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Turning This COVID Crisis Into An Opportunity

By: Natalie Viglione

· Building Your Mission,Heart-Based Leadership

Some #truthserum for your Tuesday. Here's how to turn this COVID crisis into an opportunity for you AND your business.

We can collaboratively and collectively be better than we were before.

New perspective: Crisis as an opportunity for growth and change.

  • Are you leaning into all of this with fear?
  • Or with the hope to create CHANGE?
  • How are you reacting, are you being calm?

I can tell you that it's not easy and the massive freak-out moments happen. But these are extreme reactions not warranted by truth.

We have got to educate ourselves and:

  • Get rid of old belief systems
  • Get rid of old patterns that are not serving you any longer
  • And, get rid of patterns and cycles not serving the world any longer
  • Companies need to look at technology
  • Look at your operations
  • Examine your content
  • Empower your strategy to become a purposeful business

I also show here two brief clips from Walt Disney Pictures movie, A Bug's Life, because we need to remember this; there's power in the collective and we cannot lose our hope and faith of coming together as a whole in this time.

A time which seems disempowering, scary, alone, isolating...

We are a collective! We are ONE consciousness broke into billions of pieces and each piece has a unique experience.

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