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Season 2, Ep 2: How to Become the Powerful Healer You Are Innately [Integrating and Processing Shadow]

Host, Natalie Viglione Co-host, Laura Hosford

You are your own best healer. It's innate within us all to heal ourselves, and when we see the unseen within us, we have the power to unlock ALL the beautiful pieces that make us unique.

This podcast episode touches on self-healing, going into the “unseen” places within, and diving into where the true power lives for massive spiritual growth.

In this conversation, Laura Hosford (also known as Laura Maven Star) is a co-host with me, Natalie, as we embark on this Cosmic Soul Medicine Journey together.

We share our personal experiences and insights as we navigate the intricate and transformative path of shadow work, the reclamation of power, and the embrace of our TRUE divine nature.

Here are some points we guide you on within this authentic and enlightening conversation:

  • The significance of shadow work
  • Reclaiming power through integration
  • Letting go and getting unstuck
  • The return of the Divine Feminine
  • Becoming the powerful healer for YOU
  • Taking faith leaps and manifesting our mission
  • Becoming, integrating, and embodying what real unconditional love means (and yes, it includes setting up strong and healthy boundaries!)

These only scratch the surface! If you’re eager to dive deeper, watch (or listen) now to the full episode! See the video or audio selections below, or you can find us on podcast platforms or social as well to catch the Disrupt Now Podcast episodes!

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