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Ep. 64: Learn How to Create Freedom in Your Life by Shedding the Desire for More & More

Freedom comes when we’re not slaves to the consumerism mindset


With Host & Creator, Natalie Viglione

· Podcast Episode,Heart-Based Leadership

Let me show you the secrets of what freedom looks like.

Success should look different for everyone because we’re all coming at life from unique perspectives, but one thing we have to realize is that this “more and more” mindset is the bane of our existence. The GOAL, the “end all be all” of WHY we run businesses (or the work that you do for someone else’s business) shouldn’t be to accumulate more THINGS.

There IS another way, and it’s a way that doesn’t consume the mind and lend towards this “service to self” mindset. By no means am I saying that owning nice things is “bad” or wrong, but where we go awry is when we allow that consistent quest to own more and more empty, materialistic things DRIVES us, that is where our purpose gets lost.

Service to others is what a business is at the core, so in order to continue to have integrity and do business IN service to others allows the path to be more open and to flow with the universe.

In our eyes, a truly successful integrated business model is when we get to go out and really live the life that we want to, as opposed to getting trapped in the one that fuels a “what can I buy now” or when’s the next big earn-out or big buyout mindset.

This has been something that has been on the mind for a while and I wrote an article in Thrive Global on this very topic called Why a Materialistic Culture Creates Stress, you can read that here.

Being focused on getting more STUFF is typically a thirst that doesn’t get satiated, and sometimes the sacrifices made for that “stuff” aren’t worth it, especially at the expense of your health or loving relationships with yourself and others.

To dive into this concept further, fellow lifestyle entrepreneur & guest, Matt Andersen, CPA ,joins me to dissect the following nuggets of wisdom together:

  • Why the endless pursuit of “more and more” is a major stressor in people’s lives and why the expensive name-brand or “new thing” doesn’t create joy

  • Why living a blended lifestyle where you’re allowed to live the “retirement lifestyle” at ANY age and get fulfillment through work equates to freedom

  • How essential it is to live our Truth and when we do so, this allows the energy of money to follow and other things we need to easily flow in

  • Why the shared economy/gig economy is the NOW and the future

  • How this past year has fast-tracked us into all of finding Truth and is a HUGE opportunity


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Connect with Matt directly:


I have and will always be fascinated by entrepreneurs. I have studied the greats: Warren Buffet, Ray Dalio, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Jack Dorsey, just to name a few. With the knowledge I gained by studying these individuals I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey to follow in their footsteps.

After five years of running on the hyper-growth treadmill, running cash as thin as possible, borrowing money, burning through employees, and not eating dinner with my family, it dawned on me: this is not the path I want for my life! I was determined to find another way. I began looking for a better mouse trap.

A better way to run my firm. A more humane way to build a team. I found the Lifestyle Entrepreneur business model. There were some key distinct differences or patterns I noticed when studying the Lifestyle Entrepreneur business.

Here are a few of my observations:

  1. There is a clear distinct tradeoff between growth and freedom 
  2. Lifestyle Entrepreneurs are the hub of their business 
  3. A cult like following from fans surrounds their businesses
  4. Running LEAN is the name of the game
  5. Office real estate is not critical to success 

Over time, I dramatically changed the way I work, who I hire, and even the clients I work with to transform my firm into a profitable lifestyle business. The best part of my journey is that I now get to share these experiences with other entrepreneurs who need practical advice on how to take the same leap.

What I can do is provide honest business advice, draw from my own experience, apply my professional training as a qualified CPA, and lay out a road map to afford a richer, more satisfying life. Everyone's path is a little different, but my passion is all about guiding people through the journey.




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