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Organic Healing for Infections and the Symptoms of Flus or Colds

By: natalie viglione


October 2021 in Asheville, NC, we had over 250 people came to the event called Optimize Your Health, with the main goal to share how to take care of our bodies using NATURAL medicine. I helped bring this event to life with some local parties in Asheville that are as concerned as I am about the usage of synthetic, unnatural materials hidden under the guise of "for our health" when this is not the truth.

As I make my way on my journey of healing, while reclaiming the ancient call of the Medicine Woman within me and being trained in Master Herbalism, the things I am learning about our bodies and the truth about healing blows my mind every day!

Did you know that all other systems based on health (besides what we call allopathic or "western medicine") in our entire HUMAN HISTORY works with divine, natural laws and energy? Ayurvedic practices, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and so on ago back thousands and thousands and thousands of years.

Recommendation for some research if you're interested: Look up the study that was done called WHO GETS SICK by Blair Justice PHD (you can find this here). There are many important things that one can discover within that.

Something very important to think on as to why your body needs to detox:

Does your environment around you (home, work, etc.) enhance your life? Or, conversely, is the immediate environments around you toxic and feel life depleting?

This aspect of "environment" both immediate (personal home environments, family environments, etc.) and "work" (work environment as in where we work, etc.); all of this plays into how healthy we can be for we must be in life enhancing environments for our bodies to feel supported.

At the Optimize Your Health event, we had Dr. Mark Hoch, a holistic MD speak. He understands what healing and prevention means, and the ORGANIC way to heal without the use of synthetic drugs that get pushed on humanity day in and day out (especially here in the U.S.). Read more about him here:

If you start feeling that your body needs to detox (which is what we call "getting sick" and have named a flu or cold), or if you get an infection within you (e.g.: a bronchial infection or lung infection), be empowered with knowing that there IS something we can do about it!

This is the amazing protocol below is for both children and adults (children have different amounts to take as you will see), and this is what Dr. Hoch shared at the event and what he shares with his clients. Now, I get to share it with you!

If you have questions, you can always contact Dr. Mark Hoch (his website is linked above).

I am adding in some important notes about the right kind of vitamins (synthetic versus naturally occurring vitamins as well). Please see below:

  • Use the Nettie Pot for cleansing the nose and try to bring more moisture into your home via humidifiers. When it turns cold, this is when the body can get plugged up with toxins because mucous is actually a way that the body stays moist and helps the immune system.
  • Gargle throat with a mix of good, filtered, clean water and 3% hydrogen peroxide for 5-10 days  
  • Vitamin C: Take naturally occurring vitamin C versus Vitamin C that is in an ascorbic acid form. Here's why: This is a great article on the difference and why it's so important for our bodies: Take larger doses at the onset of not feeling so well (flus, cold symptoms). If you have a bronchial infection, you'll need higher doses as well. 
    • Adults: Depending on what you're taking, you can take a super high dosage (Dr. Hoch mentioned about 2000 mgs every 2 hours) but you can check on the label of the Vitamin C label that you have and up that dose. You have to keep Vitamin C coming consistently because it absorbs quickly into our bodies. If you feel like the symptoms are getting worse, then you could change this to take every 30 minutes instead of every 2 hours.
    • Children ages 6-12 would take 1000 mg at same intervals. If less than 6 years old, it'd be 500 mg at the same intervals. 
    • Note, Vitamin C can cause loose bowels, so if that happens, you can decrease the doses.
    • DO  NOT USE Emergen C or something like this as there is too much sugar in those products and are NOT healthy at all
  • Vitamin D: Typically, Vit D from the Sun is BEST. But, in the winter months, this can be harder to come by. So, for this specific protocol only, you can help improve the immune system response. During this protocol only, you will take approx. 5000 IU twice a day with food (eat food with good fats like avocado, for example). Once you feel better, do not take Vit. D unless it's from the sunshine!
  • Zinc: This is another vitamin to get from foods (see this list here) versus in the supplement form on normal days/weeks. But, during this protocol, it can help improve immune function as well. Use Lozenges, Zinc Acetate or Gluconate. Take 18-22 mgs 4 x a day. 
    • DO NOT TAKE citrate or citric acid flavored zinc as those are not good for your body.
    • You could opt for Zinc Capsules as well, you'd take 30 mg to 50 mg up to 4 x a day with food. 
    • If you get nauseous, just back off a little in dosage. Sulfate, citrate or picolinate are good choices as these are the best that get absorbed into our bodies, and you will take with food as well.   
  • Bioflavinoids are amazing when feeling under the weather. This is a chemical found in apples and onions, for example. You can take Quercetin, 250 mgs of either the liposomal form or 500 mgs of the regular form, and you'll take either of those 3 x a day. 
    • Please pair this with each does of zinc. 
    • The Quercetin acts as a zinc ionophore that will help the zinc get into your cells which helps to shut down illness within your body at the cellular level. 

I'd like to add one more thing! When we feel like we need to detox, it's great to sweat it out ... saunas can be so good for us to sweat out and detox out and drink really good, healthy, structured nutrient-rich water! (This would be structured, living water that is clean and has added minerals in it like magnesium bicarbonate.)