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The Lineage of Female Blue Flame Keepers: A Fire That Cannot Be Stamped Out Again

By: Natalie Viglione

The Female Lineage of the Blue Flame Keepers are Guardians of Primordial Wisdom, and we now converge in larger numbers to restore the sacred truths within this celestial tapestry that we’re weaving and mending back together once and For All (FINALLY!).

We are part of a much larger Luminous Army of Light working alongside this Trinity Realm’s Celestial Guardians, and the Blue Flame is an eternal guide that harbors mystical secrets that intertwine with revelations connected to this time we’re in right now. Embark on a journey delving into the essence of the Female Lineage of the Blue Flame Wisdom Keepers.



The Blue Flame Keepers have been, and are, arriving to reclaim Organic and Original Truths of this Trinity Form realm, which is a celestial creation with the engineering (first of its kind) developed by the Great White Lion Race of the Sirius System and Guardian Founder Races. We, who existed in ages of what we call the “future” and “past” rise once more and we stand as part of the radiant Army of Light as I call us alongside many other Guardians coming in and Radiant Workers of Light, and those of us holding these archetypes of Genetic Blueprints are activating more and more, faster and faster. The eternal Blue Flame is a beacon that cannot be stamped out and holds within it mystical truths that intertwine with grander Galactic Truths. Join me as we immerse ourselves in this aspect of the Blue Flame and how it connects to our Primordial Future – but this is about this time right now!

I’m Natalie, a mage, seer and primordial wisdom storyteller, my hopes are to offer insights that can activate codes and healing within others. I operate the awakening of magick through Team Gu and Disrupt Now Programs and Podcast for it is time we disrUPt the status quo and break free from the confines of the old systems and ways that have kept humanity weak and disempowered!

The Blue Flame is something that is rising within me and getting more and more bright every day, therefore I wanted to talk about this right now as I felt called to do so. As we gather in these highly transformational times, we may not be around a fire physically, but energetically we certainly are. We are moving through frequencies to find each other again, and to find those that vibrate with the frequencies we hold. This, in and of itself, is the POWER of alignment, of Unity as it emanates from within to then to the with-out.

As part of these harmonizing frequencies, there are varying soul tribe family groups that have come into this Earthly realm to help, to assist in this time of need and I call us an Army of Light. The meaning of this when I say it is that we are a group fitted together to anchor the Higher Organic Realms into the Earthly Realm once again. Anchoring in the Cosmic Mother once again. In my previous video called “ABOUT BLUE RAY INDIGOS” I discuss that there are specific streams of wisdom that are held within the DNA of these groups—the GRAIL CODES which equate to unlocking wisdom from within-- but there is an overarching and ultimate objective that we all hold in the heart behind the heart, this is the Sacred Heart.

Each unique human that is a blue ray indigo cosmic lineage, and of course many other lineages (but I am focusing on this BLUE aspect right now) comes in with their soul stream or we could say soul family, and the ultimate goal is to awaken this mission within us, and the mission has been, for many, a mission that has been cultivated via many incarnations.

The Blue Flame Keepers carry frequencies of the Blue Rays (ray being another word for coloration in today’s language), but RAYS are more appropriate for it’s a ray of light that has different vibrations that separates one from the other. We will resonate as a Starseed or Indigo Being or BOTH because what we’re really talking about are soul family groups.

I would like to focus on the Blue Flame Keepers and the specific female bloodline that streams with consciousness that connects Earth, Tara and Gaia, the Trinity Realms, into the Lion Race founders and connects into those correlated frequencies. The Blue Flame Keepers that I am speaking of in this storytelling connects to the Solar Feminine, the Mother of Dragons who I know as the Blue Dragon Tiamat, and more. Ultimately, this is a lineage of the Feminine Krystal Consciousness, or what has been coined the Feminine Christ or Christos Consciousness – all directly connected to the Sophia-Cosmic Mother bloodline.

At the end of this video, I will share some powerful wisdom as to exactly why I KNOW without a doubt that there is nothing that can stop the Blue Flame that many of us are here carrying on igniting powerful codes to bring back Sophia, the overarching Cosmic Mother Consciousness, that was stripped from this realm... we are here to bring it back in magnificent ways.

The initiation into the remembrance of this female Divine Feminine and Blue Flame Keeper mission will unfold and be unique to each of us. For me, I was initiated into this wisdom through the aspect of what we call the Higher Self that came through my dreams long ago in my teens to imprint the code deep into my being over and over again. I had a repeating dream of the realm that the Goddess Avatar streams from, and saw the realm of the Great White Lions and beheld Goddess Brighid, of the lineage and Flame that She represents and carries, and the connection into the frequency that has been called Ariel, and so much more. This all was embedded deep into my Being and while it was always there, the full profundity of it all came washing over me like a tsunami quite literally as time wore on ever-quickening since 2020 when the work needed to begin in bigger ways than ever before.

In past videos, I’ve discussed a lot about this concept of a “warrior” and this is what this Blue Flame Keeper code holds, but not a warrior as is seen in today’s inverted ways, but what it used to be which is a being of Truth, Honor, Integrity, Respect, Reverence to protect Earth and all of the Living Creation that is held here and in other timelines. This is what I like to call the Enlightened Warrior, an essence that the Druids held, and the true Kings and Queens before tyranny took over these realms. So, the ancient root meanings of this word doesn’t mean what it means today in any way, it means something far more Zen and also of the True of being a Guardian Protector.

The ultimate goal is to, in many varied ways, assist in the offer of the concept of sovereignty to souls who have a yearning to “get out” and break free from the inverted agenda by the vile factions that choose to tear themselves away from all of Living Creation and the GodSource and Trinity of All That Is.

The blue rays aren’t from one place specifically but are from the varied Guardian Founder Races realms and the higher and original (meaning the first) Creator Realms. I go over that extensively in the video I mentioned ABOUT BLUE RAY INDIGOS, so today I want to focus on this aspect of the Blue Flame and the Keepers of this Flame.

When I was little, I remember being told what to believe in the churches but the issue was I couldn’t be fooled. I realized that the teachings that were being shared were not correct, something was wrong. I couldn’t articulate that then, but I sure felt it, and I fully realize why now but of course when we’re young the codes have not fully activated but as a Blue Ray Indigo, I wasn’t quiet about it. I refused to be forced to listen to things that were incorrect so that my own Truth could come out and over time, it did indeed.

I was obsessed with knights and the stories of the Templars, yet, what I saw in books and on the television sure didn’t match what my soul knew. Yet again, what is going on here, I remember thinking. Well, now I can share that more authentically from my awareness and growth in that knowing.

The TRUE Order of the Templars were Orders that served as holders or keepers of wisdom around the Unity Consciousness. This was confused with a one man show named Christ, which is the inversion. The Real Templars were of the Order of what we could now say is the Christos or the Krystal Consciousness that once was. This is why the Real Templar knowledge has been so inverted and then those of us who hold the truths of Dragon, the Power Lines and Nodes (I was told are Sacred Towers) are being activated like never before! These powerful Dragon Truths have been inverted and hidden but this is oozing from many of us holding the codes!

So somewhere in the timelines that have been in what we call ‘before’ or ‘future,’ what we can see is there was an inversion or corruption of the True Seeds and it’s not easy to know things like this for if this is discussed in before times you’d be thrown into a pit or burned. When we dive into the Essene and Cathar lines, what I feel and see is that these are the “before” lineages that led into the Druid and then later the Celtic-Druid lineages, but also weaves into the Lineage of Merlins or we can say MerLions for they are a race of beings from Sirius that are Lion and aquatic (or mer) Beings. These lineages faced one thing and many of us FEEL this for we are Avatars of this Consciousnesses: we had to sacrifice our lives in whatever ways in order to protect the wisdom and the frequencies that is part of the alignments around how this Trinity Realm ascends, or rises in growth within the Octave changes. This all shifted upon that date we all know was critical in choice points, I see it as the choice point of the Galaxy to make choices to recreate in this ascension once again.

The Essenes have captivated me and I’ve read many texts holding wisdom (though it is hard to find truths!) and this is a longer topic we can touch upon as we go in other storytellings, the Essenes truly are about the Blue Ray Consciousness that I spoke of before and consist of Original 12 Essene Tribes but also are just called the Essenes. There are varying frequencies or vibrations held within Rays of Creation and the Gate of the Cosmic Mother Consciousness is the 13, and the Blue Ray is the First Order of the Universal Creation Rays emanating from Original Source Codes or GodSource and the Organic Original Realms of Higher Creation.

In dreams and visions, I’ve been shown that this is The Core. That’s what we connect back into when I say “Realms of Higher Creation” and is connected into that number many of us have heard and were drawn into which is this concept of 144,000. That number is about genetic codes mapped into our systems that allow us to fully remember as Keepers of the Universal Codes of Truth. That’s why many of you feel that you’re coming in with truths that are far behind THIS realm. These insights are unlocked within and are being pushed out from our Souls and many of us carry the wisdom of Sirius System and have always been connected into the Egyptian timeframes. This is what many of us know when we hold deep grief within the core of who we are because the misery to protect the God Worlds or Creator Realms (there are many ways to refer to this) meant that we have suffered a great many war that has caused much pain.

Those of us that come in from this lineage, the Keepers of the Blue Flame, we go through a LOT of deep emotional work and clearing that we must do. This is often called a ‘witch wound’ but truly it’s knowing that our female kind have been hunted down just for carrying the Cosmic Mother truths. This is often why many who carry these deep woundings may have a primordial fear within them to show up on, in this time, camera to speak these truths. In before timeframes, like when Joshua (Yeshua in Hebrew) and his wife, Mary, and many of their sisters and brothers who spoke the same truths, their version of speaking truths looked very different but it’s really all the same. Today, the hunting is varied and different but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a TRUE and real wounding to surmount. The vile ones and the agenda when hijacking humanity and this Living Creation was to create the, what is now known as, patriarch. This is a system of misogyny and as we all can see who have eyes to see, there are beyond extreme levels of hatred that is directed towards women but even more so to those of us that carry the Divine Feminine.

The True Divine Feminine is FIERCE yet gentle. WARRIOR with courage and bravery, yet soft and compassionate filled with unconditional love... and so much more. In fact, it’s this fierceness that many pick up on, as I am sure you have felt this as well, and they spit on you when they say those words “you’re fierce” so often we are getting “hunted down” but just in different ways. The wounding feels the same. So, I say all this to say that this is all VERY real and to all my Sisters who have felt this, we RISE together in this time and we PROTECT each other! The time has gone where we need to feel alone for we do not any longer!

The reclamation of this Solar Feminine and the Unity Consciousness (which again we could say is the Christ or Christos Consciousness) is the Blue Flame Keeper. We connect directly into the Grail System and the Stargates this realm holds (and in future time points of Tara and Gaia as well). The codes and activations serving as the genetic instruction sets of the Solar Feminine has been flooding in and again this is not NEW it’s PRIMORDIAL. It once was and so now will be again. The reason that it is the Mothership, or known as a Mother Arc, is because it is the female biology picking these codes up, so this one is for you fellow Blue Flame Keeper Sisters!

By picking up and receiving these codes, what this does it it organically and naturally repairs the inversions of what we know as “female” as attached to the so-called lunar or moon aspects. That is the inversion. Female is not of the moon, and so it’s reclamation of the Solar aspects of feminine and masculine! This separation is what tore and inverted truths and tried to push the “female” into an INORGANIC connection. You’ll see this in all the inverted lies and manipulations of how “females created evil” or “females are evil” and you see distortions of this kind held in MANY dogmatic religions. So, the female lineage holding this DNA blueprint is reconnecting into this Solar or Sun aspect once again and this is the Blue Flame blueprint (in fact, isn’t it interesting that the BLUEprint is noted as “original” sources of things?). This has always been here in front of our faces, yet so many things have hidden these truths but it’s unstoppable now!

This is all blending in patterns of a “before hijacking” creation time that’s being manifested and created into our Planetary Being and this is what creates the Unity Consciousness field once again. Unity is the original Christos or Christ codes and it is a Unity Consciousness ... a topic I will dive into deeply in other storytellings.

For all the Blue Rays and then the also the Blue Flame Keepers of Wisdom, we need to share the very coded gifts we have been persecuted for no matter what and when we say yes and launch our mission, we are stepping into our power wholeheartedly and this is at the core TRANSMUTATION!

You will see you will begin to see common threads of insights and wisdom coming in and you will be able to see how we are all getting the same information, but we present it in our own way and via our own creative outlet and then assist in our own unique way as well.

The intuitive abilities are innate. We are born with the ability to access realms that are not typically accessed from a 3rd density experience like Earth. The powerful language that we speak is EMOTIONS and this comes through as empathy. This is a Mother Creation Ray as well.

We are guardians of the trinity of Earth-Tara-Gaia, of humanity, and a guardian is about protecting and assisting. It’s not glamorous, it’s not easy. It’s just a choice of our higher selves to bring through their consciousness and we are all going to assist in our unique ways with our unique frequencies of gifts.

Being here in this way and serving in this way doesn't necessarily feel good. I can tell you this though, IT IS GOING TO GET EASIER! The energies right now say to TAKE BOLD ACTION!

Many lightworkers and Starseeds are here to transmute ancestral lineages, but blue rays are here to transmute and to BRING FORTH hidden energies and the very archetypes I’ve mentioned here.

Now here’s the portion that I want to share with you that will help you see why this Blue Flame can NEVER be stamped or ruined or stopped ever again. Here I will share some powerful wisdom as to exactly why I KNOW without a doubt that there is nothing that can stop the Blue Flame that many of us are here carrying on igniting powerful codes to bring back Sophia, the overarching Cosmic Mother Consciousness, that was stripped from this realm... we are here to bring it back in magnificent ways.

Watch this video and what happens on the Blue Ray here (aka blue coloration).

Blue items cannot catch fire when hit by intense laser beams... do you see the power of what I am portraying here and what the significance that this displays? I think you can...


I hope that this helps you to awaken more of your magick! Subscribe to get more videos meant to illuminate the path for indigos and starseeds and all humans here with Sacred Missions that serve as the pioneers in this massive paradigm shift of consciousness. Together we are remembering Original Creation Magick and thank you so much for watching!