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The Truth About Magick, Spells and Creating Reality

By: Natalie Viglione

✨ What is Magick?

✨ What are Spells?

✨ How do we create reality?

This is a question that many philosophers, wisdom keepers, witches (healer, sage, and seer), wayshowers, and seekers of truth, etc. have answered in their own way for eons now.

And there is a common thread that weaves through it all.

It's time the mages, seers... the witches, UNITE!

The Universe Runs On Spells That All Humans Are Creating

Since I can remember, I’ve been drawn to ancient books, texts, scrolls, and tablets; I’m always seeking the books of the mages, the stories of the medicine women and medicine men, and of the magicians of ancient times — though they’re also in the now (since time is not linear!). I seek to sit with the magick both within our dimension and outside of it.

But, no matter what ancient text I read or how far I go, the basic magick formula that this universe runs on is pretty simple and people use magick all day long . . .

The innate magick that we all have access to:

  1. Our mind (at least what we call “the mind” or you could say our consciousness), our heart, our gut — the places that create what we call "thoughts”
  2. Thoughts are a blend of intentions and emotions both subconscious and conscious
  3. The vibrations and frequencies that we speak through words
  4. The actions that we take

The above meshes together and from #1 to #4 these must be in alignment. The issue, however, is that when we’re old enough to be speaking with more intention, we start casting spells. These spells are the secrets behind manifesting and how we’re creating our reality, and MOST people all over the globe aren’t taught this … ever.

If we knew that what we’re really doing is casting spells that shape our reality day after day, wouldn’t that change the way we do things from the get-go?

Yes… in fact, I know that it would change everything!

Awakening to the Magick Poem by Natalie Viglione The beauty of our birth into a new world We come as perfect as can be The purity of love-light beings We're given the ability to create magick Yet most often not told of the secrets, The secrets as to how to wield such power We speak unintentional words And take actions that aren't aligned Until one day, we awaken to the reality of magick The magick that we created for many years has been woven Woven into the fabric of All That Is The bulk of what has been done hides in the shadow For as powerful beings, We can access higher and lower dimensions at any time It's when we realize the power, When we realize what we can do It's then that we must choose ... Do we keep creating as we always have, Or is it time to create anew?