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Ep. 89, How to Reclaim Your Inner Goddess and Anchoring the Divine Feminine into Gaia

Host & creator, natalie viglione

"I claim my sovereignty. I am a divine creator and I have a choice. Now, if someone is in my face saying "No, you don't", I'm going to say "Yes, I do". I have to say that deep within me because whatever I'm saying deep within me, is what's being created externally." - Laura Hosford

We are in a powerful time. It’s a time in our history that many of us here are being activated to step into ancient roles. Many of us are being asked to anchor the Divine Feminine into the Earth and bring back the magick! 

Natalie, as one of the light warriors and priestess ancient souls that contracted to do so, wants all to know that this is our time to break down the patriarchy and crumble down the power-hungry distorted Divine Masculine that has led the way for too many thousands of years. This is how we bring New Earth to life! 

In this episode, Natalie’s guest is Laura Hosford, a channel for the Sacred Oracle and Goddess of Light Emissary. In this episode, we swan dive into the divine feminine to ignite this conversation into the world and do it loudly, proudly, and unapologetically! 

What we swan dive into: 

  • Being an intuitive, dragons and igniting magick
  • The wrongful interpretations of religious factions and how it has led us astray 
  • The secret our wombs hold and how to fuel unlock the wisdom 
  • What is the energy of the goddess and Sophia energy
  • Why it’s important to choose RIGHT NOW to ignite your soul’s destiny
  • What is the New Earth and how do we help harmonize the feminine and the masculine energies
  • Why it’s imperative to move away from the 3D worldly fear and lower vibrations 
  • How to start navigating the fifth dimension energetic frequencies and connect with your Higher Self (the YOU that you are meant to be!) 
  • How you can get to know your “inner rose” and how you can fully bloom it

With much more to discover! Make sure to listen (or watch) to this podcast episode!

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Laura Hosford is a Sacred Oracle and Goddess of Light Emissary for the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness.

She uses her spiritual gifts of channelling Celestial Beings of Light, Ascended Masters including Mary Magdalene & Mother Mary, is a Womb Priestess and Ceremonial Frequency Rebirther, Shamanic Ordained Minister, Master Akashic Records Teacher, Light Language Channel, Intuitive Energy Healer, and Retreat Leader.

As a Transformational Teacher of Spiritual Truth and energy alchemist, Laura gently guides you to transmute layers of fear and energetic imprints of codependency, martyrdom, and other patterns of victimization held in your body and womb opening your chalice of crystalline light and activating your flames of ascension expanding you into greater Galactic consciousness and sovereign power.

After an accelerated, life-changing experience in the South of France in June 2017, Laura began to experience higher states of consciousness and channel Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary in her work. Later she awakened to her role as a High Priestess of the ancient Rose Temple and Temples of Venus, her Aucturian-Sirius star family and Sisterhood of the Rose lineage.

As a midwife of the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness movement now emerging on the planet bringing in the new

Golden Age of Peace, Laura is here to support helping men and women to heal and anchor their divine feminine – masculine frequencies to restore balance to the New Earth grids bringing harmony and peace to our planet.

Using her Priestess gifts she facilitates the return of the Goddess circles, to hold sacred space for the Sisterhood of the Rose to awaken, remember and reconnect to their true Goddess heritage.

In all of her work she supports both women and men to develop a supreme sense of self-love and divine worthiness, awakening their true Angelic God-Goddess Self to create the life of their choosing. 

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