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Ep. 49, Disrupt Now Podcast: Gratitude Doesn't Have a Gender

Special Guest: Anthony DeNino, Author & Motivational Speaker

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Gratitude isn't a feminine thing, but it seems to be sold that way.

Check it out. If you google "gratitude" here's just a small sample of what comes up:

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As you can see, everything is flowery, pink, and clearly very much geared towards the feminine.

Huh. Interesting, isn't it?!

We should probably flip that on its head, don't you think?! Why? Because gratitude has no gender!

Our special guest, Anthony DeNino, knows this firsthand. He's spent hours researching and writing and is the author of a new book coming out called “The Power of Giving and Gratitude” (Release date March 2020 so stay tuned)!

Things are changing. Men are seeking change from the point of view of emotions, and gratitude is included in this.

Join us in this episode with host, Natalie Viglione, co-host, Diane McDermott, with our guest, Anthony DeNino. Here's what we dive into:

  • We talk about some of the odd challenges in the book publishing realm (so if you're seeking to publish a book, you'll definitely want to tune in!) 
  • How the topic of gratitude and a male writing a book on this stumped some publishers/literary agents thinking that particular combo wouldn't allow it to be a success (crazy, right?!) 
  • How the definition of masculinity is shifting, and how males can be (and should be) allowed to be much more open to receiving and understanding
  • Gratitude is something ALL humans can feel (SHOULD feel) and incorporate into their lives
  • How there’s more good in the world, rather than the bad and how we collectively can focus on the good, kind, and the generous that exists


Or, you can listen below!



A published Author - “The Power of Giving and Gratitude”; Release date March 2020 - STAY TUNED!

The Founder and President of CORe – Creating Our Reality, Inc.. Also known as “The SMART Guy” – Success Means Acquiring Right Thoughts.

Working with both For-Profit companies and Non-Profit organizations, his talks and training/workshops are targeted, interactive presentations, that are customized to fit the specific needs of the client.

Among his areas of expertise include:

* Motivation/Inspiration

* Leadership

* Customer Service

* Workplace Environment

* Sales

* Effective Communication

How to contact Anthony:

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