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What "Waiting for the Invitation" Means in Your Human Design Chart [How To Manifest Your Life]

By: Natalie Viglione


Short video version (or read full article below)

Human Design (Ra Uru Hu was the Human Design System’s founder and messenger, real name Alan Krakower and was born in 1948) and The Gene Keys are amazing resources to figure out your innate blueprint (or template) structure of your BEing as you come into the world. This is essentially an imprint of the Celestial Beings and their energies upon who you are as you planned out before coming into this realm.

Have you heard of these?

If not, I’ll discuss them more in future articles but also feel free to research these two things as you can go on your own research journey, which helps you learn more about YOU!

If you already know about Human Design and The Gene Keys, then you know the knowledge contained within these sets of information can offer a lot of insights and wisdom about unlocking some innate truths about who you are at the soul level (and then how you can break out of the molds and evolve!).

Right now, however, I’d like to talk about a particular thing that I have in my Human Design chart and that others have as well. You see, I am here to know exactly who I Am and have the blueprint of a Medicine Woman (and there are, of course, Medicine Men, too). You’ll also see this specific thing if you have the Human Design type called a “Projector.” My type is a Generator, but I have many manifestation tools open within my blueprint.

This specific thing I speak of is the phrase:

When I first read and soaked up the insights about my unique blueprint, I thought, HUH? What does this "wait for the invitation" phrase mean for me?

Then, as always, I received a flood of voices/memories (thank you, Spirit Guides and Higher Self!) that allowed me to recall some things from my past in my 20s/early 30s when I didn’t KNOW a whole lot about my innate blueprint:

  • Natalie, remember when you told X person the truth about what people were saying behind her back in the company, and she got furious at YOU (and not angry at the people that said the horrible things)?

  • And, Natalie, remember when you told Y that the company she worked for didn’t deserve her because she was highly talented, and the company didn’t see her for her total worth, and she got furious at YOU? 

Yep, I fully realized what “wait for an invitation” meant. 🤯 [MIND BLOWN!] People don't want to hear the truth often because they can't handle (or are not ready for) it.


I have this innate capability to speak the truth, and as a seer and a psychic empath, I can FEEL into the truth and detect bullshit immediately. This is a gift (and a burden). My parents couldn’t even get me to believe in santa claus when I was little because I innately knew as a little kid that they were not telling the truth! It was then that my parents probably realized there was something different about this girl... 😋

The tricky part is that I can see the best path, the potential within, and where people are constricting themselves, and if I share that truth with someone and they’re not ready to see, hear or know it then it’s going to explode in my face.

It’s like knowing the train won’t reach the destination and trying to explain that to someone without them getting angry at you for getting in their way of getting on that train! It's not an easy gift to navigate because it's hard to explain.

However, the bottom line is that people can’t be told the truth if they don’t invite you to tell them the truth somehow. People must offer you that "invitation."

I have had to learn this “the hard way” and realize fully that giving unsolicited advice is not part of the recipe for success for me.

I also realize that the Medicine Woman within me means I have an energetic field that is an automatically safe and sacred space. People will come out of the woodwork and automatically share things with me openly. If I had a nickel for every time someone has said, “I don’t know why I’m telling you this, but…” then I'd be a trillionaire! People openly share their deepest desires, secrets, etc., and often can't explain why. For them, it's a relief, allowing me to help share any stories or wisdom that may help them. But, I also have to be careful and not open my energetic field too much because that energy exchange can be exhausting.

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If you’ve also been told that you must “wait for an invitation” like I also have in my blueprint, or if you have a Projector blueprint (because it's automatically part of being a Projector), then please know that this is what this phrase means for us-- wait to share your wisdom, guidance, words with the right people.

It does not mean that you do not initiate! You do NOT need to wait for invitations that helps you in your life or business/career. You don't have to wait to be invited out (you can initiate adventures). You do not have to wait to take the right actions in your business (promotions, etc.). It should not stop you from important actions in your life that are necessary to create the dream that you desire.

If you've been waiting around and operating in this way without knowing the real meaning of this phrase, then let this article be the sign to you so you can stop holding yourself back in the wrong ways. It's time to take your power back and operate with the design!

Since I learned the lessons of what this phrase means the hard way, I would love to make sure others don't have struggle!

We can also work to refine the process of waiting and knowing which invitations are “correct” and ensuring that we don’t interject our knowing of truth when people do not ask or are not ready for it.

Also, “waiting for the invitation” doesn’t mean we should sit around and shut our mouths, it means knowing who is open enough to truly hear and listen to what we have to say and that they automatically come to us for that advice.

If you have this in your design, you probably heard a lot of this when you were a kid/teenager:

  • Just keep your mouth shut. 
  • Sit there and be quiet. 
  • Stop asking so many questions. 
  • Speak when you are spoken to.

This is the kind of horrible conditioning many of us received when we should have been able to openly ask, seek, grow, and learn how to think for ourselves and express ourselves adequately. Now, we must UNlearn that horrible programming. Part of owning who we truly are is knowing we can express ourselves. We can express what we see in other people that is a problem and stand up for ourselves, take action in our lives, use boundaries for positive actions for the higher good of ourselves and others, etc.


When we are told to wait for an invitation, it just means to ensure the energy is right for YOU and then use the proper boundaries to set yourself up for success. Talking to people who don’t listen and sharing truths to help people who don’t care or are not ready to receive guidance are the times when you don't wait for the invitation, which is not working with your design correctly.

Waiting for the invitation means that people must be open to receiving our guidance. It means we are innately (BY DESIGN) lightning-fast at “diagnosing” where energy isn’t flowing to its highest potential. We can see people’s gifts and when they are out of integrity with their energy or not aligned with their true paths. We can very clearly see potential and possibility everywhere! But you can't tell someone these things if they aren't ready to invite you in to speak those truths to them. That's the biggest lesson we need to learn, and it's a relief to know this because it allows us to know HOW to operate and WHEN to share our gifts.

And, like all things in life, if any energies or explanations about you comes across as disempowering or limiting, then you can do something to improve those parts of yourself and define for YOURSELF what the correct interpretations are FOR YOU. We CAN change these things through willpower and determination to create and manifest what we need in this incarnation and this realm.

To be empowered with this insight can be the kind of LIFE changing, GAME-changing stuff that many of us need to hear early in our lives. But any time is a good time because we can make different choices in this very moment that will change our pathway forward forever.

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