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Ep 100, Natural Health and Healing is the Only Way Forward

Host & creator, natalie viglione

The Disrupt Now Podcast hits its 100th episode - WOOHOO! Very exciting! A big thank you to everyone that listens and is on this journey with our team to have more conscious conversations and elevate wisdom in this world! We have been at this for 4 years now and let's keep it going!

How has disrUPtion been a catalyst for Natalie? (She drinks her own "kool aid" so to speak!) Here are some things that this 100th episode includes:

  1. What "reclaiming a legacy of light" means and how you can be empowered to accept who you TRULY are (are you an Avatar?). 
  2. The opening of the pathway for training as a Master Herbalist and how to listen to your soul or your higher self or the Divine Within.  
  3. Why heart-brain coherence is THE way to up level your consciousness and intuition (move beyond just the Mind and ignite your Heart).
  4. Natural, organic health and healing at the root of all is THE way forward for this entire planet, we have to give our bodies, flora and fauna what it needs to HEAL.
  5. Why everyone needs to learn how illness REALLY happens and where it comes from. 
  6. Why we need to recognize that the medical system is so broken and why there needs to be a MELDING of ER/trauma care (which is allopathic/western medicine practices), with the TRUTH of ancient wisdom of natural health and healing practices of true health. 
  7. How we step into our power and how we can start to heal ourselves and this world... with more nuggets of wisdom within! 

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Books to find and read:

  1. The Contagion Myth By Thomas Cowan, MD & Sally Fallon Morell (banned on many platforms like amazon to note but you can find it!)
  2. Monsanto Vs. The World by Jason Louv
  3. The Secret Life Of Plants by Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird

Research: Yes, the cosmos are conscious! 

Read Gregory L. Matloff's research article about this - download from here

Movie that is important to watch:

  1. The Terrain Film

Water system to get your body healthy at the most basic foundation: 

  • PristineHydro Water Systems [Link here & use code ADVANCED10] 




I'm a cycle breaker and truth-seeker on a quest to help humans take their power back! I want us to be TRULY FREE and to embrace the future of this potentiality for every one of us!

I am NOW reclaiming my legacy of light as a Priestess-Healer, Light Warrior, and a Life & Business Guide + Teacher while living in a space to ALWAYS CREATE!

After a 17-year career climbing that corporate ladder in sales and marketing roles that enabled me to travel and live in cities like San Francisco and New York City, I worked my way up to the executive vice-president status. After realizing I was stuck in a toxic work environment cycle (the stories I can tell you over a glass of wine would shock you!), I decided to jump out of the marketing and technology global agency life of New York City and try the entrepreneurial world. 

It was at this time that I founded a Creative Collective called Team Gu, which offers purpose-driven business strategy, creative content with writing services, video editing, and graphic design, and operational improvements that help companies step into a better flow.

I have a B.S. Business, Marketing from the University of Phoenix of San Francisco but realized I needed MORE of an education that focuses on guiding people. I went on to receive my ICF-accredited certified education as a life, business, and professional coach with a specialized international school called the World Coaching Institute. My business has evolved to include life and business guidance, adding on the Disrupt Now Program and Podcast. Through these efforts, I help humans understand how to tap into their magick awaken to learn how to take their power back by becoming conscious, divine co-creators with the Universe.  As a healer, I have created the Holistic Health Pathway because it is TOO hard to find healers, and as a healer, I want to connect like minds!On this healing and learning journey, I am currently becoming a Master Herbalist to help people TAKE THEIR POWER BACK around their health... with more healing modalities coming.

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