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Ep 108, The Organic Human is a Cosmic Tech: The Universe and Consciousness

Host & creator, natalie viglione

In this insightful podcast episode with Ted Moskovitz, we'll be delving into the most significant organic tech [HUMAN!] and our connection with the universe.

Ted Moskovitz is a social entrepreneur, investor, and advisor who is passionate about well-being and human optimization. He is also the founder of Amma Healing, a health and wellness firm that uses hemp extracts as a better alternative to alcohol.

Here's what you'll discover in this episode:

  • The stark difference between non-organic tech and the real organic tech: HUMAN
  • The core of ALL is frequency, vibration, and sound
  • The HUGE cosmic idea of sharing One Consciousness (we are all connected!)
  • That we are not separate from nature (we ARE nature!)
  • Why we don’t even WANT toxic substances like alcohol when we raise our vibration
  • Businesses that prioritize the well-being of people will WIN the long-game

With much more inside this episode! Make sure to watch the full episode below!



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Ted is a former SEC attorney turned entrepreneur, investor, and advisor with multiple exits as a founder, and multiple unicorn investments as an investor.

Ted is a former SEC attorney turned entrepreneur, investor, and advisor specializing in the future of health and wellness. Ted is a Techstars and Newchip mentor, and serves on the advisory board of over 15 companies. His current focus is AMMA Healing, a health & wellness company focused on hemp-extracts; specifically utilizing them as a healthier alternative to alcohol. Ted lives vicariously through himself.

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