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Disrupt Now Podcast: Ep 50, Being Jolted Awake, A Quick Chat



Host: Natalie Viglione

Co-Host: Diane McDermott

· Podcast Episode

Did you feel like you got a BIG ASS jolt awake kicking off this New Year [2020]?

Yep, us too!

2020 offers us wisdom to see that we are crucial co-creators of the past, present, and future.

This has been a common theme and there are some MASSIVE transformations happening.

There’s an actual reason why. Astrologically, there was a lot happening on top of everything, so it wasn’t just YOU. Since us humans are made of star stuff, we are a part of the larger cosmos and all is connected.

Natalie Viglione, host and creator, and Diane McDermott, co-host, get vulnerable and go deep in this episode to analyze the big ask this year has already asked of them and how their lives are being affected. Plus, what the bigger meaning for all of us is and how to work within this big time of transformation.

Here are the juicy details of what we deep-dive into in this episode:

  • What jolted us AWAKE

  • Sometimes you “think you’re good” until you’re NOT

  • Our relationships are our mirrors

  • 2020 offers us a piece of important wisdom that we’re crucial co-creators of our past, present, and future

  • This new era will be a time where we are going to be asked to expand

We have the growth opportunity to rebuild ourselves from the inside out so that we have the strength to create the future that we desire - you are being asked this big question: ARE YOU READY?!

Note from Natalie:

“2020 begins with a jolt from pressures of the times when Saturn and Pluto conjoin at 22° Capricorn on January 12th. It will be a wake up call that echoes throughout the year and beyond. Listen up. Three times each century these planets align with symbolic synergy as we reset our collective agenda."
- We’Moon 2020

The big ask from me was on all fronts; my marriage, business, and looking deep within myself. One big realization is that I am not healed from specific things that happened in my youth and in early adulthood (into my late teens).

The trigger I figured out that is not healed is in the form of a specific type of human. The way I react is with total anger still which is something I thought I had healed long ago. For me, the way that narcissists affect my being runs deep and their lack of concern for others causes me to feel a lot of anger rise up within me. Little did I know but they are my arch nemesis, my kryptonite. This comes from being raised in a home where I was inundated with this type of human -- my father.

The way they operate in life to me as an empathic female horrifies me and so now is the time I am being asked to raise my frequency and LEARN HOW TO DEAL!

That’s just one layer of many that came leaping towards me thus far in 2020. It is a lot… so I understand if you’re going through the same thing.

Comments are desired so please comment below!


What jolted you awake?

What are you being asked to do?

What is the GIFT in all of it?

Let’s be open and vulnerable with this conversation so that we don’t feel crazy when things come breaking down our doors. And, instead we can feel empowered that the experiences we have is not something that we are going through solo but rather something that we are all going through collectively.


Or, you can listen below!

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