light (versus negative, or evil), please ensure you set your intention for it. At the start of a session, please ensure that the person that is going to be channeling creates protected space for the positive light of the Primordial Creator, God or Infinite Creator (many names for the one higher vibrational consciousness). Ensure that the channeler asks you what YOU want to know about in the session as well.

During a channeling, ensure that you feel HIGH vibrations of good energy. If at any time in the session, you receive negative information that includes anything that doesn't "feel good" in your body, or discusses some kinds of "black magick" (this is a distortion of using sex as a primal power, or sex magick as it is known, for example), or becoming a god (not talking about igniting the God within, or the Divine Within), mentions the Galactic Federation , or other information that uses non-high vibrational words like "infect" or "incite anarchy," etc. please be aware that this means the channeler is not pulling through positively influenced beings. It's all of our free will to play in the negative OR the positive, and it's my job as a light warrior to protect as many as I can so more are polarized to the POSITIVE. So, please ensure that you always discern greatly when meeting with a human that states they are channeling or act as oracles, etc. In this time of great negative distortions where the soul of many lives are at stake, many channelers are susceptible to being compromised at any time, so be aware of this truth!

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