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Ep 97, The Truth About Our Human Body and the Energy That Lies Within

Host & creator, natalie viglione

Dropping out of college, dedicating yourself to self-help and pursuing entrepreneurial dreams, but ultimately failing to achieve any of your goals. Worse, spiraling into debt and feeling lost and lonely, what would be your next course of action?

In this episode, we have Nate Rifkin who will share his incredible journey going from suicidal to empowered and the path that led him to discover an ancient form of meditation that elevated him to new levels of success he never dreamed possible. And being able to author his candid and painful book – but ultimately inspiring – The Standing Meditation.

Here's what we'll cover in this mind-opening episode:

  • Why finding an ancient practice within Daoism (aka Taoism) saved his life 12 years ago
  • How empathic people can get very impaired from emotionally shut down environments 
  • Why the Inner Practice navigating your soul is the most important work that you can do
  • Modern science is finally catching up to the ancient wisdom of Qi (also spelled Chi) - the secret to our energetic bodies 
  • Why inner work can create what feels like “chaos” but is really shaking loose all that no longer serves your soul’s path 
  • The Universe is about tough-love - as above, so below 
  • + MORE!

Always make sure to take a listen or watch the video version of this episode to hear more wisdom drops!


Nate's new book reveals the rest of his story.

Read it and experience the standing meditation for yourself.

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Over a decade ago, Nate battled suicidal thoughts. His financial life was a mess, felt alone, and drank a mix of vodka and an energy drink in the mornings to get through the day. Worst of all, his mind was his enemy, constantly tearing him down.

This, by the way, was after he dedicated himself to the most common self-help practices you’ll find today. He did the visualizing, made the vision boards, set the goals, and still, his life disintegrated into a disgusting dumpster fire.

He is grateful it happened because his inner pain pushed him into a spiritual path. This path, mostly derived from the Daoist tradition, saved his life. It helped him revive my career and best of all, it transformed Nate's mind from an enemy into my ally.

Nate wrote a book about his journey, called The Standing Meditation. It gives step-by-step directions for performing the Daoist meditation that changed his life. Within days of publishing his book, it became a #1 New Release on Amazon in multiple categories. You can read the first chapter for free, right here.

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