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Ep. 76, Getting a Coach Is An Important Step For People Who Want More Out Of Life

Marengo Coaching Series on the disrupt now podcast

Host & creator, natalie viglione

This is first in a series featuring some amazing humans from our guest Blaire Fernandez's company called Marengo (and Blaire is the first episode to be released!). During this time of great change, moving out of the old paradigm and into the new paradigm that's shifting all of humanity...having guidance, coaching, and support is essential.

Being guided and supported as you take the next step in your life/career/business is what a true coach should provide. 

"I am a HUGE advocate for coaching... obviously, since I am one! I got certified from the World Coaching Institute as I Iove how they approach their teaching from an international perspective and focused on certifications for life coaching, business coaching and professional coaching; however, I usually say the words GUIDANCE and TEACHING as they tend to resonate more for me because the beautiful thing is that everyone has their own flair!" -Natalie Viglione 

We can call those who move onto this path teachers, guides, or coaches, but regardless of the word utilized, the true essence of a really good coach is simply to help people tap into their OWN wisdom and gain clarity to get MORE out of life! 

Disrupt Now Program is developing a fabulous partnership with Blaire because WOMEN SUPPORT WOMEN! 

We LOVE what Blaire is doing with her company and I think everyone needs to know about her and Marengo, and the awesome people on her team!

In this episode, here are some of the juicy nuggets you’ll hear:

  • How the journey to find a coach doesn’t have to be painful (learn from Blaire’s experience)
  • Learn the difference between therapy and coaching (and the value of each)
  • How self-work can lead to the opening of beautiful opportunities you don’t even know to exist
  • How a coach can digest big complexities down to bite-sized pieces
  • How to bridge the gap between reality and the stories we tell ourselves
  • How Marengo could potentially have the coach that will help you to get to that future place you envision… plus more!


As noted in this episode, if you mention the Disrupt Now podcast to Blaire, you’ll receive $100 off the first month of coaching with ANY Marengo coach! For more information, please check out and reach out to Blaire directly if interested in talking further at You can read more about Blaire below! 



About Blaire Fernandez

It took Blaire 2-years to search for a great executive coach which made her realize that there needs to be a better way to find and engage a top-notch, certified coach who has an impressive background before becoming a coach. She now spends her time and energy helping clients find that perfect fit. 

Her firm, Marengo, only works with the best of the best, and the engagement model is built around being their clients' co-pilots throughout their careers and their lives. 

Mention the DisruptNow podcast and receive $100 off the first month of coaching WITH ANY COACH! 

About Marengo Coaches: Executive Coaching

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Marengo offers Individual and Executive Coaching. Marengo's clients believe there's something better in store. From taking their careers to the next level to finally achieving work-life balance, our clients want more. 

Marengo's coaches are here to help you make the change you want to see, are certified through top programs, and had outstanding careers before becoming coaches. Marengo only works with the best of the best! Marengo also offers an affordable subscription model that allows clients access to these coaches through videos, writing assignments, and mindfulness exercises. This is for those who are who don't have the budget to work 1:1 with a coach right away. 

For more information, please check out for details, or reach out to Blaire directly at


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