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Disrupt Now Podcast, Ep. 25: The Magnificent Power of Our Voices

With Guest, Sally Morgan

· Podcast Episode

In Ep. 25, Natalie Viglione interviews Sally Morgan and the conversation is centered around the Power of Voice.

The voice and the way in which it holds a presence in the body can shift the way you perceive yourself in the world, and how others perceive you in the world. Women have a tendency to lower their voice vibration, but we're here to share with you that you need to OWN that power! We all must OWN that power and, Sally, by using her musical background as a singer, brings a unique perspective to the table on this subject.

From my perspective (Natalie), I know how I evolved into the woman I am today, breaking my private parts in boardrooms and conference rooms across the country where I struggled to be seen as a member of the team with authority as egotistical men were to my right and left. I literally became a boardroom warrior, from mouse-like presence to learning how to use my woman-ness to speak with some authority. I can always get better, too! It took about 15 years of time – YIKES! I wish I could’ve owned my shit early on!


“I love to teach! This is such a great stage of my life – 35+ years of experience and expertise gives me a depth of knowledge and an instinctive ability to give a client the exact direction to follow at the exact moment it is needed that leads to a quantum leap in their development. It’s such a joy to watch the empowerment take hold.”

Join the 100’s of people worldwide who have worked with Sally to align verbal articulation and physical presentation with their expertise. Ideas, concepts, arguments and the ever-ready joke are now clear and tangible communication that elicits respect and response.

Sally Morgan is an expert voice trainer and presentations coach, the creator and author of the Morganix Method, a step-by-step training system designed to give you a professional, polished and powerful voice of success. She coaches executives to achieve unshakeable confidence, expert status and establish credibility through powerful communication skills. Skills that bridge the chasm between how most folks are raised to communicate and how a businessperson needs to present for success.

Ms. Morgan is a respected speaker, singer, actress, teacher and author of 215 Secrets to Help You Speak Like a Pro and Sing Like You Speak™. An innovator in the field of vocal training for the past 25+ years - from inside the prestigious Actors Studio Drama School in NYC to Southern Brazil Sally has contributed to the accessibility of the vocal arts to all who seek her help: business professionals, lawyers, politicians, singers, and actors.

Sally's expertise and casual, delightful personality make her a sought-after speaker and workshop leader who fascinates her audiences and challenges them to become vocally empowered and professionally polished. She is a frequent presenter at national voice trainer association conferences.

You may have seen Sally on TV Commercials, Soap Operas, Cabaret stages or on her many, many YouTube training videos for singers and speakers. Ms. Morgan is also a frequent presenter at the performer's unions – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Screen Actors Guild where she is on staff for the SAG Conservatory teaching vocal acting and Actors Equity.


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Instagram: @SingLikeYouSpeak
Twitter: @PublicSpeakPwr
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